Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Bowl "Hot" mega Party

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Super bowl weekend is coming up fast and of course it is up to me to come up with the perfect Game-Day Party Menu  to keep everyone nice and full on Game Day. If you are lookign for some recipe ideas for your party check out the link above to the game day party menu. It is an annual tradition for us to have a great super bowl party and this year will be no different. I am planning on making my favorite nacho's with a nice blend of hamburger, tabasco sauce, green peppers, cheese, onions and tomato. These are great baked up in the oven to perfection and served right at half time with either a cheese sauce or salsa. Now for the main course we will have a few choices of pizza to fill up everyone's belly. I am making a couple of favorites this year and really want to  have Pizza Perfected one flavor will be my philly steak pizza with steak and cheese on a 4 cheese sauce the second will be my hot Tabasco special which has grilled chicken, peppers and onion on a special hot sauce made with TABASCO® Original Red sauce and a couple of my own secret ingredients I can't tell you about. I really enjoy using the Original Red sauce as it really brings out the flavor of my other ingredients and puts the heat in any sauce. I hope you all have an enjoyable Super Bowl weekend filled with great food, good friends and fun times.

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OK Make up your mind please

I wish Mother Nature would just make up her mind, she can't decide if it's going to rain or snow around here. It started out last night with a great snow and snowed overnight so it looked promising for the ski hills, then around lunch it turned over to rain and made nothing but a mess, I'm sure it ruined the ski hill too....grrr..