Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kitchen renovation

Now that we are finishing our kitchen renovations I have decided we need to redo the floor as well. Hubby did such a good job with the rest of the house and we have enough flooring left over so we will take it into the kitchen too. I can't wait to get this done because I really hated the floor now that we have the new stain on the cabinets and the flooring will match perfectly. Another project for Hubby but he needs something to keep him busy at night while I'm at work anyway.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Flooring

I recently went away with 2 of our kids to a Dance competion leaving 2 kids home with hubby. He took the week off of work so he could be around for the kids, I figured he would be lazy and take the opportunity to sleep every day but to my surprise he acutally replaced all the flooring on the main story of our house. It wasn't a total surprise because I ran into one of his co-workers while away as they were putting in time at the mall before taking a flight to Disney. It was hilarious listening to him make up stories of what he was doing all week when I knew he was doing floors. It was too bad because it would have been a real impressive surprise if I didn't know, I have to give him credit for trying.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shrek the finally

It's coming, just one more day and we will get to see how the journey ends for our friends in Shrek. Even better it will be in 3d so we get an extra special treat. The kids have been talking about it for weeks, we were hoping to go Friday but I have to work now for one of my co-workers Friday and Saturday so we will be planning on going Sunday instead. Sorry kids you will have to wait a couple of extra days to get there but we will enjoy it together.

I'm Lost

Oh no it had to happen the end of Lost is coming this weekend, I really enjoyed the run while it lasted. This was a show that you really never knew where it was going but just couldn't help but watch once you started. I'm not sure why the finally is Sunday and not the regular day hopefully not too many people miss this and are able to watch the finale.