Friday, May 30, 2008


We just recently had some new windows put into the house which had me worried at the time considering this is an old house. What unexpected things will they come across? Many people had mentioned to us to watch for termites swarmer but lucky for us we didn't have to worry about anything and thank God because I wouldn't know what to do about it. This is the time of the year to watch for termites and if you want to find out how to keep them away from your house then check here.


The kids are getting excited, they are down to their last 4 weeks of school then the summer fun begins. The next few weeks will go by so fast with all the field trips and the school fair which will indeed keep me busy as well. I am going along with Kohl primary class to the wildlife park which make for a long but a fun filled day. I am just hoping that the weather is really nice that day. Kohl is also going to the fire station next week with his class. They have been waiting all year to go and the time has come. I have an idea as to what Jay's class will be doing but no word on Trinity's class. Hopefully I will hear something about it soon.
We have the circus coming here June 11th but we aren't sure if we are going to take the kids or not. We will wait to see what comes up in the next few days. Dance is finishing up this weekend, then guitar lessons then school. I can't wait for summer!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


My oldest son has just turned 12 years old and is started to take interest in different types of music. Lately his biggest interest is rap songs but how do you know when the song is ok for a boy of his age? I have been looking through a great website that offers Rap Lyrics, so I can take the time to read the lyrics to some songs to know if it is ok for him to be listening to. I think this is great! Check out the Kanye West Lyrics to see for yourself.


Tomorrow starts the beginning to another busy weekend. It starts off with the kids dance rehearsal tomorrow afternoon and will go well into the night then let the shows begin! Trinity and Kohl will be performing Saturday afternoon at 2 pm then we will go back again for 7pm so Trinity can perform her tap dance with her advanced class. We were going to be there anyway because she wants to watch the other dancers. If that isn't busy enough, if enough parents are willing to do our spy theme dance from April we will perform it in the Sunday evening show. I know it sounds like a lot of dancing but after Sunday it is over!!!!! At least until summer camp starts in July. I definitely have a hard core dancer on my hands and I am very proud of Trinity and Kohl for all their hard work and dedication to their dancing.


My aunt will spend quite a bit of her time at her man's camp this year. It is such a quiet place for her to get away to relax, lay back and read a good book without any interruptions. Her man really enjoys deer hunting and spends his vacation time doing so and she goes along just to get away. This hunting thing is new to her but since it is something he enjoys she is curious about it. Last year during hunting season he was getting his gear together and she remembered hearing mention that he needed a few new things before the next hunting season begins so she wanted to look into rifle slings to get him as a gift. With father's day coming up she thought this would be something useful for him and a great gift. This hunting season while he is off hunting she is looking forward to the peaceful atmosphere of the woods.


It has been almost a year since we have lived here in our new house (new to us) and the renovations are still going on. We were getting tired of doing things little by little so we went and borrowed more money to finish things up. Last night we bought tile carpet to put on our new bedroom floor, closet door, room door, light fixtures and a few other little things. With any luck in a couple of weeks our room will be FINISHED and we can start enjoying our time here without the renovations. Hopefully by next week we will go purchase the drop ceiling. I can't wait to see the room complete! Oh and the outdoor painting is slowly coming along!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ultimate Paintball Environment

My son has recently acquired an interest in Paintballing, he went with some friends and has been excited to go again for the last couple of weeks. Rather than continuing to rent gear we have started looking into deals online to get him the gear he needs to be ready to go. He has been looking at differentspyder paintball guns trying to pick out the best one for him. He is also looking into getting a paint ball vest and of course all the ammo he needs. We have looked at many different paint ball sites but one of the best we have found is called Zephyr which stocks all the best brand names in the sport from Maddog, tippman, spyder and many more. Their website is designed to be easy to shop and complete your order, if you would prefer to speak to a live customer service rep you can contact their hotline for more assistance or to place your order at 1-877-814-4297.

Welcome to the Jungle

With all the rain we have been getting the lawn is starting to look like an out of control jungle. The one day it actually was sunny this week the lawn was so wet it couldn't dry out enough to get on it to mow. Today wasn't too bad at least it hasn't rained yet and tommorrow is supposed to be sunny so I'm hoping we can get the first mow of the year sometime tommorrow.

House Repairs

Hubby was able to make it up on the roof today to fill the big hole we discovered when we finally got up into our attic a couple of weeks ago. As we stood there admiring the vast amount of wasted space in our attic, you have to crawl up through Trinity's Closet so we have never been up there. We noticed there was light coming in, there was a gap of about 6 inches in length along a seam. Hubby and my Dad got up on the roof tonight and filled the gap with some expanding foam so hoping this will fix the issue.

Computer Protection

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How Blakie got his HA back

What a funny one this is, as you all know it's been cool and rainy here lately, well last evening while hubby was scrapping the paint off the front door, it was open so he could get at the whole surface. Blakie and I went to the step to watch hubby work and it was a bit chilly. While we were sitting there all of a sudden Blake got right excited and started yelling look Mommy I got my "HA" back. Confused I had to ask what is his "HA". His reply he said "You know my HA" and blew out a breath with a HA and the steam came out. It had been a while since he has seen his breath, it was that cold last night. What a hilarious moment, my Hubby and I will remember this moment for years to come.

The Party's Over

Well Jay's birthday party is over and I think for the most part all went well. We only sent 1 boy home damaged, got kicked in the mouth while bouncing on the trampoline with the other boys. Normally we only allow 1 kid on at a time but with Jay being 12 we tried to allow him some le-way. By the end one of the boys also broke one of the posts on the trampoline by jumping up and grabbing it and bringing it down on him. The boys weren't long going home after that happened. Luckily my creative husband took the pole apart and re-inforced the pole with a metal pipe we had in the basement and put it all back together so what looked like a big problem turned out to be a 1/2 hour project for my "SUPER HUBBY", I'm so lucky.

Family Getaway

With 2 weeks of rain here I am dreaming of a white sandy beach that I can lay on and have someone wait on me hand and foot. I researched some and found that down in Mexico on the white beaches of the Riviera Maya is just what I was dreaming about. Karisma hotels have a beautiful string of resorts and hotels on this coast, each with a different character and theme. Looking for a relaxing spot on the beach where you can have a room right on the beach with Beach butlers to serve you beverages at your whim all day long, it's there. Looking for the spa environment to be pampered and treated like a princess, look no further it's here. Are you interested in great food, you can get fantastic gourmet food at first class restaurant environment with custom made pasta's and breads with all the finest touches available, got those too. If your looking for a great family vacation be sure to check out the website and get all the information to build your dream vacation.

I need a tropical vacation

OK, enough already 2 weeks of straight rain, I am about to go completely insane. I love my kids and hubby a lot but when we all get cooped inside the house for this long the littlest things can really become annoying. It has been a long winter and by now we were hoping to finally escape to the outside, there is so much that we need to do around the yard but ick. The weather network says sun for tommorrow so I will try to get through today and hope for the best. Boy if I won 27 million last night I would be out of here in a hurry.

Webkinz Noise

What is your opinion of the webkinz craze, I'll admit my kids each have a couple of webkinz toys so they can use the website, but there are kids out there that have to have everysingle one that come out at 15-20 bucks a pop. What creates these fades and what can you do to encourage your kids to not get completely sucked into them. Is it just good marketing, is it peer pressure, is it just us as parents spoiling our generation of children? I know the kids have a lot of fun on the web site but really they only need 1 tag to get a year of access so isn't that enough?
Share your thougts with me on this or any other kids craze that you have experienced.

Online Health Supply

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Party Time

This afternoon is Jay's birthday party with his friends, what do you do for a 12 year olds party? He's got his air hockey table and his playstation, hopefully it will dry up enough to get them out to the basketball net and do the BBQ. He's got 8 boys coming and we heard rumor possibly a couple of girls???? Oh well he's growing up I guess, we'll see how things turn out, wish us luck.

Take out Disaster

With my family coming to visit things have been crazy around here today . This morning we headed out right after the kids went to school to get our monthly grocery order which wasn't as easy as usual because Kohl didn't have school today do to kindergarten orientation and he has been a handful lately OMG help me God love him! Before coming home we went for lunch and Kohl got to pick where we ate so it was Burger King and for me that is one of the worst places I can eat. Now if that wasn't bad enough later tonight after my parents got here we ended up having our cheat night and ordered in Chinese Food. Now how stupid was that but it was soooooo gooood!

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Flash Me

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Rock On

Jay turned 12 recently and my family came up for a visit this weekend so we had a family party for him last night and his friends are coming over Saturday for his friend time. He was very concerned about getting a gift as for his actual birthday he recieved a pair of shorts and a shirt "not a cool gift for a young man". We had bought him a rug to put down on his wood floor yesterday anyway so we gave him that and said that was his other gift he had been waiting for. LOL how dissapointing is that for a young lad. We got him going with that for a while and finally gave him his Rock Band. I think he thought that was a little cooler a gift, just by a little.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Black Friday Specials

Who doesn't want to save money, of course we all do, especially in these tough economic times with sky rocketing fuel prices forcing prices to go higher on all the basic items and services we use everyday. Shopping early for Christmas usually kicks into high gear on "Black Friday" the day after Thanksgiving in the US when traditionally retail stores begin to make a profit for the year. Traditionally you would recieve your flyers just before Thankgiving and plan what your most important purchase would be and make plans to camp out early in a cold parking lot waiting for the store to open. After you get in you would fight through the crowds in the hopes of maybe being lucky enough to catch the deal. With a new website specially designed featuring black friday ads was specially created to make your Black Friday shopping easier. They post the ads from all sorts of great retailers ahead of time and give you the links to purchase the items you want, no more standing in line ups. You can even sign up for email alerts to let you know when new ads have been listed. Looking for a great deal on a new LCD tv or computer checkout great deals from Best Buy or Circuit City.

Renovation Disaster

We finally got a nice day(no rain) so we decided to finally get a coat of paint on the outside door to the new burgandy color. We got the primer coat on and in the afternoon got a coat of the burgandy paint on. It was starting to look pretty good, but the grey clouds rolled in, we worried all night about our paint, sure enough when we got up in the morning the paint was bubbled and when we went for groceries, Matt walked out and hit the back of his foot off the door, the paint peeled up a big chunk. When we got home he scrapped the whole thing off and we will wait for another nice day to try again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Momento

It's one of the biggest events of your life, many hours if not days go into planning the perfect wedding. There are many details to co-ordinate, location, guest list, reception, wedding gown/tux, rings just to name a few. A final touch can be to create Wedding program fans. You can get cheap laser printed copies made by some companies or use Antonia Rose Printing to get high quality raised printed fans to remind all your guests of your special day. You can get 100 fans for as low as 174.96 and there are hundreds of styles to choose from. If you need help putting the right words to yours there is also a help section to help you express what you want to leave with your guests. Make you day extra memorable with a special momento printed just for you.

Some Me Time

Well I did it. While we were out today I took some time and got my hair cut. Hubby thought I was just getting a trim but like I said I got my hair CUT! Yep it is even shorter than before and it feels great! So before I left the salon I was talking to my hair dresser about getting some highlights done to really show the cut and she suggested I go with blond and red chunks but I would come back another time. Just minutes from home after having lunch, hubby suggested that I just go get it done and not to put it off, so I headed back to the salon (25 minutes away) and got it done. I now have blond with 2 shades of red in my hair and I love it! So that is how I spent my me time today and now I am watching American Idol then heading off to bed to get some much needed rest.
I can't wait until the mom, dad, youngest sister (16) and my aunt are coming to visit (5 hours away). They haven't been here since November and the kids are so excited. While they are here we will celebrate Jay's birthday with them and my dad is suppose to help with some electrical work in our new room. I promised him that that would be the only project for him to help with, the rest of the time will be for visiting! I promise dad LOL. Hubby has been on vacation this week and although it has been raining most of the time it is going by so fast and we didn't get any outdoor painting done. See what tomorrow will bring. It is finally suppose to be sunny and warm! Ok I have a show to watch here. Who is going to be the next American Idol?
Nighty night :0)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beware the Deathnote

What would you do if you had the power of Death. Being released to limited theatres for tow nights only May 20th and 21st is the movie DeathNote which is based on the super natural action mystery Magna. The story`s character Light is a student that finds a mysterious notebook that actually belonged to Ryuk a mystic God of Death. The power of the notebook is that any human that has their name placed on the pages will perish. Light makes a decision to use this book to rid the world of crime and as the bodies of criminals start to pile up the authorities call in a legendary detective known only as L to investigate. Both characters think they are on the side of justice so you will have to see for yourself who prevails in this battle of good vs good. As this film has not been rated as of yet you should consider it to be at the R rating. Remember the Deathnote is only releasing for only 2 days with shows only at 7:30 so if you want to see this movie for yourself checkout the website for the full theatre listins or to purchase advance tickets.


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Birthday Time

Tommorrow is our oldest sons birthday, this year he will be turning 12 and he is becoming a very strong young man. He has done well adapting to our new home and community and has a lot of friends. He is looking forward to having his friends over for a get together this weekend, when our family comes to visit for the weekend as well. Tommorrow we are going to pick him up at school for lunch and take him to his favorite PD buffet. I don`t think he has been there since we moved last year, he is excited especially because it will be just him and us, he is at that stage where he likes to have 1 on 1 time.

Transportation Savings

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If Men Were a Camera

They would automatically shut off when they weren`t being used. They would last longer and come with a warranty. You can try them out first for a two-week period and return them if not satisfied with no risks or hassle. They exist to capture the moment, not ruin it. They would come in fashion colors, you can keep them in maximum zoom. They would come with replaceable or adjustable parts and the parts that count would be portable. They wouldn`t mind a little over -exposure. They would respond to the slightest touch.

What's Your Classic Style

We are all bombarded by celebrity images in our everyday life, whether from tv, print or internet the news is filled with celebrity and models. Sometimes you get to a point where you can begin to get blurred as to what the average person should look like. Everyone has their own personal style and what they feel comfortable in. It takes time to discover your own personal style. One celebrity that I think incorporates a classic comfortable style is Kelly Ripa, she has this image as the all together super Mom. She likes to have fun and enjoy her entire family, usually using them as a butt of her jokes. I'm not sure if Dockers are part of her style wardrobe. Recently there was a contest launched at NBC for a Dockers contest that allows you to be the star and director of your own commercial. If your not comfortable infront of the camera, pur your story together and suck your friends and family into being your actors. Let loose and have some fun, get your creative juices flowing. My personal style would be a classic average mom going through the daily grind of kids to school, setting up the house and do the kids activities while running around in comfortable docker pants.


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Another day of Dance competition

Today is the last day of the dance competition for my daughter, today is the wrap up day with only a few events left and the exciting Dance off for the best of the best to show their stuff one more time. We had a successfull trip overall with Trin getting 4 silver and Kohl getting 1 Silver, the kids worked really hard and had a lot of fun. They are a little sad because the dance year is coming to an end but they are already planning their classes for next fall.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paint Ball Gear

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Lot's of Projects

Hubby's on vacation and my parents are coming on the weekend, this equals a lot of projects around the house this week. With spring coming and hopefully some luck we will have some nice weather. We really want to get outside and start doing some of the projects around the yard and outside of the house. We have lots of trim around the house that needs painted and the fence needs a coat. We also want to start putting up some shutters on the new windows and paint the outside doors a nice burgandy to match. We hope it will be a productive week, wish us luck.

Your the star

Have you ever wanted to be a star, well if so now is your chance to get yourself in the spotlight. If your more of the behind the scenes kind of person that's alright, that's what you have friends and family for. Get your story together on what Dockers mean to you and get out the video camera and start shooting. When your done all you have to do is visit and submit your
submission to the Dockers contest
Make your best effort as there are already some great entries so you really need to work hard to make your video stand out amongst the rest. I would have to say my favorite is "Do it in dockers" in which we see our star doing various...umm questionable activities in his dockers, grand theft auto and adultery just to name a few. I won't mention the "Crack" image, you'll have to check that out for yourself, see the link below to the entries. I'm not sure that this is the image that Dockers will want to present to the public, low life criminals enjoying their dockers but hey it was good for a laugh. So what do you do in your Dockers get up and get recording. You might just make a piece of cinematic gold that will be shown on NBC's The tonight show and become a famous commercial director/star. Good Luck and most of all be sure to have fun.


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Will Summer ever Start

I can't believe it, another freezing weekend and to boot it is the long weekend in May in Canada and we are still freezing. Generally this is the weekend that signals the start of camping, cabin weather here but I would have to say there isn't many brave enough out there this weekend. We are still using the heat in the house (YUCK) and dressing in warm clothes, socks on etc. I heard it is supposed to get to 14 this afternoon but it doesn't appear that is going to happen it's still freezing at 11 and no signs of sun. Maybe June will be better, let's hope.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tornado Days

What would a day in the life of your favorite pair of pants look like, do you want to be a star in your very own tv commercial to be shown accross the country. There was a contest recently launched that will do just that for you. Create a video of a day in the life of your pants, be as creative as you can be because this is your chance. Go to the Dockers contest website for more information on what you need to do to complete your entry and get ready to watch your commercial on NBC. A day in the life of my pants is like being in the middle of a tornado from the time I get up in the morning until the time I rest my head on the pillow, once that happens I'm done, ZZZ's in no time at all. It all starts with getting 3 kids up and ready for school, that can be enough of a work out right there, but once they go to school I still have one little fella at home to keep me busy all day, we work on cleaning up the house and usually take the hour+ walk down to see hubby at lunch. After lunch we walk back up to the shool to get the kids and after home work, we get supper ready. We then do some play around for the kids and get them off to bed. By then my body and pants are worn out, I'm surprised I don't wear out a pair a day the way I go around here. I have a great pair of Dockers that I wear most days and would love to have some more.


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More Dancing

It's time to get ready for another day of dance, I am excited about today because today I get to just sit back and enjoy the dancers, yesterday was fun, but I was running my butt off as I was a Chaperone to the school and had to run back and for over and over for costume changes. After the treadmill it's off to the shower and get ready to go.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Label Time

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My new Photo Studio

I wanted to get some pictures of their kids in their dance costumes before competion today so I set up a studio in my living room. The pictures actually turned out really well and I am planning on getting a couple of them blown up to 8X10, look at me saving money again. Can you tell we are saving up for a trip, we decided this week that we want to take the kids to Disney in 2 years so we are trying to cut expenses and work on making a little extra money here and there to save up. Wish us luck.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Web Hosting made Easy

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Big Boy Room

Bed time is so much better with Blake now that he has his new room, he is acting like such a big boy. He takes the time to clean up his room, he puts all his toys right back where they go and puts his laundry in the laundry room. He'll get his hugs and jumps right into bed, no whining, no crying. It always used to be such a fight to get him to go to bed, frustrating to say the best. The move of rooms was definetly well worth it in the end.

Frontier(s) Controversy

If you are the ultimate fan of horror films it is time to get ready for the newest and very controversial gore fest movie to hit theatres in recent memory. This film arrives with such controversy that is is actually being classified as an un-rated film and is actually only going to be released in 10 cities accross the US for less than a week checkout the select theater listings. It is amazing that this movie is going to be released to theaters as it is as normally when a movie is so harshly classed it is forced to dvd release only or to festivals. Frontier(s) is a cinmatic feast for the eyes that will terrorize the boundries more than you have ever seen. The store begins easily enough with our main characters pulling off a heist and on the run from the authorities. They flee the scene and attempt to hide out in a little inn but they quickly find out things aren't as they seem in the peaceful countryside. The inn keeper has a very different take on the idea of making his visitors at home at the in. As the story progress these folks are in for an unparraled ride of scare and terror as the inn keeper plays his games with their lives. If you want to be on the edge of your seat and pushed to the end of what your visual scenses can handle be prepared as you may actually find yourself pushed even beyond that.

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Something we have always wanted to do with the kids is to take them to Florida for a fun, unforgettable family vacation but with having four children you can just imagine how much this will cost. Well we decided the other day that if we don't set a time to go that we will never get there, so last night we told the kids that we will be looking at going in 2 years. Hopefully that will give us enough time to keep our credit clear to finance some of the trip and put money aside for spending. They were so excited and asked if they could open up their own bank accounts to save some spending money. What a great idea and for their birthdays and Christmas we will put $100 each into their accounts to help them out. I will be looking into a part time job in the fall after our summer vacation to put money a side and hopefully I will get back into my wood crafts to sell! This is a dream that we WILL make happen! The extra renovations will just have to wait there are more important things to look after first.

Frontier(s) Nightmare

Sometimes in film making there will be a movie created that is so revoluninary in it's story telling and imagery that it makes you sit jaw dropped while your are watching. The terror so realistic you will find yourself cringing in absolute disbelief of what you are seeing before you. A movie in my opinion that has created such a stir was released at selected theatres only last week on May 9th for one week only was one of these movies, Frontier(s) a movie so bloody and violent it was forced to be labled as an unrated movie which limited it's release. I was able to watch the Trailer on-line and from what I was able to watch this movie appears to be setting the viewer up for one incredible rollercoaster ride of a movie. Around every inch of this movie is the most punishing violence and gore I have ever seen. A torturing inn keeper awaits our stars as they attempt to take refuge from the police in a peaceful in. I usually try to avoid violent movies but after seeing the trailer to this movie and knowing the controversy that it has created I find myself awaiting the dvd release which is supposed to be this week on May 13th. I will have to get the kiddies off to bed early and sit back on the couch and get ready to shock the socks off me.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


We have just recently came across a really neat way to sell the unwanted items we have from around the house and I tell you this beats having a yard sale any day and people don't beat down the price. It's on the internet and it's call or, this is all free which is that much better. We have just started using it less than a week ago and we have made over $100. I wish I had of used this long ago instead of having yard sales. We have to get Blake a new twin size mates bed and we have found 2 on Kijiji that we have to go look at. It's the mates bed, headboard and mattress (which we don't need) for $150. See what kind of shape they are in then we will decide and hopefully Blake will have his new bed next week!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A watch by any other name...

What's in a name? When it comes to watches very few carry the weight of a quality and character that is associated with a cartier. Cartier watches have been crafted by the most experienced and highly demanded watchmakers for centuries. Dating back hundreds of years the Cartier brand has adorned monarchs from many countries and has long been known for outstaning quality and craftmanship. Cartier of today is still a strong image and is worn by a who's who list of celebrities, business people and sports highest athletes. There is a Cartier watch for every occasion, every person no matter whom you might be. They have collections for sports and dress so you can match up to wherever your day might be taking you. They also have styles for men and for women to ensure the proper fit. If you are looking for that special gift to really wow someone special or are looking for a beautiful accent piece for a special night out you can find a Cartier to meet your needs. These watches have truly stood the test of time and will be a welcome addition to your accessory wardrobe. Be sure to checkout the huge assortment of watches to find that special one or ones for you.

Feeling Sexy

It was finally warm enough today to put on my new capri outfit that hubby and the kids got me for mother's day, well sunny enough anyway. I was so excited to get this outfit because it was actually a SMALL, it is very exciting to see the results of all the hard work on the treadmill and outside walking. It's a little hard on his pocketbook as I shrink away but I know he is excited for me too. I'm feeling great and know all the hard work is definetly worth it.

A day in the life of my pants

A day in the life of my pants is a lesson in organized chaos, as a Mom to 4 wonderful little kiddies my days are filled with lot's of running(literely). I'll slide one of my favorite pair of Dockers
on and get rolling. With 3 of the kids in school the day starts with getting them up, dressed, fed and than walk them up to school, all the while they argue and bicker like brothers and sisters do. After the kids get set to school my pants and I come home and start the day with my little buddy. We work hard cleaning up the house and learning our letters, numbers, colors and stuff getting him ready for when he goes off to school. In my spare time I find time to run on my treadmill and work thinking up projects for my husband to do around the house. Oh and if it happens to be a nice day Blake and I will walk down to hubby's work to meet him for lunch. After the kids get home from school we'll get homework and supper done and on most evenings start running off to activities, dance, basketball, music lessons etc.
I recently discovered a cool Dockers contest that you can enter, you make a video of a day in the life of your pants and submit it to the contest to be used as part of an upcoming commercial to be aired during the Tonight show with Jay Leno. If you have an interesting story to tell about your pants get our your video camera and get your chance to be a star.


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The House Renovations Complete?

I have been told that this afternoon the work on the house will finally be completed, it has been a hard couple of weeks waiting for the work to get finished.
A few things conspired against getting the work done, weather (rain/snow) for a week straight and then the wrong siding was ordered. Anyway if everything lines up correctly by tonight I will have siding on my house and the inside windows will be finished up so I can paint the trim. Let's hope!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I have been getting many phone calls today, one was from my mother to motivate me to get on my treadmill which I very much appreciated and other phone calls were from different companies for numerous reasons and it left me wondering where and how are they getting my information? I know it is there job to make these phone calls and I was once doing this for a job years back and even then I wondered where the list came from. The lists can be made up from many different public documents through a list broker. So whether it's from a phone book, license, advertising directory, they can get access to your information.


Saturday afternoon even though it was freezing cold and windy outside the church youth group still had their annual Mother's Day baseball game. Although we were cold and us moms lost against the youth we had a great time. I managed to hit the ball a few times and fall on the butt once but that was because the pitcher (my son) threw the ball at my head. I am looking forward to another game next year and we will be better prepared to win again the youth!


Sports has never been big in our home but with now having a son entering his teenage years and being very active in sports, he is starting to bring sports into the home and turning us all into sports fans. Right now his biggest sport is basketball and he has played on his school basketball team and he has been mentioning trying football for something different. I know a bit about football from my high school years so maybe we will get out when it gets nicer to throw the ball around. That is a good start for me, lets just hope he doesn't tackle. We still have so much to learn about the different sports but we are having fun just the same. Now if you are also a sports fan check out addict sport for football picks and so much more.


OMG the weather here just plain sucks. I can't think of any other way to put it. It rained all weekend and today it's gray and cold. We still don't have the siding finished on the side of the house and with rain again all this week it probably won't get finished until someday next week now. This has almost been a month and I WANT IT DONE! It is around 0 degrees Celsius here with the windchill and yesterday it snowed. Yep Happy Mother's Day it was. No it was great just not the weather. I think I am just going to have to face the fact that we don't get the really warm temperatures that we use to get.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008


When I was looking into putting Jay into guitar lessons I was having a hard time finding a place that offered a time that would work for us. Fortunately in January our son started guitar lessons on a night that doesn't interfere with the family schedule and he is loving it. His guitar teacher is awesome! There are many options out there for music lessons and offers testimonials and Amadeus Home Music School comments from their students. Find time for music in your home!


Mother's Day is just a couple days away! This year we aren't going anywhere to visit, hubby is working all weekend and I'm sure that I will end up finding a big project to get into as always, we have been thinking about moving around some bedrooms to give Blake a bigger room. We will see what happens. What do you have planned for Mother's Day?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dose of Reality

Are you one of the millions of people from all around the world that are addicted to Reality TV. It's amazing how in only a few short years the differance in our daily tv watching, it always used to be sitcoms and a few drama's. Not anymore every night there is a bunch of reality shows on tv, I find them refreshing and interesting. I recently found a great website dedicated to everything Reality and it even includes a section where you can apply to be a member of various upcoming Reality Shows

A whole new attitude

I won't have a picture until sometime next week but I wanted to tell you that I had the most amazing morning. We started off at the car dealership to get my keyless remote replaced for our van (and looked at new cars) then we were off to Walmart to get the oil changed in the van. I was getting jealous at all the attention our dear van was getting so I headed off to look at clothes for myself. Now of course I ended up looking at yoga carpis, tops and jackets because that is what I have been living in since getting the treadmill and I found a great set (capris, tank top and matching jacket) that I absolutely fell in love with. It is brown and pink! Loved it.... we didn't have extra money in the budget but I tried it on anyway! Big mistake, I loved it even more and get this 6 weeks ago when I started on the treadmill I bought large yoga pants then a couple of weeks later had to buy a medium pair and I was happy with that. Well I became really good friends with the fitting room mirrors today and I needed to try on size S and they fit great and I could really see it and was extremely happy! This is a huge step for me to be able to admit how I feel. I still have some more weight to lose and then to maintain and tone my muscles but the results are paying off. Oh and BTW hubby ended up buying me the entire outfit for Mother's Day because it looked so good! I guess I will be getting back on the treadmill tonight after all. My journey continues and I have a bad day of eating to make up for ! Don't worry it won't happen for a couple of weeks we ran out of spending money. Only enough for gas and a few groceries....
OK that's all the time I have I am now off to Trinity's dance class.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Universal Metal

The Monex company is your leader in coin and bullion trading for over 40 years, and has a dedicated staff available for all your needs. silver was commonly used through our history as a monetary metal but today it is commonly used in industrial appliations. Silver has many unique properties that make it very useful, it provides strength and is very malleable, it is also a conductive metal and is able to withstand extreame temperatures. Silver has also become very popular in the health care industry and is used in dressings for wounds because of its antibacterial characteristics. Through it's increasing popularity there is becoming an increasing shortage of available silver in the market. This is setting up an increasing investment opportunity for any interested party as the demand for silver increases and the demand continues to dwindle the prices will continue to raise.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


A couple of weeks ago while we were away for dance competition our oldest son stayed behind with his friend and parents. This was the first time that we have ever left him so you can just imagine how often I called to check in with him. We knew that we would end up with a huge long distance bill so we were prepared and purchased prepaid and what a phone cards savings it made! Needless to say our son was fine and having a great time and by the end of the weekend I was comfortable with the fact that he wasn't with us. I guess they do have to grow up and at some point I will have to let go.
Our family and friends all live long distance from us and phone cards are a great way for us to keep in touch with them in an efficient and cheap way. If you are looking for the right prepaid phone card then you should check out THERICHCOM.COM which is the ultimate phone card center where you will find cheap prepaid phone cards and international calling cards. Don't let the cost of long distance charges keep you from your family and friends. It is as easy as 1-2-3!


Today started off to be such a beautiful day so we hung out around the house and got some more work done and hubby washed the van while Blake played on his bike. Although the sun was quite hot the breeze off the icy water was a bit cool which is something we still have to get use to living here. This afternoon before picking the kids up at school I took Blake for a walk in his stroller and once again today he fell asleep. God love him, he has been himself in almost 2 weeks and he just can't seem to get enough sleep. By this time the wind has changed and it was getting pretty cold by time the kids came out of school so we came straight home and didn't we get caught in a rain shower. Blake slept from 2:00pm until 4pm and is in a better mood but still not himself. I really really hope he gets over this soon!

Frontier(s) Horror Movie

Are you ready to get your scare on, if so get your calendar out and mark the date of May 9th for your scream fix. The most controversial horror film in recent memory is about to be released to limited theatres. This film will blow away the boundries of what you have seen before in gore movies and has to be seen to be believed. This film has been deemed so disturbing that it is being released as not rated and is only going to be in 10 cities for less than a week. That it is being released in theatres is incredible as normally when a film is rated so harshly it will not be released to theaters Frontier(s) will definetly push the boundries of what you can handle. The movie takes place in Paris as a couple teams up with some sketch thugs to pull off a daring robbery. With the authorities on their tail and on the run the take refuge in what appears to be a peaceful inn, but very soon they will realize, appearances can be very decieving as the Inn Keeper takes them on a torture fest beyond belief. This scarefest will surely disturb even the toughest as it takes you on a visual and emotional ride beyond your imagination. Check out the theatre listing to see the limited release schedule for Frontier(s) select theater listings. If you aren't able to make it to one of the selected theatres you will only have to wait until next week as the DVD will be released May 13th.
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Renovation Dissapointment :0(

Just got the call from the renovator and although we were expecting our work on the windows and garage door replacement to be completed today it will be delayed until next week. Someone is coming today to finish up the framing of windows but the siding didn't arrive and had to be re-ordered for next week. It can be frustraiting when you want the job done and it is delayed, especially the front entrance of your house looks like shambles. One good thing though is until all the work is completed and signed off on we don't have to start making any payments for the job.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Trade your Games

Are you looking for alternatives to changing your video game collection, there are services that will allow you to trade (not rent) your video games. Do you have a collection of video games that you have already concoured and are now too easy for you to play collecting dust in the corner of your video game haven. You can now trade them in at and you will get goozex points for your trade. Collect your points and when your ready trade them in for a title from their collection. You can have new games arriving at your in just a few days, now that's exciting. Even better it was just announced that during the month of May Goozex will give you 100 points just for signing up for a new account. You can check out great titles, with the latest new releases available and a coming soon link to show you what is coming soon. Take advantage of all the great choices and you will be amazed at what you can save.

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