Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So here we are once again on Weight Loss Tuesday! This morning I updated my progress and again this week was looking at a weight loss of 0 lbs....ok so I shouldn't complain because I didn't gain any weight and I am already close to my goal. To be honest I didn't weigh in this morning when I got up I did it last night (late) before I went to bed because with the kids being home today the whole schedule was messed up and I didn't want to forget...I guess I jumped the gun...This afternoon (late afernoon) after lunch I finally got a chance to sneak in the shower but first I weighed myself like I usually do before I get in and to my surprise I was actually down 1 pounds! So now I am down a total of 5 lbs with 5 more to go but this will be hard because I have never been down less than this. Wish me luck I could be breaking my own record! I am started to feel good here thanks to some good blogging buddies keeping me motivated.

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jenn said...

Good for you, carrie!!!