Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Car Maintance Made Simple

It can be so frustrating having older vehicles, you never know when they will let you down and cost you money for repairs. It usually tends to be at the most inappropriate time. Just last week we found our selves in need of repairs on both our vehicles, my husband was away and had a problem with his starter now where do you find a good auto repair shop that you can trust when you are not familiar with the area? When he got home we found out that our Pontiac Montana was in need of some general maintenance, now mind you it wasn't anything dramatic but it was again a cost we didn't have budgeted when the naintance was due and we had to take it into the shop to get the work done. As usual they were fantastic and looked after us quickly. While doing the routine check over they found that we were also in need of a brake job which I figured was coming as there was a pulsation we noticed recently. It's like you never know if you are being treated fairly by your garage or not. If you are like me you don't know how much a repair should cost you.
The next time you have a service light or question about a repair try out the great site RepairPal.com to get an estimate as to what your repair should cost you to be sure you get a fair deal when you go in for your repairs. They have a really simple site that allows you to search your vehicles year and make to find out various information including any recalls. You can be sure you are paying a fair price for repairs when you use RepairPal.com

Left Behind

We left for home today leaving hubby at our new home while he starts his new job and we go back to finish up the school year at our old home. Now not only did we leave him behind but we decided the dogs would stay with him as well. So Blake said not only do I have to leave my Dad but now I have to leave my dogs too, this isn't a good day. I hope he will be feeling better when we get home and he gets back to school with his friends.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The wonder of life

The absolute perfection that arrives with the birth of a new child, imagine all the things that have to go right to develop this little person from a begining of just a egg in her mothers womb. It is so heart breaking when you hear of someone that has a child with a birth defect, even harder when it is possible that it is because of something out of their control. Recently a Topamax lawsuit was organized to cover people that were effected by taking this Topamax drug to help them with their migraines or epileptic seizures. What a shame that drug testing didn't see this coming and people have to suffer with the Drug companies greed and rush to push drugs onto the market.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doggy Sitting

With our process of moving my husband will be going to our new home early as he has a new job to start. We were debating on what to do with our dogs as to where they will stay. We think at this point that they will stay at our new home with him to give us a bit of a break. I'll miss their cuddles and toe warming but I think it will be best for them to get used to our new home too.

Rain..Rain Go Away

Ok enough is enough, it has rained for 13 of the last 14 days and I have had enough! We did a drive today to visit family and it poured rain for the whole trip. To add on top of that it was foggy to which really sucked. I would love to see some nice weather for a change, it makes it hard to enjoy Spring or to look forward to Summer.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Out to the movies

The kids are getting excited for the release of the newest Pirates of the Carribean movie. We thought the series was all over but apparently they have found new adventure for old Jack to head off on. I am staying away from the trailers so I don't have any idea what is going to happen, it should be exciting.

Kids say the funniest things

After a long day of dance competitions and shopping we decided to take the kids out to DQ for a special treat. As we were sitting there enjoying our treat we started talking about our upcoming visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house when Trinity asked when Grandpa was shredding the sheep, Shredding, do you mean Shearing dear?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm so disappointed at this latest news from the world of medicine. I heard that it has been discoverd that a drug used to treat epilepsy and migraine headaches has been linked to birth defects in childrens who's parents have taken the drug. Topamax was supposed to be a miracle drug that helped ease the suffering of it's patients. The birth defects cause cleft lips or palets and it is a very scary situation. The Topamax lawsuit was recently launched to bring accountability to the drug companies that have pushed these drugs onto the market. It is so angering to hear of these lawsuits being launched because it means that another group of people have been hurt by those they trusted.