Friday, July 25, 2008

Online medical

I find it very exciting watching new products and services that are becoming available through different companies to improve the services that we took for granted everyday. The medical profession we always would expect that if the doctor needed more information he would go into his office and begin the search through the old books. With the advancement in technology it has become possible for the doctor to get the information they would need with immediate access using online drug reference software. With this software they can access vital information to ensure there are no serious interactions between medications while also ensuring dosage amounts are set correctly as well.

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New Eco Friendly product

I recently noticed that a lot of stores are starting to carry products labled as environmentaly friendly. It is interestiong to see what happens to this product, will it catch on and sell well or end up as poor program. The non painted pencil would be great.

Road Construction

It is a sure sign of summer when the work crews get out onto the street nad start to tear up the town. Currently here in cape Breton the road crews are beginning work on developing the street towards the mall. This is the busiest street in our town and they are planning on taking 4 months to complete which will take it to the end of the year.

Online Education

Getting a complete degree program from an accredited university that is extremely flexible can be a real challange. Capella University has developped a complete program that offers over 100 programs and serves over 23,000 students from all over the world. They have recently released to the general public their online resource centre for developing writing skills. This online resource helps everyone develop their skills through a combination of pre-writing, drafting and on to final revisions. Their valuable skills will certainly help every individual improve their writing and communication skills as they work towards their online university degree. Founded in 1993 Capella has worked to develop one of the best online university programs available.

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Days of Rain

When getting ready to go on vacation camping with the kids it's hard to get excited about the whole thing when all it has been doing is raining. We have been getting things ready now for almost a week and what a job it is getting ready for 6 people. Not only am I trying to get everything ready but with the weather the kids have been stuck in the house and are extremely bored and are spending their days fighting. Now for the good news. Today was much nicer and the kids got out to the park and ran off some of their energy and went to bed early for their big day tomorrow!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Memory Walk for Alzheimer's

Alzheimers effects so many people in today's world, stealing the ones we love from us right before our eyes. It is such a dibilitation disease as it takes everything we know and love about them a little at a time. Their memory starts to fade and they even lose their personality as they truly become strangers to us as we are to them. It takes fundraising to raise the money to get the research done to help find a cure. Check for one of over 600 Alzheimer's Memory Walk from coast to coast.

If you have that leadership spark sign up to be a team leader and bring your friends, family or co-workers together to help find a cure for this terrible disease. If you are unable to participate in the walk itself you can still volunteer to help out at your local walk or purchase memory walk gear with proceeds going to the research. Let's all work together to imagine a future without Alzheimer's.

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Vacation = 4 Days

Only 4 more days until we are going on our summer family vacation. We are trying to get packed early so we (I) won't get all stressed on the day we leave. We are making a lot of progress and with a little bit of luck we will be ready by Thursday so all I have to do is hang around and wait for hubby to finish up work on Friday. We are hoping for 2 weeks of lot's of sun, it has rained her the last couple of days and hoping the tropical storm and the rain is all out of it's system by the weekend.


We have had our cute little puppy now for almost a month and the kids are having fun with her, but with all the fun comes a lot of work and responsibility. Jay has been really good and not complaining about taking the puppy outside whenever we ask but the only problem (s) were seem to be having is the training. We seem to be going nowhere with it and she use to sleep through the night without needing to be taken out now she is up every hour. It would be so nice to finally get a good night sleep and if she doesn't cooperate soon we might just have to look into getting ourselves a Takemi Jade Vista 5000 Massage Bed then maybe we will wake up feeling rested and relaxed!

OMG I don't know what to do and with all this we have to take her camping with us on Friday for a week. I just hope that she isn't keeping anyone up all night with her whining and when we get home hopefully we will make some progress with the training. All in all she is a cutie! Oh and likes to bite.


After trying to make a decision over the past few days on whether or not I was going to get my hair cut again or let it grow out a bit, I headed in to get it cut. When I got there my hair dresser took the day off and won't be back in until tomorrow afternoon. So needless to say I didn't get my hair cut today and now I have more time to decide what I really want to do with my hair. I hate making decisions like this...GRRRR!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting ready for the Beach

After many years of hiding myself behind clothes, and full bathing suits it is exciting to be thinking of wearing a bikini again. I have had lot's of support from my on-line friends along with my Mom who spent many a night talking to me on the phone while we both ran on the treadmill and also hubby who is supporting me on our diet and also working on the treadmill. I recently went out to the stores and actually tried on and even came out of the changing room to model the bikini's. It was a lot of work and we uses the Internet to research different diet pills that we could use to help up in our weight loss goals. It was intimidating looking at supplements and diet pills because how do you know what is the best stuff to use. It was good to see the information that was available that actually ranked the best of the best and helped to decide what might be the best for us and what we were looking for. Next step, watch out beach here I come.


Friday we are leaving to go camping for 2 weeks. I usually put off packing until it has to be done but this morning I started and made really good progress. I have the kids clothes packed and ready to go. I thought it would be smart to pack a lot less clothes than usual because we have access to a washer and dryer and we really need any extra space to can get. Hubby is now home from work so I think the next thing on our list will be to get the kids bikes and helmets ready. They all grew a lot since last summer and I'm sure some adjustment will need to be made. The count down to vacation has begun!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The eighties feel

The other day someone was talking about movies they have never seen but always wanted to, one of the movies that was brought up was ET, I can remember watching this movie as a kid in the theatres and crying when we all thought little ET was dying. Watching the movie now with the kids it’s fun to watch them get excited about it when it was released on DVD a few years back we got a copy for them and they watched it for weeks straight, my daughter even needed to have a stuffed ET, talking version of course to play with that she hung onto for a couple of years. It was just fun to be able to share that back with them. Another classic that is coming back to theatres for one night only is WarGames. You have to make July 24th on the calendar because at select theatres nation wide this movie will be shown with exclusive interviews with the cast and creators along with a sneak peak at the trailer for the upcoming sequal, WarGames: The Dead Code, that has been 25 years in the making.

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Vacation Camp

Today is the kids last day of vacation bible school, it has been a very busy week and they were all very excited to go. Today will have the closing cermony followed by a puppet show and bbq which should be a lot of fun. They can't wait until next year to go again.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Site Review

A creative new forum that has recently been developed for Website Reviews which brings honest reviews from average people. Find out all the vital information of a web-site including page and alexa rank, traffic stats and more. You can review a site's description before you visit the site. You can Review A Website and let the world know what you like, don't like about a site or let everyone know how you found the service provided.

Camping is almost Here

Only one more week until we get to go camping, we look forward to this 2 week camping trip all year long. We are starting to get our gear together and will hopefully be ready to go on time. We will be spending a week+ camping on the beach with family and no electricity, oops. It will be great fun and I will try to keep up with my blogging updates when our internet and electricity allow it.

Renovation heaven

After moving into our new home last year we started off on a full year of renovations and updates to make this house truly our home. The latest move was taking an unused space in our house and finishing it to our new master bedroom. As we finished the work we were deciding on what we should do with our furniture and we decided we should get some new accent pieces to make our new room really our new room. One of the biggest items we wanted was a Great Decorative Clock to accent our furniture. Being that we are so busy with our projects and running the kids around we decided to go Shopping online for a grandfather clock instead of a traditional store. We really take a lot of pride in our Home Decor and like to take time to think through our choices before buying. We really thought this would be an easy choice but we were surprised at the selection that was available to us. We are considering settling on one of the Howard Miller Clocks It certainly has been an exciting experience working together with hubby on making our bedroom, it's almost set up as an apartment on the house as it has the bedroom with walk in closet along with a workout area and our sitting area with our TV and couches, it will look great once we get our grandfather clock to finish the sitting area.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday is here already and hubby is off for the weekend so hopefully we can get some things done around the house and spend lots of time with the kids. With the weather being so nice getting out to do things shouldn't be a problem! Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy this time with your families! What will you be doing this weekend?

What's your line

A night out usually starts with the preperation, for me a fresh shower and shave the furry legs is a good start. Or course a girl has to work on her hair with the help of some great products from Extreme Style by VO5 With any luck the planets will align and hubby and I will achieve some Victory Hair by the end of the night. You know the look you have after a good night and your hair is completly wild, yeah that look. I remember in my single days all the lame pick up lines guys would try to use to impress me and my friends while we were out dancing at the clubs, little did they know the only interest I had was to go out dancing with my friends and wasn't looking for anything else. You know the feeling the guy comes up and spouts off some lame obvious slime line" like where have you been all my life", please. I prefer the more direct line and getting to know me without the slimey stuff. If you need help on your flirting skills checkout the Ultimate Flirting Championship where you will get pitted against others and compete with your best flirt.

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So the puppy has been with us now for 2 weeks and she is getting BIG! I am starting to over having second thoughts about getting her but to be honest here I still don't think she likes me?! lol No seriously she still growls at me all the time or at least when I pick her up and the biting, OMG her teeth are sharp. She snapped at me the other day and got my lip, boy did that ever hurt! Everyday is getting better and the kids love her to death and if Blake sees the puppy give me a kiss (rarely) he always says " see mommy, she loves you now! " He is so worried that I am going to give her back to Grandpa. Oh and the thought has crossed my mind. As long as I have treats for her we get along just fine.
The kids had a blast with her in the pool the other day and since today is going to be another hot day when hubby gets home at supper time I think we will take the kids to the beach and let Breigh go for a swim there. I will have to remember to take the camera along.

Manage our debt

It seems with the cost of everything raising quickly and our income levels not keeping pace it is becoming more difficult to manage our debt on a daily basis. In the past we have gone through Debt consolidation but as we move around frequently it seems like we always turn back to credit to get what we need in our new home. One of the biggest issues we have is our Credit card debt. It is tough because the credit card companies can charge basically any thing they want of interest and in many cases if you only make the minimum payments you will never make any progress with the debt you are only paying the interest. It is important if you are struggling with debt that you turn to the experts that can give you the Debt help you need to guide yourself out of your financial issues. In many cases you can't work it all out for yourself and to get real Debt relief
you have to get a specific budget plan and find a way to stick to it and make it work. I took the quiz at Bills IQ to learn how financially smart I was and was surprised by some of the advise I recieved. We are working on a financil plan to help our debt consolidation, and have a plan for next year when our lease expires on our van. We are working on a plan with Credit counseling and hope to get back on track with their help.


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Yep Murray Beach is where we will be going camping again this summer! This is the one place my dad loves to go for some reason, ok I guess that's because of the beach, he hates pools. Anyway even though we would rather be in a pool we still have the time of our lives and lots of great memories of the 2 weeks. This will be our 3rd year camping there but might go somewhere different next year. See what happens then.
This campground is great with lots of open field for the the kids to run and play, the beach is great with lots of sand for sandcastles to keep us busy. Now most campgrounds he have to pay to get a hot shower but not Murray beach, the showers are FREE and the water is HOT! I think we will take the kids bikes this year because they don't have anywhere safe to drive them here so they are still sitting in the basement and this will give them a chance to drive their bikes and give them something else to do when I go WALKING! Since we don't have a treadmill my mom is making exercise plans to take its place. I think I turned my mom into an exercise machine LOL. So walking it will be, everyday...even in the rain!
The countdown has begun....2 weeks from today we will be heading to the campground!

The Victory Hair Dance

What to find some on-line fun, you can join in on the fun by clicking below to get in on the Ultimate Flirting Championship practice your pick up skills online against other people. You'll get set up as a judge or contestant and work towards Extreme Style by VO5 and of course the winner is determined to have achieved the Victory Hair. After you have completed the game the winner and the judge have the opportunity to go off into their own private chat if they so wish. What is your recipe for the ultimate victory hair look, Victory Hair is that look that you get after a good night with that special someone. You get up in the morning and look in the mirror and wow it's all over the place. Our victory hair night usually starts with the kids going to bed early, followed by a nice take out treat like donair or chinese. I can get some pretty wild "victory hair" with hubby mainly because we usually start a romantic night at the shower so wet hair + ??? equals some messy hair in the morning if you know what I mean. How do you achieve your victory hair, do you have a special signal you give to your significant other or a special ritual.

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Since we got back from visiting our family on July 1st it has been hot everyday and by the looks of the weather forecast for the next 2 weeks there is more hot weather to come. No I am not going to complain about all this HEAT because the warm weather is only here for such a short time but I really could use a break from the heat, like maybe even a rainy day to keep everyone inside so that I can get some much needed cleaning done!
I always start to worry when the weather stays so nice just before our 2 week vacation because we often wonder if we will end up with the wet miserable weather while camping. Last year we were lucky and the entire week we were camping it was beautiful and no rain at all, ok I guess a little. It rained for about 30 minutes while we were setting up the tent. LOL I can't wait to take the kids away for 2 weeks on the beach!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pick up line

What's your favorite pick up line from hollywood, the first one that comes to mind for me is "you had me at hello", you know Jerry McGuire he busts in and goes on this long winded tangent devoting his love to the girl and after a while she basically shut's him up and simply says " you had me at hello". We all strive for that hollywood moment and look and it helps to have the best in styling products, one om my favorite haircare products is Extreme Style by VO5. Just launched on their website is the quest for Victory Hair as part of the Ultimate Flirting Championship where you get placed against other flirts or placed as a judge and go through the game. You can chat on the side with the other participants to make it a little more fun and in the end the judge and the winning contestant get to move onto a private chat if they so desire. Go for the Victory Hair.

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My girl is tired

Yesterday was my daughter's first day to dance camp, she has been off from classes for about a month and was really excited that summer camp is starting up. She went yesterday and stayed for 5 hours, her class ended at 2 hours but she stayed for the next level and worked hard to be able to keep up with the older girls. The teacher actually commented that she was working even harder than the other girls so that shows her dedication, this morning she is tired and sore and looking forward to just doing some stretches today at home. You go girl.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My New Puppy

The kids recently recieved a tremendous gift from their Grandpa for grading day at school. They have been asking about getting a dog for a couple of years and we have been putting it off because we were debating on whether we could handle the responsibility of taking care of her. Grandpa helped us out because his Beagle had a litter of puppies and he was willing to give us one on the condition if it became too hard for us than we would send her back to him. She is a wonderful pup for the most part anyway and is doing well with us. She is a ball of energy and is training pretty well in our opinion. Of course having a new puppy is almost like having a new baby and we had to go and get all kinds of Pet Accessories to make her feel at home. Breigh is all girl and as such she needed to have a personalized collar and pink is her favorite color, well ok, my favorite color for her. At Cool Pet Boutique you can design your pets collar. They also have contests where you can upload pictures of your pet being your pet and possibly win gift certificates.

Hello Mr. Lobster

While walking on the beach the other night my husband and Blake found this little critter on the beach. Normally the kids only see lobsters at the grocery store in the tank so it was kind of neat for them to be able to get up close and personal with this guy. Neat for them, gross for me LOL

Seeing Clear

It is getting harder and harder for us to balance out our budget, with the kids starting to get ready to go back to school it is time to start shopping for new glasses. To save money we have turned to on-line shopping and found which is a direct manufacturer of glasses which saves us money on our glasses. We aren't paying the big mark up you usually pay at the glass outlets looking to cover staff, rent, utilities etc so you really do see great savings without sacrificing service.

My boy is home

After 5 days my oldest boy has finally returned home, it really makes you appreciate him more and we all really missed him. He went on a summer vacation with his friends family at their camp. It's hard for me to let him go but I know he is getting older (12) so I have to try harder to let him have his space and go on adventures without us. It's great to have him home, he seems like he has grown so much in only a couple of days

It pays to travel

If you plan on doing any traveling and would like to save money on your flights, hotels or car rentals a good idea these days is to have an Airline Credit Cards. You can earn points towards discounts off your accomadations, airline tickets and car rentals for every dollar you spend on your credit card. You are probably like 90% of the people and have a card so you might as well have one with added benefits.

Our new Family Member

We got our new puppy last week and how could you not melt for a face like this, I am having some trouble with my new girl as she likes to growl at me when I hold her and nip at my face/hands. I'm not sure why but it is only me she hasn't done this to any other memeber of the family. I am the primary caregiver for her so she better be careful, you know, don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Green Age

The Green Age is upon us and everywhere you look you will see signs of that in companies marketing. From clothing made of green materials, materials made from recycled products. Vehicles that use less gasoline or even use just electric to get around from place to place. Marketing is all about the Environment these days. What are you doing to reduce your impact on the environment on a daily basis. It's easy to say there isn't anything you can do to help but there are so many little things that can be done to have an impact. Unplug unused items in your house, many products today use energy even if they are not being used. If you can carpool or think out your trips and travel less you can reduce your fuel use. In the winter months try turning down your heat a couple of degrees and using a sweater or more blankets to make the difference. The trick is to become a less Carbon dependant and more Carbon Neutral society. It takes effort to do everything so why not put the effort into protecting the environment instead of destroying it. There is even a Search Engine dedicated to becoming more carbon neutral that you can use instead of your standard search engine. Again it's the small things we do everyday that make the difference.

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When Gas > Wages

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet these days with the increases in everything we buy being dictated by the rising gas prices what are we to do. Our wages are not being increased accordingly to make up the differance. Inflation is crushing low and middle income families to the breaking point. It is disappointing the lack of reaction from government and business are having to help the average person. Governement in Canada continues to charge 40% gas tax on every L of fuel we buy and rather than cutting some of that back they continue to charge. They need to look at ways to help consumers, if that means we need to re-look at what road projects we work on at this time than that may be a temporary measure we should look at. It's time to start making noise within the government for action.

Monday, July 7, 2008

What's your Look

What's the look, do you have a certain look, certain posture, saying what is it that makes you a flirt. The look for me is comfort but still wanting to look good. I work out on the treadmill and try to watch what I eat, except on cheat nights with hubby when we have treats from Chinese or Donair usually. I have been keeping my hair short lately which is what hubby likes but have been debating on letting it grow out longer, mostly to save money I think as the short look requires a monthly check up while longer I can pust it a little longer. Of course a girl has to have her hair styling products I recently tried some new products, Extreme Style by VO5. Are you looking to practice up on your flirting skills try out the new game from VO5 the Ultimate Flirting Championship where you will be set up as either a judge or contestant and compete for prizes. You can join in on the fun and invite your friends. Maybe your flirting skill need a little brushing up this can give you the help you need. How well will you do, you'll have to try for yourself, can you win the Victory Hair prize at the end.

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Hubby had to work yesterday but as soon as he got home we headed out to check out another beach that we were told about. This one is a bit further than the other one but still it was only 15 minutes away. This was a nice beach and pretty quiet. The kids had a great time in and out of the water and I was able to watch the sunset before we headed home because of the black flies. Today is yet another hot day and I think we will just spend the day home and enjoy our pool.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your new Beauty Career

Are you a recent graduate of a beauty school and are now looking to start your beauty career or looking to move and need to look for new beauty industry jobs it's important to look at every opportunity you can to make your search easier. has created a one stop shop to bring employees and employers together in one space. Employees can shop jobs by zip code to find the most convient opportunities for them and Employers can also search the database of potential employees by zip code to find employees that can best assist them in their locations. It's a easy to use resource center that is very useful in starting new relationships in the beauty industry.