Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Medical Supplies Online

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My Heart is melting

Here is our new little puppy that we visited for the weekend, he will be coming home with us in a few weeks and we are eagerly anticipating his arrival. I love this picture of him, he is so tiny and so cute all at the same time. Breigh was a little put out by him at first but by the end of the weekend she was warming up to him pretty good.

Happy 'B' Day Birdie

The kids aunt came down to visit us this weekend and as it was here birthday we went out to a special dinner at "Jungle Jim's" restaurant. We had a great meal filled with some tasty food and great laughs. It was fun to get together with her on a special B day.

Continuing Education

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Water Fun

It was hot Friday adn the kids thought it would be a good idea to get out the hose out and soak each other down. The dog wan't too impressed about water and spent most of the afternoon hiding in the bush. They decided to get Grandpa a new hose to replace his that was leaking terribly

Happy Canada Day!

What will you be doing to celebrate Canada Day this year? It appears that it will be rainy in our area this year so we will have to find some different ideas to keep us busy. Perhaps we will take in a movie at the theatre and have a meal out at one of the kids favorite restaurants. The fire works celebration will be cancelled because of the weather so we won't be missing those.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Planning Vacations

I have always feel like my husband and I missed out by taking our honeymoon as a family vacation instead of romantic adventure. We certainly enjoyed our time together with family and we are at a stage in life that we are taking time to vacation. We are planning a couple of vacations over the next couple of years, one will be a family adventure but one will also be that special vacation for just me and my husband. When looking for vacation options we discovered the Karisma line of hotels that offers vacation destinations for both Adult and Family Plans. The hotels are located on the gorgoes Riviera Maya in Mexico and provide a full range of eminities that you would expect.

Flying High

The kids pulled kites out of the basement before we went away and took them to Grandma/Grandpa's house to fly. They were lucky there was a little bit of wind so they could get them up in the air. They had a blast flying these for almost and hour, the kites met an untimely death by doggy so I had to toss them out in the end.

...And here he is

The main point of our journey home was to see the new batch of beagle puppies and to select our new pup. We picked out a beautiful male and named him "Riley", he is all black down his back and his legs and tail are all white. We will have to wait a few more weeks before he is ready to leave mother but it was nice to get to meet him and spend some time with him.

Baby Shower Excitement

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Don't be leaving me behind

I was packing the other night and had all the kids suitcases opened up on the floor for Matt to finish packing up the last few things. He walked in Breigh curled up in one of the suitcases almost as to say "Don't leave me behind please." Now of course we would never dream of leaving our baby girl behind, especially as we were on our way to meet her new brothers and sisters and pick out a new puppy for the house. Stay Tuned<

Making a pit stop

We were on our way home this weekend and about 1/2 way through our drive 2 1/2 hours into the trip our dog decided to go a bit crazy. She became very restless and started moving between the front and back of the van. She would come to the front and sniff at the air vents then move back to the kids. We decided to pull over and give her a pit stop but this didn't do anything for her, as soon as we got back on the road she started again. We finally figured it out, there was a bag of her treats laying on the floor opened and the AC was pulling the smell up from the floor and through the air vents. It was very subtle that we didn't notice the smell but it sure didn't get by her.

Having some fun

Your never to old to have a little fun, while visiting this past weekend we took the kids to the park to burn off a little energy. Jay was a little hesitant on going with us, he is 13 now after all, the park is for kids. After a couple of minutes there hanging with the Adults he couldn't help himself and he was off onto the swings and climbing around with all the other kids and even joined in on a game of tag around the park before we left.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Christmas Shopping Early

I have been trying to get ready for Christmas early this year and have been doing a lot of shopping online to save time with my busy schedule. With my job at the call centre I have been working a lot and we are allowed to surf the Internet which allows me to do shopping. I recently discovered an online jewelery store that offers all kinds of assortment, colors and styles at really affordable prices. I am looking to purchase costume jewelry rings and ear rings for my Mother and my Mother in Law. They are hard to buy for, but they both enjoy accessorizing their outfits. I am excited to be able to get my shopping done early and right now the site is offering free shipping on my order because it is over $85. I can't wait to see the "Wow" in their eyes when they open the beautiful gifts that I choose.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting ready for the show

Sunday Afternoon was a great time with Blake as he got to do his first dance show, he was very upset last year when the kids did their dance show and he wasn't allowed to. He had his awesome red shirt on to match his girls, he had a great time and one of the most touching moments was when he came out and passed a flower to each of the girls. I loved seeing him on stage trying his hardest to keep all the girls together, it was a lot of fun.

One Happy Shopper

My parents were up for a visit over the weekend for the kids dance shows and while we were taking a break from the action we popped into the local Walmart to pick up a few things. When we entered there was a bunch of patio sets and of course Dad being Dad already started fooling around with the shoppers. He sat down and pretended to drink for a cup and read from a flyer that was on the table. He tried to place and order for food with a staff member walking by and managed to get some laughs from the other customers that were passing by.

And the winner is

My son had his award night at his school last night and the event was by special invitation only so when he got the invitation you knew it would be good. His first award was the award for having Honors for the year, the second award was for high mark in Phys. Ed and finally the capper was this beautiful plaque which was awarded for the student with the highest average overall for each class. He was pretty excited to get this award and we were very excited to see him have such a strong year after he struggled in Grade 6. Hopefully this is just a sign of things to come and we will be able to get us invited to many more award nights.