Saturday, February 28, 2009

How are we supposed to know what's safe

In the world we live in it is becoming increasingly scary to do anything. So often we hear about food contamination, drug reactions and many more things that seem safe when they start but turn out to not be so good for you after a while. Recently the FDA announced that the Drug once thought to be very useful in the treatment of Psoriasis, Raptiva may also be linked to a rare but often deadly brain infection called PML. This powerful drug has currently been linked to two deaths related to the treatment of Psoriasis. Not only has this link been made but Raptiva has also been linked to meningitis, anemia and other life threatening diseases. If you or a loved one has taken Raptiva and suffered from Raptiva PML you may have specific legal rights to compensation from the manufacturer of Raptiva. Raptiva was original approved by the FDA in 2003 for the treatment of Psoriasis which causes the development of thick red patches of skin on the surface of the skin. Psoriasis is associated with Diabetis, heart disease, and obesity. PML is a viral disease of the brain that is linked to many diseases. If you are interested in finding out more information about the Raptiva Side Effects feel free to click on the attached link. If you feel that you have suffered from taking this drug Raptiva in good faith find out what your rights are at to see what you should do to get the compensation you deserve.


My darling puppy

With a day from heck, of course it had to continue on the home front too. It was a very hectic day with Dance in the morning for the boys, I had to get Trin's new glasses ordered in between classes and than after lunch at 1 Trin had to go to the mall to sell calendars as a fund raiser while by oldest had to be a basketball tournament. Hubby got off work early to help out with the calendars and get over to the last bball game. He got home and found chewed up pencils and a mop bucket overturned on the floor which the dog pulled the dirty water all over the place, what a mess for him to deal with after a long day. Anyway I now have to work late (till 1am ZZZZZZ) so I'm sure I'll be super exhausted when I get home, Sorry Hubby!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping online

My father has been struggling to get out of the house to get his diabetic and medical supplies so we began to search for a company that could help with that situation. We were able to find allegromedical whom has established themselves as the industry leader in medical supplies online. He thinks it has been a great find as he can order his diabetic and ensure and get it shipped to almost any address. He even set up an automatic delivery option that will keep his items coming on a specific schedule. Allegro medical also offers an Ecataloge that is full of extra specials and usefull infomration. There systems are easy to use and navigate and he even finds it very easy to place orders

A new DVD Player

I'm pretty excited, I think the kids are probably even more so. We have a van and have had it for about 3 years and the best feature was the DVD player in it. When I bought my new SUV it was a big let down to not be able to use a DVD Player. We decided to get a new overhead DVD player installed, we went out shopping today and got a great deal on a 10" Kenwood DVD player. We are going over tommorrow to get it installed while getting some groceries. There will be many happy movie moments and peacefull drives to enjoy.

New SUV Shopping

I've spent a lot of time in recent months shopping for vehicals I have looked at every vehical out there and I would be tempted to say that the best looking SUV vehical that I found in all my searching was the Mercedes GLK. The GLK offers great style and comfort with hand stitched leather heated seats, the drivers seat also offers 3 memory positions so you can program your seating preferances. The media features of this SUV is incredible with a mp3 compatible stereo system featureing 8 speakers. Featuring for your safety this vehical comes equiped with a blue-tooth hands free system and Sirus Satelite Radio for your entertainment. For your interior comfort the GLK features dual air controls allowing both sides of the vehical to be heated or cooled independantly and also features an air conditioned glove box to store things in to keep cool. If your interest is peaked check out the great new site devoted especially to the GLK and all it's features. Dream big with the downloadable wallpapers that you could ad to your computer so you can day dream about this fantastic vehicle. Take a few minutes and start your journed into the most stylish vehicles on the market today. There is a great selection of pictures and videos to bring you closer and connect to the GLK.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Shiny Investment

When looking for investment grade metals you need to turn to the experts like Monex that have almost 40 years of expertise in helping bring sellers and investors together. As old as time itself the trade of gold coins has always been a steady investment choice. They have the contacts to get the highest quality coin even rare coins can be located by using their service. They regularly publish a reference guide to coin and metals called the "The Rare Coin Insider" in which they are offer a free trial subscription to give you all sorts of inside market information. This industry of investment can be a risky business with lots of small dealers your best option is to use the industry leader to protect your investment's quality and value.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movie Night

Tonight I got to spend the evening watching Madagascar 2 with the kids, it was quite an adventure and full of laughs through the whole show. To add to the fun we got a 2 pack movie that also had an adventure with just the crazy little pack of Penguins. The kids had a great time, eating popcorn and getting a good laugh, lots of fun.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Olympic Dream

It is now officially less than 1 year away, the 2010 Olympic Games coming to you from Vancouver BC. It is an opportunity for all of us Canadians to show their pride in their country and a super opportunity for us as a Country to show the benefits in our Country. There are many companies working together with the Olympic Athletes to ensure we have the best group of athletes we have ever sent to a games. The exciting lead up to the Olympics for Canadians is the Torch Relay that will bring the thrill of the Olympic torch to communities and citizens all over the country. The cool people at Coke are offering the opportunity to it's customers to nominate themselves or people they know for positions in the Torch Relay. All you have to do is visit and nominate yourself, once your nominated you can visit back every day and try out the trivia questions to get yourself more opportunities. In May of 2009 the 6790 entrants will be randomly selected to move onto the next round of selection in which the entrants write a story about what Olympic life means to them. The stories will be reviewed by members of the Coke Red Ribbon Panel and selected entrants will get the opportunity of a lifetime. These are memories that will last a life time so why not take the opportunity to be part of the excitement.


Kitchen Dilema

We were out to the cabinet maker workshop today trying to decide what to do with our kitchen. We are in such a debate, I really what to change the color our our kitchen cabinets and definetly the doors which are very ugly and have the hinges on the outside. I want to go with a lighter color stain and change over to the inside cabinet hinges. The folks at the cabinet maker thought it might be better to paint the existing cabintes and get new manufactured doors to replace the old. I'm not sure if it would be too much white to have everything painted white with white appliances, but it would be considerably cheaper to do it this way for sure. Hubby will take on building me a couple of new cabinets at this point, I know he really loves doing these projects for me. Normally he does a good job and he knows I really do appreciate the effort he is putting into it. I'm sure whatever we decide to do it will turn out in the end and look great.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The big NY trip

My daughter and I are going on a trip with her dance school to New York this summer and the excitement sure is building around our hose. We are working to help co-ordinate the agenda while we are there and have been looking for information on line to help us with activity planning. The village voice is a great resource on all there is to do and see in New York including music, movies, theater and also provides a fantastic review of New York Restaurants to help us pick all the best spots to hit on our nights out. By using the site we can find restaurants that are in our budget using the price range features and also using the features menu we can sort to find all the kid friendly restaurants to make sure we have a great atmosphere for the girls while we are away. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's the Mom's or the kids that are more excited but I know one thing for sure we are all going to have a great time.


Hubby and the kids are excited to be watching the Daytona 500 today, they have been waiting for months since the season ended to get going again. I am working tonight so I will have to miss the race but that's all right with me. I enjoy listening to the cars running around the let's me nap.

Friday, February 13, 2009

An all new TV Experience

My dad loves his toys and especially loves having a place everyone likes to hang out. For Christmas he decided with some gentle persuasion from his Mom that he needed to change his old TV over to a new Flat Screen that he could mount onto his wall of his rec-room. Now when it comes to tvs my dad would be sure to do his research before he bought anything and he spent a lot of time checking out all the different features, sizes, sound and price to be sure he got the best digital tv he could for his money. It's a pretty exciting experience now to enter the "theatre" zone where we get to watch all the latest movies and of course this weekend coming is the first Nascar race of the year where I'm sure Dad will have his lcd tv cranked up loud with his surround sound. When you decide it's time to go shopping be sure to take the time to do a good price comparison as you will find there are a wide difference in prices from retailer to retailer and brand to brand, take the time and be sure you get the best value for your money.

It's freezing

After a couple of warmer days, notice I say warmer as it was raining a lot, it has turned freezing cold again today. It all started last night when it turned cold after raining and everything turned to ice which made quite a mess on the roads. It apparently is going to start snowing over night tonight with a good storm coming for tonight and tomorrow morning. It's kind of nice because we are both off work tomorrow and will be able to enjoy a snow day home with the kids.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking of the future

In a time when finances are tough I find myself at a crossroads where I think I should invest in my education so I can be more employable. I have a good job right now but if anything were to happen and my husband lose his job I would like to be able to support the family if need be. I have been thinking about finding a school mba program that will allow me to get my Master of Business Administration. To make things work I needed a flexible education program and was able to find an online program from Capella University. They offer a variety of degree programs and the great part is that it is all online so you can get your education from anywhere. They have been serving students in over 45 countries for the last 15 years.

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Babies at 60

I just heard on the news tonight about a woman that had a set of twin babies at 60 years of age. This was a medical miracle and I am awaiting the full story on this but it sounds as though she had the babies implanted. Is 60 too old to be having babies, that was the question posed at this point but really if you are a person that is full of love and in fair health why not allow them to have children.