Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Great Family Getaway

When I got up this morning and looked out the window of my bedroom before getting the kids up for school I could help myself wondering what it would be like to get away to escape the cold of winter and to travel to the many destinations throught out the world. Right now we aren't able to see alot of places and visit other destinations with having four younger children but we plan on doing a fair amount of travelling when they are older. So in the mean time I read up on many places and what they have to offer. There are so many places I would love to see and visit.

I am not to fond of swimmming in the ocean or beaches but I always thought it would be fun to surf. Gold Coast is a surfers paradise and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. A friend of the family is now living in Australia and really enjoys living there! At surfers paradise you will find the city and beach lifestyle is one with the stretch of coast. They offer non stop action with an abundance of theme parks and family attractions and lots more to explore. Whether you are looking for hotels in Gold Coast or hotels in surfers paradise you will find great rates at a cheap price where you will enjoy your stay. There is so much to see while visiting Australia. South Australia offers a brilliant blend of experiences with adventures, events, family holidays and so much more. Stay at one of the hotels in Adelaide and enjoy your accommodations where you can relax after enjoying a full day of fun. I also had a chance to look into Western Australia were you can enjoy the sun, the surf and the sea life with over 12,000 kilometres of crystal clear coastline or maybe you are looking for an outback adventure and stop to take the time to enjoy the food and wine while staying at one of the perth hotels.

This all sounds amazing, would make a great trip and it would be nice to visit a good friend of the family where she lives instead of her always travelling back home to visit. I know that this is one trip I am going to look forward to and might even consider doing it earlier and let the kids enjoy the experience of Australia as well.

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