Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AT THE MALL AGAIN....(exhausted)

So once I picked the kids up at school we headed back into the mall. We returned Blake's Leap Frog Click Start computer for his new V-Smile pocket which seems to be more of a challenge for him. He is such a smart kid already and gets bored with things that are to easy. He seems very content with this game system and he can take this along with him in the van when we travel. Trinity finally decided on which new glasses she wanted so we bought the frames tonight and will have her eyes examined the first week of March. The great news for us is that here where we live we don't have to pay for children's eye exams up to the age of 9 or 10. Great...looks like we will be saving $70 there and I may as well take advantage and have the other children's eyes checked as well. So all in all it has been a busy day and I am going to sit down and watch a movie with the kids before sending them off to bed. Sounds like they started without me....(times like this I wish I had my laptop...only a couple days left to wait :0) Yay me~

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jenn said...

Wow. I wish we had free eye exams here. Ryan has to wear glasses to see the board at school, and it's been a few years since his have been checked.