Friday, February 29, 2008


I got another great award from Jenn. "Friendship in the light of Darkness". Through blogging I am fortunate to have made friends with many great people and I make more every day
I am going to pass this award on to you if you are here reading this and not forget to pass this along to others!


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I got another tag from Jenn, wow 30 questions, this could take some time LOL

1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say? Nothing...I would be speachless, Matt had a vasectomy a few years back.

2. Do you trust all of your friends? Most of them

3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? yep that is what I did and it's has been 8 years of moving with his company.

4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Yes. And this last move showed us that. This is the best move we have made so far. (except leaving my friend kim behind :0(

5. Can you make a dollar in change right now? I doubt it. It's all in the bank (not much)

6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? The best doctor, I would love to have been a doctor. I guess my cousin Amanda. She has an interest in nursing like I do.

7. Which word do you use too often? I have picked up a bad habit of saying bad words. Things can get so stressful and crazy around here and they slip out.

8. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? yep

9. What's your most favorite scar? my thyroid surgery scar on my neck (not so favorite)

10. When was the last time you flew in a plane? 16 years ago flying to Florida

11. What features do you find most attractive in the preferred sex? smile

12. Fill in the blank. I love __________. my family!

13. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? Getting my last 5 pounds of weight off.

14. If you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extended time who would you call? Hubby.

15. Where was your favorite picture taken? In a garden on our wedding day

16. What's your middle name? Marie

17. Honestly, what's on your mind right now? My daughters dancing, so proud of her!

18. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?our debt, really holding us back on what we can do with the kids.

19. Who was or will be the maid of honor/best man in your wedding?My sister LeeAnn

20. What are you wearing right now? jeans, pink t shirt and black zip sweater

21. Ever had a bar fight? Nope

22. Who knows you the best? Hubby, or at least he should

23. Did you buy something today? Yep, my daughter wanted to take me to McDonald's for breakfast with her gift certificates that she won but when it was time to pay she wanted me to pay for my own. Then she bought her self a cinnamon melt and I thought she was sharing it but nope. none for me. What a kid lol

24. Did you get in a fight with someone today? Probably the kids. I day doesn't go by without fighting with someone over something...sad I know

25. When was the last time you had a massage? I think hubby tried the other night but I fell asleep?!

26. Last person to see you cry? hubby :0(

27. Who made you cry? he did.

28. What was the last TV show you watched? Lost (last night)

29. Who was the last person you hung out with? daughter

30. Have you ever taken a peek at someone else's diary? NO!


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I love watching my daughter dance! She has come a long ways in just 3 years and this year she moved up and joined an older class that is more advanced in tap dancing. She was just there to learn harder dance steps and join them in the dance show for parents. Well last night her dance teacher approached me and invited Trinity to join the class to go to competition with them in May. Trinity was so excited and so was I of course, I am so proud of her and this showed her that a lot of hard work pays off and then to find out that Trinity will be old enough to join the more competitive classes next year which will mean even more competitions for our little dancer. She is well worth all the money this is going to cost us but I think I might have to look into a part (or full) time job in the fall.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Business Relations

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March Break

The countdown is on, 1 week from tommorrow is the beginning of the kids march break. Hubby has taken a week vacation and is excited to be taking us home for a visit with family. We will be trying to fit a lot of things into vacation, wanting to have a birthday party for Trinity along with swimming at the Y , a couple of days at the Crystal Palace Amusement park and maybe a movie or two at the theatre. It should be a ton of fun and we are all really excited to get going, the week will probably fly by and we will be on our way.

Credit Blues

We constantly find the monthly balance of bill a struggle, with me staying home and having 4 kids while my husband works we usually find it hard by the middle of the month. With my husbands work we move around every couple of years and usually this sets us back for a while as you have to go through all the expenses involved in finding a new home and re-decorating. It always feels like once we start to get things caught up it's time to move on to the next city. This move we have found a really great home and the kids absolutely love their school so we are hoping to be able to stay here for a few years to get our debt level down before the next move. We are starting to get used to the pay schedule and are beginning to get smarter with our money, it really has taken a long time for us to get to this point and we are working hard to get our money level under control. Sometimes it is necessary to get onto a Debt Management
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It's 9:00pm and I finally home from first taking Trinity to dance classes and then meeting with the kids teachers. I was able to get in two of the kids interviews and will go back in the morning for the other one. Great reports and I am looking forward to more progress in the next few months. Better yet for the kids tomorrow I will take them to the school book fair to buy them a book for their hard work again this term.

Credit Challanges

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Parent/Teacher Night

The end of a hectic night will be the parent teacher night at the kids school. After Dance class we will be heading off to the school to meet with the kids teachers, all the kids brought home improved marks on their report cards and I am in to see the kids teachers regularily but it is still important to have this opportunity to talk to the teachers one on one with no kids around. It is great to get the feed back so I know the kids are doing well and what we can do to help them excell in their work.

Successful Job Placement

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I was tagged by Picturing of Life to do this Frienship Chain so hey who am I to turn it down!

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The other night when I was feeling really upset over what was happening with Jay at school, I sat here and scrolled down through my family blog to look at the pictures of what we have done over the past year. It brought back a lot of good fun memories and also reminded me of how much I miss my good friend Kim from back home in New Brunswick. We spent a lot of time talking at the bus stop while our kids played and I will never forget the day that my son and her sun where covered up to there ears in sand. Kohl and Daniel had a blast. Kohl spent his time digging himself a hole then ended up sitting it, meanwhile little Daniel was off filling his hat with sand and dumping it on his head. Before we knew it Kohl was not only sitting in but started to bury himself with the sand then Daniel came along to help. So I had some laundry to get done at this point but they were having fun. The final result was nothing but Kohl's head sticking out of the sand. This is just one of the many great days spend after school with the kids!

Trades People

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Yesterday the kids came home with there second term report cards. I had asked them how they felt they did on it and they all thought that they did pretty good and Jay said that he knows he can still do better and is determined to really make a difference on his final report. I know that he can do it he just needs to take his time and make sure that he has all the information he needs when completing school projects and assignments. I sat down and looked them over and all 3 kids did show and improvement this report and Kohl my little guy in his first year of school is finally reading. This has just happened all of a sudden, for homework he has 2 short books to read and I was shocked when he picked it up and started reading it to himself. I am amazed at how many words he knows. It seems like less than a month ago he couldn't or wouldn't read any words on his word list. I am so proud of him and he is very proud of himself. After each book he reads he always finishes saying " I did it! I am so proud that I can read". Then you should see his smile :0)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Yesterday we got our income taxes done and today we went shopping with some of the money we got back. We were really careful not to blow our money but we all needed to socks and undies so that is what I went shopping for today. Well it was so funny when I opened that bag and started passing them out. You had to be hear to appreciate the humor in it all but it was just as exciting as Christmas morning. All I could do was laugh! They were yelling with excitement, comparing what color bottoms everyone got on their socks (easier to sort in the laundry) and Jay went off and modeled his new boxers. Blake showed off his new Diego undies then off they went. I will have to get them all washed because I have a feeling they will be looking for their new socks and undies for morning. What an exciting evening and money well worth spending lol

The Home Search

With moving recently we found there was a lot of things that can make it an exciting time and a lot of things that can make it a stressfull time. Having a family with little children the most important priority for us was to find a home that would work for us. Lot's of bedrooms and a nice yard, close to the school were our priorities. Luckily my husbands work allowed us to venture to our new location and set us up with a relocation specialist to help us with our needs.
Our first order of business was to find out how much house we could afford to purchase by recieving our mortgage quotes it's important to find a company you can trust to find you the best mortgage deals available for your individual needs. It's important to sort through the facts and fictions of the mortgage game to get to the place you are comfortable.
Once we had recieved our mortgage we were off to the new location to search for homes. We spent 1 morning with our specialist and looked a 4 homes that were ok but not what we really wanted. Mostly were in great locations but too much work to fix up and a little small. The fifth home we visited was perfect, lots of space in relitively good condition and just fresh on the market, we jumped on this one and luckily enough it is ours and we certainly love it. For sure the hardest part for us was shopping around for mortgages and once that was all done we quickly got on the game of getting the house of our dreams.

Dancing Shoes

I have been promising for a couple of weeks so today after school I took my little dancer over to the dance store for some new dancing shoes, her's were getting too small and as a dancer we all know you can't have shoes like that. It's about 1/2 hour away so it is a little out of the way to get there but Ginger treats us great when we get there so I know my dancer will be dancing up a storm tommorrow night when she goes back to class.

Help with Finance

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Snow oops Rain

We went to bed last night expecting a big snow storm over night and when we awoke this morning it appeared as though we would not be disappointed as a beautiful new blanket of white fluffy snow was on the ground. It was a picturous snows where everything had a little coat of white fluffy. This changed rapidly as we dropped the kids at school at 8:30 and headed into town for some errands by 8:45 it was freezing rain, ick and by 9 it was pouring rain. Coming out of the bank shortly after 11 all our beautiful snow was gone replaced by big splashy puddles. It was pretty while it lasted.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In a couple of months my husband will be celebrating his birthday and will be turning 32 years old but he is one of the hardest people to buy for so this year I am planning on buying something that I am sure he will find very useful with all our home renovation projects. Now I am sure you are all thinking of power tools, right? Nope, guess again. The lighting is never good when he needs to make cutes in wood and he usually gets me to stand and hold a flashlight on the line he needs to cut so hey, why not looking into getting him some spotlights to help light up his work area and for the nights he is outside trying to work, these spotlights will help brighten up the yard. Ok so maybe when I looked into these it wasn't as easy as I thought with all the choices to choose from but I am sure what ever light I buy him it will sure make seeing things a lot easier.

Now that I am thinking about it, Father's Day will be here before too long and I am sure my father and father in law could make sue of a spotlight and with a rechargeable spotlights my father can use it while camping.


Jay has just finished his first month of guitar lessons and he is really enjoying playing. He started off play Hot Cross Buns, then moved on to twinkle twinkle and marry had a little lamb. Last week he learned Ode to Joy and tonight he was excited to finally be taught how to play Happy Birthday. He said he was hoping to learn it before march break so that when we are away and celebrating his sisters 8th birthday he wanted to play Happy Birthday for her and for me on my birthday and a happy belated to my 16 year old sister. Tonight was the first time that he came home from his guitar lessons and never showed me what he learned but I noticed he grabbed the heating pad so I think that his back is sore from the kids jumping on it earlier this morning so I will just let him be and I am sure he will play for me tomorrow!
My night isn't over yet...:0( I have some of the kids in bed (not Blake he fell asleep when we got home after school) and in a little while I will have to go pick up hubby from work. Then off to bed for me!

Online Dating

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After all the commotion that went on with Jay at the school today we were almost late for our appointment to file our income taxes. We didn't have to wait too long but with taking Blake along with us we were a bit worried at how well he would behave. I remembered that my laptop plays DVD's so I packed it up and grabbed one of his new movies off the shelf and headed out. I was so impressed at how well this idea worked out. Blake curled up under the ladies desk and watched his movie. Not a peep out of him now if only he would have done the same thing at Jay's basketball game I would have been all set. Ok so now back to our taxes...I can't really complain about our return it was more then all the other years, I guess claiming the kids sports sure helped us out a lot. The money will be spent on bills of course and taking the kids away for march break but before all that tomorrow I am buy EVERYONE new socks and undies! What a I told the kids the great new about the socks and undies and they yelled and cheered (just to give you an idea of how bad we need these....:o) Tomorrow we meet with the bank to straighten out some financing and hopefully consolidate our bills to give us a fresh start. I hate moving it always puts us behind on the bills. wish us luck tomorrow that all works out!

Employee Training

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My head is pounding and I still have to take Jay to his guitar lessons. I am so surprised at how well Jay is after his ordeal at school this morning (check here to read about it) he was so happy to be able to play his school basketball game. Even though they lost this game which was against the toughest team ever they should be happy hat they are the only to team to have ever got the most baskets against them. That's cause enough for celebration! Way to go Jaguars!!!!!!
Jay just informed me that we have a storm expected for here for the next 2 days, messy with rain, freezing rain and snow. With any luck there won't be school tomorrow and we won't have to face Jay's appeal for school suspension for another day. This situation with Jay defending himself and getting in trouble is just tying knots in my stomach and I cannot wait until the day is over.

Monday, February 25, 2008


As the years go by we are gradually purchasing new furniture for our home and slowly room by room we are getting rid of the old furniture and the kids bedroom furniture and replacing it with new. With renovating our new family room this year it looks like our bedroom furniture will have to wait but that isn't stopping me from looking for the perfect bed and bedroom furniture for our room. After looking at many styles of beds I have narrowed it down with the help from my husband of course to Leather Beds. Time 4 Sleep is a great website that offers many different styles of beds and mattresses to ensure that you have the bed and the look that you are looking for and the comfort to get a good night sleep.

Time 4 Sleep offers a spectacular range of high quality leather beds offering fantastic value for money and you can choose from the many designs in the hottest fabrics. What more could we ask for? Now that we have it narrowed down to a leather bed I have the next year to decide on what style to choose from. Will it be the Tuscany Black, Sienna, Florence Leather or one of the other great styles. I guess it's good thing that time is on my side with choosing the right bed!


...What kind of tv show is that? I mean my God I am sitting here at the computer listening to it and why on earth would anyone want put themselves and their relationship through that kind of crap and stress. Relationships are hard enough without all the extra drama. Apparently this tv show is a game of truth to win a certain amount of money I am not sure of all the details of it this is the first time I've listened to it and was shocked at the questions this girl was being asked.....did you love someone else when you got married?...did you a sexual relation with someone else while you were married? You get the idea...I was sweating just waiting for you answers then to see if she was telling the truth or not...I don't know how things are going to be between this couple but a divorce could be where she will be spending her money LOL


I have had many jobs throughout the years before becoming a stay at home mother of four children. Going through these jobs I have completed many Sales Courses to help me get started with what I was expected to do. Although many of these courses prepared me for the job I did have some courses that left me asking all kinds of questions and felt totally unprepared to start the job. Having good sales training can be the difference between failure or success and there are good training courses that can help you maximize your potential and further your career! Are you ready to succeed?


I know it is only February and most people are probably thinking that it is too early to start thinking about shopping but for me the shopping for Christmas has already started. I buy little things here and there to help cut back on the cost of gift buying closer to Christmas. I will do my last bit of shopping after Thanksgiving with the thanksgiving specials that I am fortunate to come across.With having a large family with four children to buy for I am always looking and waiting for good deals.

I get a lot of good deals and savings buy purchasing Black Friday items online without the hassle of getting up early and waiting in the line ups. With having young children I tend to take advantage of the Toys R Us ads and the Old Navy ads to get them their favorite toys and clothes. Last year we did all our shopping from September to December always leaving our budget tight to pay the bills and we said that we weren't going to let it happen again this year but some deals are worth waiting until after Thanksgiving arrives. Come on, I have to save some shopping for the Christmas season or it wouldn 't feel much like Christmas now would it. When do you start your shopping, do you get it done early or wait for the thanksgiving specials!


I am happy to accept these awards that were given to me from Hazel. Thank you Hazel you are one of the best and I want to thank you also for visiting my blog!...

I am going to pass this award on the Matt, Kim and Jenn...

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Please share these awards to other deserving bloggers and make their day an even better one :0) Hope everyone has a great week!


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I am finally getting this certificate posted for Trinity. She was so excited to finally get her official tap exam certificate to have framed for her room to go with all her medals and trophies. She did so well with this exam and is looking forward to another one next year. She just completed her second term technique jazz class so Monday nights are now free but her other classes will be getting harder with getting ready for dance competition and their show in May and June. Still lots to keep her busy and I can't wait to get pictures of her in her dance costumes.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Students should not spend more than 90 minutes per night. This time should be budgeted in the following manner:

* 15 minutes looking for assignment * 11 minutes calling a friend for the assignment * 23 minutes explaining why the teacher is mean and just does not like children * 8 minutes in the bathroom * 10 minutes getting a snack * 7 minutes checking the TV Guide * 6 minutes telling parents that the teacher never explained the assignment * 10 minutes sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Mom or Dad to do the assignment


These are given the night before they are due. This explains the name "long term". It is a long term commitment to time that begins at 9:30PM and ends at 11:50PM - or later. It is important that the whole family is involved in the project. It is imperative that at least one family member races to Walmart/KMart for posterboard, and that at least one family member ends up in tears (does not have to be the student).
One parent needs to stay up and complete the project. The other parent needs to call the school and leave a message that the student is out sick.
It is not necessary to have the student's name on the assignment.

Gaming Hobby

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It wasn't looking good last night for Kohl. He was invited to a birthday party which was today and but last night was sick. I had already posted that he was feeling much better and he showed no signs of being sick. He was full of energy and spent the day playing nintendo Wii with his older brother so I thought he would be fine to attend the birthday party. I put in down for a sleep this afternoon and he slept until 3:00pm then we got ready and headed to the party for 4:00pm. The party was at McDonalds and he had a great time with his friends from school...I think there were 18 kids in total and what a mess and noise but that is to be expected :0) After sitting there for over 2 hours I am happy to be home and the kids are getting ready for bed. Kohl is looking a little pale so hopefully some more sleep will help him so that he can go to school tomorrow.


When my cousin moved into her new house they bought all new furniture and in her living room the thing that stood out the most was her new grandfather clock. Since then I always wanted one for our home but with so many to choose from, how do you choose? I have read that there is a new twist on an old favorite, the a Contemporary Grandfather Clocks which are now designed to offer lighter woods, sleek lines and many creative styles to fit in the modern home. I found a lot of useful information on Grandfather Clocks Blog to help me in deciding on which cock I prefer by reading their articles which gave me a better understanding of what I'm looking for.


I am happy to say that after Kohl being sick yesterday and throughout the night he woke up this morning and feeling great and very happy that he might be able to attend his friends birthday party later on today. He handled being sick like a trooper and never cried or complained once about it and apparently he was sick throughout the night but never woke us up....he used his bowl and went back to sleep. I feel bad, I should have been there but I guess he had everything under control. He is now down in the kitchen eating breakfast and talking about this birthday party so hopefully he stays feeling better and I will wait for the next kid to get sick....who will it be?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spending Habits

I recently came across an article about the difference between single people and people in a couple whether married or just dating. It described the spending habits of habitual single people as compared to couple's. As stated in this article single people tend to spend less on things like eating out and rent. I would have to agree with this from the point of view of if you were a single person you may feel intimidated to go out to a restaurant alone and really you may not feel the need to in the first place. The opposite can be the case when you are in a relationship as you may find yourselves wanting to eat out for the social aspect of it or just because it is easier then preparing a meal at home. Also on the living condition, I could see people in a couple thinking they need more space than a single person may feel they need therefore adding to the living expenses for the couple. I know personally having just moved into a new home we are beginning to look around for a Secured Loan to help us finance some of the repairs and upgrades we need to make to our home, and to consolidate some of our other outstanding bills from our relocation and Christmas.


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Now I am passing this on to Jenn, Matt, Petula, Darlene and Kim.


Tammy has given me this Excellent Award! She is one of the best blogging friends ever! Thank you Tammy :0) and like I have said before one of the best parts of receiving awards is passing them on to others. So this award I am passing along to Matt, Mel, JJ, Jenn and Petula!


I was not given the gift of large breast in fact I am on the smallest side of having breast and I was aware of this early on in life. Nothing has changed and it had often made me think about breast enlargement or breast augmentation and also referred to as "boob job". This is something I have decided against for ow but so many women go ahead and have this procedure done. MYA (make yourself amazing) cosmetic surgery offers Breast Enlargement UK with surgeons that are amongst the most experienced in the world. Breast enlargement surgery is one of the simplest of cosmetic surgery and you will only need a week away from work. Put your breast in the right hands and find out more about what MYA has to offer.


I have noticed that since the kids started back to school in the fall Blake's behaviour is and has been changing for the worst well I guess I am seeing improvements with him at home but away from home he is a handful to deal with. He is ignorant , sassy, won't sit still you name it he does it (expect listen) I have no idea what to do with him or how to fix this problem. I hate spending my time with him fighting but I can't let this behaviour continue. Is there an end in sight????? I know they say parenting is never easy and Blake is definitely putting me to the test and has been since I got pregnant. He has been hard to deal with from day one....But boy do I ever love him!


My mother will be celebrating her birthday in a few weeks and I always have a hard time finding the right gift for her. Now I do have a few ideas for her this year and it has to do with coffee, a beverage she will not do without. The Carolina Coffee Company offers a wide range of gourmet coffee with a large selection of specialty single origin estate coffees, certified fair trade organic coffees, their Owens Family Roast Signature Series and many others. Carolina coffee Company creates amazing tasting coffee and that is perfect for my mother and something she will love.


After the snow being gone for a week now we were starting to think that just maybe spring is on its way until we woke up this morning to a blanket of white snow on the ground. I had to take my hubby to work early this morning and since he was running late (nothing new) I was kind enough to start the van and clear the snow off it. We aren't expected to get much more snow but I wasn't taking the chance of it stopping anytime soon so I shoveled the driveway to make it easier for later and will have to venture out again in an hour to pick up Jay from the church sleep over. I am prepared for a cranky day....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Beauty Jobs

Growing up I wanted to be a hair stylist and could not wait until I graduated to be able to start my hair dressing course. Things changed a lot for me and I never pursued this as a job. Now that I look back and regret my decision I have come to realize that I can still get the courses I need to salon jobs find .

Beauty Jobs launched a Beauty Industry Job placement website. This will connect qualified job searchers with spa and salon owner and free of charge. This is a great way to help people find the career they are looking for. Be a part of Regency Beauty Institute and get started.


I know who in their right mind wants to think about Christmas as early as February. But with the great deals my husband could get at work on clothing and toys how could I not jump at the chance to start buying Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. I think with what we bought today I will only have the McDonald's gift cards left to buy them. The best part of shopping early is that I can spend September, October and November buying for my own kids and making sure they get what they want this year without falling behind on the bills.


As we all get older we start to notice changes taht some of us can't and won't accept with our appearance. I know it can be hard to deal with these changes which then turns many people towards treatments of hair removal, cosmetic eye lid surgery, botox and many other procedures. These procedures can be done through the Cosmetic Laser Clinic offereing Botox Tampa Florida to treat facial wrinkles.


I use to spend a lot (most) of my time confined in my computer room working on the computer, blog hopping, paying bills and all that stuff and after months of doing this I was starting to feel trapped so hubby bought me a laptop for Valentine's Day and OMG freedom. Last night I was exhausted and just wanted to lay in bed to keep warm so up I went (early) and so did my laptop. I was so nice to be able to play around on the computer and be comfortable at the same time. If it wasn't for having my laptop in bed with me I would have missed out on $35 worth of opps. So already the laptop is starting to pay for itself. One monthly payment many more to go lol Anyway back to hubby. He mentioned this morning that he might look into getting a laptop for himself. I think it's a great idea and he would be able to take it with him on business meetings and not have to take my pink one, I think he mentioned the ruby red.
Jay will be happy when he gets home from school to find out that he now has Internet on his old computer. Matt restored it back to when we first bought the computer 8 years ago and it's working better than our newer computer we got last Christmas...go figure.
Happy Blogging Everyone!


Even though I don't drink coffee and never have I still think of coffee every time I hear the word Starbucks. I am not sure if there are too many Starbucks coffee stores around here where I live but I know of one for sure that is connected to a Chapters Book Store and I will be there in a couple of weeks. Starbucks is known for it's great coffee and while doing research on Starbucks I found out that breakfast foods are also a growth area for Starbucks and get this, it shares the competitive breakfast market with fast food companies like McDonald's.

The Starbucks Corporation is now the world's leading coffee retailer with stores in 37 countries which first got started in 1971, when the first Starbucks store opened in Seattle, Washington to sell only coffee beans and high quality coffee making equipment to use at home. To keep the foot traffic to the Starbucks stores they depend on new products with their reputation for creating new beverages. In 2005-2006 Starbucks has introduced 22 new beverages to their menu and is now introducing a breakfast and lunch program. Starbucks is also thinking about health concerns and the awareness of the rise of obesity so they are making an effort for the health conscious consumer by using 2% and soy milk in many of its products.

Next time I am near a Starbucks store I might just look into their beverages to see what they have to offer and maybe I will find something I like.


It has been such a busy week and I am so looking forward to the weekend. Tonight Jay is going to the church youth group sleepover but it is just a street over so there is no running around that need to be done there. I guess the kids have hip hop tonight from 5-6pm and I will pick Matt up at 9:30pm. But tomorrow nothing and Matt works so he can keep the van for the day and I will hang out here and maybe get the cleaning I was going to do yesterday done. Matt works again Sunday and Kohl was invited to his first birthday party from school and he is so excited about it I can't say no. Ok so maybe there isn't a lot of time to relax but it is definitely a lot better than most weekends.
Happy Friday !

Wedding Flowers

Hopefully in the near future my sister will be starting to make plans for her wedding. It has been a long time coming and she deserves the happiness to bring her and her three little girls together with her fiance. I am prepared to help her out with the arrangements and offer any advice I can share. While thinking of her 3 young daughters as flower girls it got me thinking about wedding flowers and the thought and planning that goes into choosing the right flowers can be overwhelming. Fifty Flowers provides wedding events with premium roses, rose petals, peonies and other beautiful flowers and greens at a lower cost than local chains. By them removing the wholesalers and retailers she can purchase flowers up to 75% savings. Fifty Flowers also sends flowers as personal flower arrangements, to events and any other occasion that calls for flowers.


I now have 3 children already in school which only leaves 1 left to go. I am in no hurry to send him and because of his birthday being so close to the end of the year I have the choice to send him or give him an extra year home. Being the last child I immediately say I want him to stay home but Blake is so ready to go to school now and I feel it wouldn't be fair to him to keep him home that extra year. Blake loves to learn and at the age of 3 he can already recognize his letters (out of order) and he knows their sounds. Now when we read to him he wants to be able to read words and is asking about the punctuation marks because he knows that they aren't letters so punctuation it is. Some of the teachers tell me to save some learning for school and other say let him learn. It's not like I sit here all day and teach him this is stuff he has picked up from TV and his older siblings. I can't take credit for it. He just isn't happy unless he is learning. So with this being said I guess I will have to deal with the fact that my baby boy will be going to school a year ealier than I hoped.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Renovations

We have been working on converting our attached garage into a family fun room for the last couple of months. This was a very challanging job for us as we are novices in the home renovation world. We have been using our basement for storage and work shop space since we started the renovation. This is working alright as a short term solution but as the basement is only about 5' height it does make it a little cramped for the hubby's work shop. That and the other day during a storm the power went out and the pump wouldn't work which meant the basement began to flood, luckily only a few inches of water before the power came back on but just the same it made it obvious that we need to invest in a work shop/garage for the back yard so we can store the tools out there rather than in the basement. We have begun looking for the right option for us and are hoping to get the Concrete Shed built in the next couple of months. I know my hubby is looking forward to having a real work shop again as he is always grumbling after going into the basement to work, he's almost 6' so he is always bumping his head off the pipes and beams in the basement.

A Star Is Born!

I know you have all heard about my daughter's recent tap dance exam and that she earned a highly commended mark well tonight she actually recieved a certificate to comemerate her proud achievement. She was so excited and is planning to get it framed and hang it on the wall of her dance studio in the house. It makes it so worth all the running around when you know they really want to do it and are very proud when they do well. Keep tapping Triny, congratulations.


Marketing is gettting a little more tricky as it moves to the web and people are becoming more careful about providing personal information. So now marketing professionals are implementing Lead Scoring programs which will allow the to prioritize and automatically rank leads based on many different approaches. For example advanced interaction history ranked by target accounts, how often they visit your website and specific pages and more. If you are interested in the information webinar where you will learn real world examples, fundamentals of lead scoring and lead scoring best practises then you should check into it. Don't let too many bogus leads clutter your sales system, attend the Lead Scoring 101 Webinar!


My husband called me from work all excited and asked if I received anything yet today. Well obviously not or I would have called him. I told me that he checked the tracking of my laptop and it is on the truck to be delivered. Only minutes after hanging up from him did I see the delivery truck pull up in front of the house. I was standing in the door way waiting for the delivery. Yep it was my laptop. I am so excited but I don't know how to get it set up to work so I will have to wait until he gets home from work later on tonight. I will have to be patient a bit longer...

Displaying Our Photos Digitally

I love taking pictures with my digital camera and I do so every chance I get. With my husbands job it keeps him at the office alot so for Christmas I bought him a digital picture frame. This digital fram will make it easier and better for him to display pictures of the family. Also having family living long distance from us we are going to look into purchasing more digital frames for our parents for Christmas this year!
There are so many digital photo frames to choose from from 7 inch digital frames up to 15 inch digital frames so we are sure to find a frame that will suit our parents. These digital frames can be found online at and right now if you purchase any of their 10 inch frames you will receive a FREE 256 MB SD memeory card! Choose a frame that is right for you and take advantage of their world wide shipping.


Tomorrow night my son's church youth group is having a sleepover at the church. I was going to brave this exciting evening but my hubby has to work until 10:00pm so I won't be able to go. I think it is for the best anyway since I have lots of sleep to catch up on and again hubby works early Satuday morning so who would take care of the kids. There are lots of activities planned and Jay will have to get his sleeping bag and pillow ready. I am going to be prepared for a cranky kid Saturday morning when he comes home.


Even though my husband has a full time job he has been thinking about taking some courses that will help him out with projects around the house. He is the type of person who is pretty handing fixing and building things and will do it himself and although he can manage to figure out how to eventually fix a problem or do a renovation he would still like to have some training to ensure that he is doing it properly.

One of the biggest renovations that we need done here is making one of our bathrooms larger so that we can install a full size shower. This renovation project won't be happening anytime soon as it will be a big job so he wants to look into Plumbing Training to better understand what do do. Not only will he be able to do this project on his own but will have this plumbing skill behind him for other things down the road.

Avand is a website where training can start today with a large variety of courses available. All plumbing courses are regularly run with qualified staff and trained centres ready for all your training needs. Sign up today and start your training in plumbing, sales and management courses just to name a few.


Today is Thursday so for me it brings a very busy day which won't end until I put the kids to bed. My husband is off this morning and will go to work at noon which will give me a couple of hours before heading to the school to pick up the kids. I will have to remember to bring supper for Trinity along with her dance clothes and shoes because we will be staying for Jay's second basketball game (must also remember camera....) today he gets his team uniform and he is hoping to win this game. They got a little down last week losing their first game...they were winning right up to the end. I will leave right after the game and get Trinity to dance by 4:45pm then quickly get Matt back to work from his supper break to watch the game. I will have to get supper for the other kids, get them in pyjamas and homework finished for Kohl then go back for Trinity at 7:00. Thank God that not long after that all the kids will be in bed and I will finally have time to....
*do the laundry
*clean up
*make lunches for tomorrow
*lay out their clothes for tomorrow
*put laundry away
*find time to relax in the tub (I wish)

Boy to I just love Thursdays!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Building the team

As a manger of a large retail business there are many challanges my husband faces everyday in his career. When discussing business he feels the hardest thing is to build an effective team of sales people to maximize the sales potential and in turn the maximum profits achievable. There are many Business Sales Training opportunities available to develop associates to achieve these goals. Discussing how to view the customer and develop relationships with them no matter how big or small a client they might happen to be is always important. Training will be most effective if it becomes a part of the culture starting with training the senior management and in turn developing each and every member of the sales force. A truly efficient sales team will be constantly looking at ways to improve their customer contact points whether trough improved telephone etiquite, or quick and efficient processing of orders. There are many courses that can be used to achieve the results you are looking for . Remember the key to any successful business is the quality of the people that are with you, they will always be your greatest asset. When looking for an area to re-invest in your business do not overlook your development plans these can pay big dividends too.

IN NEED OF A more flooding :0)

I was talking to my father a few minutes ago and discussed the fact that me and hubby should look into buying a generator to have here at the house for when the power goes out. After the wind and rain storm we had yesterday resulting in a power outage the basement floode because the pump wasn't working. My dad is going to price generators for us and see if you can find us a good deal. We don't need anything big and expensive just something that will keep the pump working to keep the water out. There is always something to worry about isn't there....


Will we ever get ahead with our debt? This seems to be the question we have been asking ourselves for quite some time now and nothing has been changing except more debt. With my husbands job he only gets paid monthly and makes it very difficult making a budget and sticking with it. This financial issue is causing so much stress and tension on our family and we are going to look into ways to help us manage our money better and get some bills paid off.

For us we feel it is time to look into a Debt Managment Plan that will allow us to consolidate all our debts in to one affordable weekly or monthly payment. With help from Abacus they will deal with our creditors and debt collectors. Now we can get solutions to put us back in control of our finances. It has been hard moving every couple of years and raising four children all adds to our debt but now it is up to us to take the first step to avoid bankruptcy! We have worked to hard to get where we are to lose it and will take any help we can find.

AT THE MALL AGAIN....(exhausted)

So once I picked the kids up at school we headed back into the mall. We returned Blake's Leap Frog Click Start computer for his new V-Smile pocket which seems to be more of a challenge for him. He is such a smart kid already and gets bored with things that are to easy. He seems very content with this game system and he can take this along with him in the van when we travel. Trinity finally decided on which new glasses she wanted so we bought the frames tonight and will have her eyes examined the first week of March. The great news for us is that here where we live we don't have to pay for children's eye exams up to the age of 9 or 10. Great...looks like we will be saving $70 there and I may as well take advantage and have the other children's eyes checked as well. So all in all it has been a busy day and I am going to sit down and watch a movie with the kids before sending them off to bed. Sounds like they started without me....(times like this I wish I had my laptop...only a couple days left to wait :0) Yay me~

Home Decorating

We recently relocated to a new city and purchased an big beautiful older style home. The house has a lot of great character that we were able to accent with our own accessories to turn it into our home. Luckily we have been through a few moves now so we have had the opportunity to decorate a new home a few times so we really knew what we wanted to do this time around.
We wanted to improve the decor of the outside of our home and needed to upgrade a few things. We are lucky to have a fantastic yard with a beautiful big apple tree that really added character to the back yard so we needed to focus on the entry and front yard area first. One factor was deciding on whether we wanted to look at wall mount mailboxes or curbside mail boxes it was a challange because of beautiful selection of boxes available.
To increase our curb appeal we also looked into an assortment of curbside decorations to add some "pop" to our front yard. The final touch was to replace the tired old house number as we were recently re addressed for the 911 system so we had to shop the selection of Address Plaques to put the final touch on our home.


Not only did my daughter Trinity win a cake at school on Valentine's Day but today when I went into the school to pick her up she came running to me with great excitement and told me that she won the fire safety draw for her class. The prize bag had lots of great things including chips, juice box, fireman teddy bear and other goodies and stickers along with $10 McDonald Gift certifates! She was pretty proud to have won and plans on taking her daddy out for supper some night soon :0)

Bills, Bills, Bills

It sometimes feels like there just isn't enough money to go around. Having a family of six, 4 children, Hubby and me we find that it is very difficult to manage our cash flow every month. The kids are all wanting to be involved in activities which is great because it gets them out with other children their age and helps them get some physical activity but of course when it comes right down to it, it all costs money. With 4 children we feel it is important that I stay home and be there when the kids need one of us, whether that is getting them to or picking them up from school, helping with lessons, preparing good meals. This makes it a little harder to manage our money as my husband works on a salary basis and only gets paid once a month. We pay up our bills, stock up the cupboards, set aside money for gas and hope nothing really unexpected comes up until the next month. It is so easy to get caught up in debt as there are always needs that fall outside of necessity with a home to up keep, repairs etc. We try to keep our bills tracked in a book and plan out how much to pay on each every month sometimes we think we should get a consoltation with a Debt Management Plan consultant to see if there would be a better way for us to navigate through our debt levels.


Last night as I was tucking in my children it hit me once again at how well they go to bed without complaining. They now the bedtime routine and get their teeth brushed and hop into bed. Most nights they are allowed to watch one tv show before getting tucked in. It is so nice to be able to put the kids to bed without the fighting and they drift off to sleep with pleasant happy thoughts to get them through until morning! The last thing I want to do to end the day is fight with my children....I am blessed with these four amazing children and thank God everyday for them :0)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inventors Beware

You have an idea for an new invention, what do you do next? Perhaps you have already worked on prototypes and have a working model. Whatever the circumstances if you are serious about your creation you should look into a patent to protect your rights.
A patent will exclude others from making, usnign, selling or importing an invention you hold a patent on. Patent applications must be filed and approved by the appropriate trade office. Once you have obtained your patent you are protected as per the conditions in the patent. Patent infringement has become a major drain on teh economy estimated losses in the US of 250 Billion dollars per year. It is important to know where to turn if your suspect a patent has been compromised a Patent Infingement Lawyer specializes in patent laws and can defend your rights approproately. Finding the best law team can be a challenge especially for individuals and small business owners with limited budgets. For your best interest contact a patent attorney for more information.


Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; If he betrays you twice, it is your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. He, who loses money, loses much; He, who loses a friend, loses much more; He, who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me…You brought another friend…And then there were 3…We started our group…Our circle of friends…And like that circle…There is no beginning or end…Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.So now, let’s see how many circles of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

1.Catsy Carpe Diem 2-Catsy Downloads 3-Out of the Blue 4-A Day to Savor and Relish 5-A Piece of Idea 6-Write Shy 7-Stupid Wise 8- 9- 10-Pinay Mommy Online 11-Momhood Moments 12-My Life 13-Jean’s My So-called Life 14-Alpha’s Blog 15-Because Life Is Fun 16-Bits and Pieces 17-Whats up Caryl 18-Simply Me 19-A Mothers Horizon 20-BLOGSILOG 21-Cherry’s Comfort Zone 22-DigiScrapz:Captured Memories 23-Wishing and Hoping 24-Thinking Out Loud 25-Blessings in Life 26-NiervaDotCom 27-Davao Food Trip 28-Charles Terrence 29-Tere’s World 30-Journey in Life 31-Bisdak's Footprints 32.All The Good Things 33. Rantings of a Woman 34. Jabber Jaws 35. Add your Link here
I am passing this on to Tammy, Jenn, Matt, Petula and Anna!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Home Decorating

With our recent relocation we purchased an older home with lot's of character and space for all the kids to run around. We really wanted to modernize the look of our house. The house has a beautiful antique fireplace which we re-tiled and found some blomus stainless steel fire place accessories to accent the beauty of it.
One of our biggest renovation projects so far has been the kitchen where we re-built the cabinates and painted with a beautiful burgandy and black accent. We really wanted to make the kitchen "POP" to go with our new appliances we had purchased so we found some fantastic blomus stainless steel kitchen accessories . It has been alot of fun working together to make this house our home where we plan to spend many more years to come.
The final touch to our outside renovation was blomus stainless steel house numbers to beautify the entrance to our home and replace the dated faded plastic numbers that had been left behind by the previous owners.

Prison Break Finale?

I have been waiting all week to see the final episode of Prison Break, it has to be one of the best shows on tv, I agree it is a bit too violent at times but the show is written so well that you never know what is going to happen next. It's only February and now we'll have to wait until fall to find out what is going to happen next. As you know some of the characters escaped and have a happy ending Link, LJ and Sophia, while others are setting up lot's of choas in the prison, another group appears to be setting up some sort of bank attack and finally one distraught Scofield is heading out for revenge. It should be another exciting season coming up.


With my 5 year old son's alleries I have to wash his bedding pretty much on a daily basis. I remember when we first talked to his doctor about his issues and realized that I was in for a lot of house cleaning. To start we took all his blakets off his bed and vacummed his mattress as suggested. Oh my goodness, that was one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Having a bagless vacumm really showed us what was in the mattress. We quickly ran through the house and cleaned all the mattresses and bought mattress covers for all the beds. It is scary just the thought of what is in our mattresses and the thought of a bedbug in on of our beds is enought o keep our mattresses covered and cleaned on regular basis. How clean is your mattress? Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!


Tammy from Mom Knows Everything has started this great new spotlight where she post about one of her blogging friends. This week she put me in the spotlight and I was very happy to give Tammy the information she needed to do the post. The spotlight will help bloggers get to know a little bit more about each other. What a great idea! Thank you Tammy for chosing me for the spotlight :0)


This winter has brought us some snow but more heavy rain than anything. Today I was doing my usual dace class drop off and pick up hubby from work run and to make it miserable it was pouring rain outside. As I pulled into the mall parking lot I saw a man in the rain struggling to put his wife's wheelchair in his van. It got me to realize that without proper wheelchair lifts it does make things harder. Having a chair lift would have been so much easier for him and a lot faster to get our of the rain. By the time I was parked he was in his vehicle so I wasn't able to help, no one likes to be in the rain any longer than necessary.


Apparently tonight was Trinity's last night of technique jazz dance classes. Where has the time gone? I didn't even realize this until she came out. What in the world am I going to do with myself now on Monday evenings?.... Her dance teacher said not to worry that with dance competition and their show in June they will be doing lots of extra classes to keep me busy so I was told to enjoy some time off! I wasn't the only one disappointed with this so was Trinity, she would dance every night if I could afford it LOL

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Immigration Forum

Living in America there are many rights and freedoms we take for granite everyday. There are still areas of teh world which are under developed, war torn and experiencing social unrest. It can be very intimidating to try to immigrate. Recently there was a site that was lunched where people who need assistance can turn to for an open immigration law forum that they can ask professional licensed immigration law Attorneys for assistance. All relevant questions that are posted will be reviewed and a post response added to the site. The site will also have translations to and from spanish for Hispanic users to have access. Teh forum is available for users free of charge so anyone can participate.


Monday the kids have projects due for the 100 days of school and as I had mentioned I thought it would be fun to do up a board with 100 pictures of the kids as they grew up. Things are going really well and just getting ready to glue the pictures on the board. It is taking a lot of time but it's worth it. I am having fun just remember them when they were little!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Credit Education

These days credit cards have become an absolute requirement, there are so many things you need to do and to have flexibility when most of us are living pay to pay sometimes things come up that you really need a go to source of money to get you through. There are many types of credit cards you can apply for now from bank cards, to retailer cards and many others.
When the time comes for you to apply for a credit card be sure to shop around and find the best option for you, some cards will offer low interest rates for a fee, some will offer interest free credit cards a period of time and others offer reward type points to entice you to use your card. It is important for you as a consumer to be aware of your credit situation and for that you can access a copy of your credit report. The best suggestion I can give you before you get or a shopping around for a new credit card is to educate yourself on all the available options for you to find your best solution.

Hot Chocolate Moments

Well Trin had a friend over today and it is amazing how busy that can make the house. They are having lot's of fun for sure but the boys are driving them crazy...oh boys! They had to escape outside to get a break from them so they went out to do some skipping out in the driveway. It was sunny but a bit chilly out this afternoon. After a while they were back in and looking for a warm up treat so Hubby mixed up a special batch of hot chocolate, the girls wanted some special hot chocolate so hubby had to get creative and was lucky to find some vanilla in the cupboard so a little dash of that went in the mix and whoopie the kids absolutely loved the vanilla flavor in their extra creamy super duper hot chocolate. Look at Dad scoring the brownie points with the little princess! way to go Dad

A Surprise Gift

I have been looking at a beautiful electric fireplace for my living room at hubby's work for about 3 months now, it was too expensive and with Christmas gifts and visiting to do we didn't have money to even think about it. Hubby surprised me a couple of days ago when he arrived home with the fireplace. It went on clearance and he thought he better make sure I had it so now it is here. We are planning on setting it up in our living room and bringing our flat screen tv down from the bedroom to put on top of it, the living room tv will go with the old entertainment centre to the new family play room, the tv from there will go up to Jay's room and the tv from Jay's room will head up to our room. It's going to be musical tv's but it will work out for the best for everyone. Warm cozy nights watching my favorite shows in the living room with Hubby will be great.

After Christmas

It's that time of year when all the Post Christmas bill start arriving sometimes it can feel crushing with the debt pilling up and the creditors calling sometimes we all need to turn to a trusted source for bad credit loans offers. It can be frustrating when you are considered to have a less-than-perfect credit rating. It is important to find people you can talk to and understand your situation and don't judge. Every day BadCreditOffers provides the best offers for you to assist you in fixing your financial issues and concerns. Recieve your free assesment and discover how you can lower your payments and eliminate your late fees. When you need someone in your corner that has your best interests in mind turn to the team you can trust to provide you with the right information. You can fix your finances you just need a plan that can work for your situation. It's not too late you only need to make the commitement to want to solve your issues.

The evening of Romance

After a busy day of skiing with my son and his youth group I will be turning my attention to getting ready for my Valentine Night out with Hubby. I know it's a couple of days late but we got tickets to a Valentine Gala that is happening tonight, the sitter is all lined up and we got some new clothes for our big night out. With 4 kids it seems like Adult nights out are few and far between. Anyway I can't wait to get out and have some fun, let's hope.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Having an interest in NFL football is something new for my husband since he isn't all that big into sports but seems to be showing an interest in it lately along with my son so now they have some learning to catch up on of this sport. The Denver Broncos football team was founded in 1960 as part of the AFL and after many struggles the Denver Broncos ended up winning two Super Bowls and have been one of the most exciting teams in the history of the NFL. With some background history on this team and getting to know the sport better I can expect to be watching many football games with them during the football season. Will the Denver Broncos play in the Super Bowl next season?