Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Love is in the air, I can feel it! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this year my husband is hiring a babysitter for our four children and we are getting out just the two of us. How sweet and there is no chocolate involved yet! He is taking me to a Valentine's Gala where I can finally get out of my comfy mommy pants and get dressed up. It has been so long since we have been anywhere just the two of us alone and just the thought has me so excited! Now i"m sure there will be more to this wonderful night to make it more romantic, it's Valentine's Day right and I'm sure to get some flowers to show his love and as always he will write me a poem reminding me how much he loves me even through all the hard times and finishing it off saying I miss you! This gala will be a night for us to enjoy with each other, a time to talk, a time to laugh and a time to share our thoughts.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

***SO HERE WE GO ....

We are just getting started and already there are to participants wanting to get the weight off. If you want to get in on the weight loss fun then just leave a comment with your goal weight loss and every Tuesday after you weigh in leave a comment on my blog with your weight loss number and I will update your results.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Trinity was invited to a birthday party today after school at the skating rink. Kohl my 5 years old son came with me to drop her off and wait while I put her skates on her. His eyes lit up while he watched the other kids skate. I felt bad for him because he loves to skate and we don't make it to the rink that often but the other kids have been attending quite a few skating party in the past couple of months and his younger brother went skating this morning, so he was feeling a bit left out. Alyssa's mother came by and invited Kohl to skate with the kids, he was so excited but I had things that needed to be done and back to pick Trinity up to take her to dance classes. The look of disappointment was to much for me. I drove Kohl back home, got his skates and headed back to the rink. To see the joy in his eyes was well worth putting off a few errands. He later joined the party upstairs where he had hot dogs, chips, pop and cupcakes before it was time to go. As we left I heard him say, "Thanks Trin this was a good party!...I even got a treat bag!" Sometimes it's the little things that matter :0)

Travel Insurance

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I know I don't really have a whole lot of weight to lose but I do need to lose around 10 pounds to lose the weight the I have put on in the last six months. I am struggling with this it is winter and it harder to get out walking on a daily bases like I'm use to. So I have been watching what I eat and drinking lots more water and not much is coming off until this morning I noticed that I did in fact lose 3 pounds to go with the 1 pound I lost a few days ago...must be doing something right! So in total this week I have lost 4 pounds and at least 6 pounds left to go...anything else will be a bonus :0)

Valentine Flowers

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Skating Time

Well today was the first outing for Blake to the skating rink, the local rink here provides an open skate for $2 so you really can't go wrong. We decided to take him down for a spin and he had a great time, I will be sure to take him back again next week even though Matt will be away in Halifax for a meeting. I'm sure we will have a great time just me and my buddy.

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Little Wonders

Somedays we look at them and wonder
What have we done to be so lucky
These wonderful little ones
Bring so much joy
Their individuality, sometimes frustrating
Ultimately is what makes us love them so dearly
For they are themselves the challenge for us,
Remember to let them be little
To let them be themselves
Show them respect for who they are
Express Joy and Disappointment
Encourage them when they fail
Praise them in their success
Most of all be their friend
So they will trust in us
Allow us to hold them up when they need us most
Like a footprints in the sand,
as our Father carries us through times of trouble.
Our responsibility to Little Wonders!

Online Backgammon

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


One thing I love when it comes to the winter months is getting out and enjoying some good down hill skiing. My son will be going to the ski hill for the first time in a few weeks so he will be needing some ski gear or snowboard gear depending on what he chooses to do. It seems like most of the boys are wanting to Ride Snowboards , so we will see what happens. It has been a while since I've updated my ski gear and with some online shopping from Christy Sports I should find everything I will be needing. this website offers ski gear, snowboard gear, clothing, accessories, clearance, rentals and gift ideas. Watch for the new 2008 ski and snowboard gear that arrives daily from all the top manufacturers. To find a store nearest you visit their store locator.


More snow on the way...
Again tonight we are getting more snow. No I don't think that tomorrow will be a snow day for the kids but never the less what we are getting is making it messy outside. Today was bitter cold and the waves off the water this afternoon and into this evening were something to see. I have never seen waves that high before in my life...I guess it's something I will get use to the longer I live here! So I have the heat turned up in case of a power outage with the strong winds and will settle in my warm cozy bed to watch some tv before going to sleep. It is suppose to snow all night so we will see what we wake up to in the morning!

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The puppy is saved!

Well thanks to the most amazing man I have ever met(yes, my husband) we are saved!
After searching for 2 days relentlessly taring the house apart (well atleast the house is clean now) my loving wonderful husband comes home and finds the puppy. The best part, he didn't even gloat over the fact he was able to find it, he just brought it down and brought Blake in and gave it back to him. The thanks and love in Blakes eyes was more than enough for him.


With all the different social networks available out there for us I was excited to find this social network designed for High School Sports. Takkle is a place to help high school athletes succeed. This website allows the athletes to check their practice schedule, post their best photos and videos or just simply check in with their favorite groups. Through this social network you can join the top athletes from more than 25,000 schools across the country! Now you get a chance to know what is going on in other schools and high school sport teams whether you are involved with or are just a fan of high school basketball, baseball, lacrosse, football and the many other school sports, you will find something of interest to you.

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It has been a few days now since we have been able to find Blake's (my 3 years old) fur real pet puppy named Bel. I have looked everywhere possible and the poor little thing has not turned up. Blake is getting rather upset about losing his puppy and I am starting to feel bad for him. This little puppy is like his best friend. I'm sure it has to be here in the house somewhere. I will spend some more time today on the look out and might have to go out shopping but there is no guarantee that I will find the exact one that he has. Oh where oh where could that little puppy be?!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

The one product that I have never been able to find that I'm satisfied with is a vacuum cleaner. I have tried vacuum cleaners with bags, bag less vacuums, vacuums with filters, you name it but they just don't do the job right. The suction just isn't there and I have heard that there is a vacuum that will get the job done. This new vacuum cleaner "Dyson" is the first vacuum cleaner with constant suction! Sounds like what I am looking for.

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This is without a doubt one vacuum cleaner that I can't live without and will be looking into getting one and what better time then now since my vacuum cleaner doesn't have any suction left in it and with my sons allergies this is sure to help. Dyson was built and designed not just to get the job done but to get the job done right!


OK so I didn't make it upstairs to bed yet because smorty is being nice and has given me some opps to do so I am going to take advantage of this and get the work done. Then I will head off to bed and catch the rest of American Idol. It looks like it will be on for a while tonight so I will get to see some of it at least. If you do any paid posting then you know that when the work is there you've got to get it done. Hopefully it won't take me too long!


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Well the night is over and it's time I turn away from the computer and say goodnight to all my great blogging friends. Thank you for visiting my site and I will be back tomorrow with more to say. The house is quiet and my hubby is at work so I will curl up in bed, turn on my fire place and watch tv. There is nothing better than a relaxing night as the snow flakes gently fall from the sky. Night!


Owning a truck can sometimes be a benefit under different circumstances. An old friend of mine is now self employed with his own towing company and spends his time helping people who are stuck get out of trouble. With this type of job he needs good tow straps and recovery straps to assist him in helping get these vehicles out.

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Here it is once again the beginning to another season of American Idol. I have been watching this show from the beginning and look forward to it every season. Some times I find it hard to get through watching the auditions and other times all I can do is sit here and laugh. I remember last season one audition was so bad that I actually choked on my pizza. After that my husband wouldn't allow me to eat while watching the auditions. My snack nights were put off until after the auditions were over. I can't wait to see what this season will bring. Let the show begin!


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***I'M IN A MESS...

I have been spending the day rearranging the house. I moved furniture from the computer room and put in down stairs in the new partly renovated family room and moved the futon back up to the computer room. This looks much better and the couch in the family room will withstand the kids better than the futon. Now that I have the furniture moved around I have the cleaning up part left to do. Now that the kids are in bed it should take to long to get it cleaned up. I'm getting things done one room at a time!

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...The kids are off to school today. No snow day for them but I think they were just has happy to off to school to see their friends. I am so lucky to have children who enjoy and look forward to going to school. It makes my morning that much easier. There wasn't a whole lot of snow that fell overnight and the driveway clean up didn't take long to do. We are expecting warming temperatures today along with some rain so I couldn't promise the kids that the snow will be here when they come home later on this afternoon. They can't wait to go sliding!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Online Business

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I just can't seem to get on the ball today. I was planning on going for a walk with Blake this morning to meet my hubby at work for lunch but no way could I get myself ready. Blake is content watching his movie and I picked up a few things around the house and watched for PPP opps. Once the kids are finished school all heck will break loose and I better find some energy by then....
~pick the kids up at school
~immediately drop my oldest son off at a skating party
~return home and get supper ready
~pick Jay up at party
~drop Trinity off at dance
~pick hubby up at work
~go back for Trinity at dance
~finally return home and get home work done and kids ready for bed.

This is all sure to help me lose some weight. I lost 1 whole pound yesterday! It's a start...

God help me find the strength to get on with the day!


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***BAD WEATHER... on its way!

I will be spending my day keeping an eye on what the weather will be bringing later on today. It is sounding like it is going to get pretty messy out but as of right night things are looking pretty calm outside. I hope it holds off until later tonight after I have all my running around to do with Trinity's dance class as she is getting ready for her tap exam on Saturday. I will keep you posted on the messy weather and will get ready for the big clean up tomorrow.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Sell Structured Settlement

I spend a lot of my time blogging and find it interesting to do some of the blog quizes I have come across. This quiz is "How addicted to money are you?" and apparently I am only 52% addicted to money! So what does that mean, I have another 48% to go before I'm in trouble. No just kidding! But if you are looking for some quizes like this on then click here and take the quiz challenges for yourself to see how you will score.


I know I know with all the talk about walking and dieting I am going to have a cheat night tonight with my husband. As long as I can keep the cheat nights down to once a week or even better once ever two weeks I will be ok. Hubby just left to go get us donairs. We have been craving them for some time now and since we have been eating a lot of cereal for our meals we thought we deserved a treat. We did give up the pop tonight and will only be drinking water. I think I deserve a few points for that one...LOL. I only have a few minutes left before I'm done with the computer for the night and hopefully I will get to spend my computer time blog hoppin' to my favorite blogs in hope that they forgive me for not stopping by as often as I would like. Things will slow down and I will return to my faithful everyday blog visiting.

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.....On Monday I am going to start walking in the evening with a friend of mine. We decided today that we will work together to get one another out of the house without the kids and get some walking done. This will give us a chance to get to know each other better and develop a better friendship. This is a hard thing for me to do because I hate leaving my friends behind when it comes time to move but we aren't planning on moving anytime soon so I figure I may as well enjoy life here in Cape Breton and make this home. I am looking forward to getting out walking, it will be a nice break from the kids and getting exercise at the same time.


With our family moving around a lot with my husband's job we find ourselves getting into many different do it yourself home renovation projects that has my husband interested in getting construction skills training and qualifications so that we know that the job is done right. I know we could just hire a contractor but he really enjoys doing the work himself.

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Finally the weekend is here which hopefully puts and end to the busy life that we have been dealing with this week. Well at least put an end to it for now! No plans for the weekend. My husband is off this weekend and we are just hanging out around the house. Without a doubt before the weekend is over we will pull out one of our new movies and have a family movie night...get curled up on the couch and enjoy some hot buttered popcorn. That sounds like my kind of weekend!

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Last weekend Jay spent it with his friend Matthew and his family and apparently Matthew is coming over tonight to spend time with Jay here rather then at his house. This worked out pretty good for me since my husband is off for the weekend and I'm not left with a house full on my own. Trinity is going to check with her friend from dance tonight to see if she wants to spend the night and if so I have last minute plans to make and a trip to the grocery store for some good sleep over treats. I'm sure all will go well and everyone will have a great time and hopefully some of us will get some sleep!

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No we aren't going far for March Break but never the less we are getting away and doing what the kids love to do every year and that is to head to Moncton which is back home with family for us. We usually spend a night or two at the Crystal Palace Hotel and enjoy the pool and the the amusement park and movie theatre attached. It has always been a great time and it's what the kids look forward to doing every year so why change the plans at this point. Although hopefully in a couple of years we will be planning our trip to Florida around that time so it will have to change. My oldest son is looking forward to climbing the rock wall and my younger thinks he is going the the sky rider....but unfortunately he is still to small. Maybe in 2009 he'll be able to ride it. We are looking forward to this family time together and it will be here before we know it.


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***LOSING WEIGHT....grrrr

I have been trying to lose some weight...not a lot of weight, I would be happy right now with losing 5-10 pounds but it doesn't matter what I do the weight will not come off. I have resorted back to my diet quite a few years ago when I ate special K for 2 meals a day and a good small portioned meal for the 3rd. Drinking lots of water and healthy snacks from time to time. I am giving this a try and with some walking and running my stairs I'm hoping to start seeing progress soon. Even a pound right now and I will be happy! Why is it so hard to do this time? EEEks, GRRRr. One day at a time!


It was always an exciting time when young people got their drivers license for the first time. After all the studying and diving lessons the work had paid off. Driving comes with a lot of responsibility and rules that need to be followed to help keep the roads and highways safe and with breaking these rules can come with a cost that could leave you dealing with the law.

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With all this nice weather we have been having lately I thought I would take advantage of it and get our for some walking. I really enjoy this time with Blake and he looks forward to getting out whenever possible. Today we ran into some friends from the school and went over to her house with the kids for a play date and they got along so good and Blake is wanting to go already. I will have to have them over soon to play here with Blake. It is so nice to see the sun shinning but it won't stay this way for much longer with lots of snow in the forecast for next week.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


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What a day it has been and now it's finally time to finish up at the computer and call it a night! I have been looking forward to this time all day and couldn't get off to bed early because of some work I had to get done on the computer. The kids are all tucked in sound asleep and the house is finally quiet except for the typing of my fingers. I have typed so much today I won't be surprised to hear the taping of the keys in my sleep. Well I guess the only thing left to say now is ... GOOD NIGHT TO ALL!

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So finally after a couple months of waiting for a new coach my son's school has finally got their school basketball team up and going. The papers came home today to order them their own uniform and for now practices will take place Thursdays after school. This is one of my busiest day but hey why not get all the running done in one day LOL. Anyway he is so excited and is looking forward to the games. This will be a great experience for him and will give him the chance to play on a school team before heading off to Junior High. If all goes well he will probably try out for the team next year. I am looking forward to watching his games and seeing how he progresses over the next few months.

Nursing Homes

It was hard to see my grandmother's health taking a turn for the worst just 2 years ago. She was always such a strong woman and could do anything and everything for herself and to see her getting weaker was hard not only on the family but for her as well. After sometime it became harder for her to care for herself and with the family working it was getting time for them to consider different nursing homes where she would get the best care that she needed.

There are many options out there and the Bettercaring website is a dedicated service for anyone who is looking for and needing answers to crucial questions about caring for their loved ones or themselves. With Bettercaring you can make arrangements for the right kind of care and receive tips from care experts. You can search for nursing homes that fit special requirements and look into the care options available to you locally.

It's always hard when considering the option for a nursing home but sometimes it's the right place for the proper care. Before making this important decision look into Bettercaring for some helpful information on all it has to offer. Unfortunately for my family my grandmother passed away before needing to make this decision but we had the information we needed before hand. We wanted the best care possible for her and that's what she had right to the end.

***SWEET 16 !

It is hard to believe that in just a few short weeks my baby sister will be celebrating her sweet 16 birthday! She has been looking forward to this day for quite some time and she's been busy making party plans and designing her own special birthday cake. You should see how excited she is, I can only imagine what she will be like on her wedding day! I will have to get the information from my mom as to when her big party will be then the big question. What do I buy my sister for her 16th birthday....any ideas! Help....

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***WHAT A DAY...

I don't know if this day could have been anymore busy then it was today...I was about to cry but finally I got things settled down and the two younger boys off to bed. I am serious when I say that I ran the roads all day getting errands done and picking up kids from school to get ready for dance classes, pick up hubby from work for his supper break to drop off at dance then drop him back at work, come back home to get to kids in pj's and make supper then run back out to pick up at dance to come home and get home work get the point. And with all this I was still trying to get some paid blogging done. Well the night is almost over and I am still surviving with no end to job opps on the computer. I hit it lucky today but of all days it had to be my busiest. Oh well the night will be over soon and I can curl up in bed! Can't wait. Sorry if this post seems just as busy as my day but my mind hasn't slowed down

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I have been checking out some websites on the topic of gambling and casinos and as to what they offer and the benefit to online casino facilities. I don't do much gambling but I have some family members that make going to casinos a night out for entertainment which is great, but for some they would rather spend there time with an online casino and for them they will find this website at

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It's hard to believe that Christmas has already passed and it's time to start making those big plans for Valentine's Day! This year my husband was given tickets to a Valentine's Day Gala for the hospital, so we thought we would take advantage of the tickets and have a night out without the kids. I have the sitter to arrange which is the easy part but what in the world do we wear. Apparently it's not overly formal but yet dressy so I will be doing some shopping trying to find something to wear. My husband is in need of some new dress pants and shoes so we will see what we can find for him. I did pick up a nice shirt and necklace today when I was out but not sure if it will be dressy enough for this occasion. Looking forward to the night out!


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


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Now that the Christmas break is over for the kids, they are all back to school and dance classes and things are finally back into a routine. The kids are happy to be back to school with their friends and Trinity is busy working on her dances and getting ready to do her tap exam in a couple of weeks. This is exciting for her because this will be her first dance exam that she will do. Basketball for my oldest son starts tomorrow at school and I still have to call for guitar lessons for him. There is never an end to the things that need to be done around here but if it wasn't busy I would probably get bored. Lots to do today and still lots more cleaning to be done!

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After having some long cold stormy days in December we are now experiencing some mild temperatures which is melting away all the snow. This is great for walking the kids back and forth to school but we still haven't found the time to go sliding or outdoor skating with the kids. I'm sure the cold temperatures will be returning and soon and we will still get lots more snow to get out and enjoy some winter activities. We will see what next weeks temperatures bring. No snow in the forecast for this week.

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