Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Jay has just finished his first month of guitar lessons and he is really enjoying playing. He started off play Hot Cross Buns, then moved on to twinkle twinkle and marry had a little lamb. Last week he learned Ode to Joy and tonight he was excited to finally be taught how to play Happy Birthday. He said he was hoping to learn it before march break so that when we are away and celebrating his sisters 8th birthday he wanted to play Happy Birthday for her and for me on my birthday and a happy belated to my 16 year old sister. Tonight was the first time that he came home from his guitar lessons and never showed me what he learned but I noticed he grabbed the heating pad so I think that his back is sore from the kids jumping on it earlier this morning so I will just let him be and I am sure he will play for me tomorrow!
My night isn't over yet...:0( I have some of the kids in bed (not Blake he fell asleep when we got home after school) and in a little while I will have to go pick up hubby from work. Then off to bed for me!

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