Thursday, June 26, 2008

How do you Believe

What would you get if you mixed together the imaginative mind of "Criss Angel" with the creative force that is Cirque du Soleil, Debuting at the Lexor Motel with shows on Wednesday and Thursdays at 7:00 and 10:00 pm is CRISS ANGEL Believe. Criss is concidered the most provocative magicians in the world today and has been creating illusions for most of his life. He was recently awarded illusionist of the decade from the Internation Magicians Society. One of his biggest influences has been the late great Harry Houdini, which Criss used Harry's code word "Believe" as the title to pay homage to his inspiration. Criss starts as the charismatic Victorian Noble on a path of discovery as he encounters a cast of characters. In "Believe" the illusions will not be shown as stand alone events but are woven into the story itself. Although Houdini was his inspiration, Criss knew he had to take his illusions to the next level as audiences have come to know some of the secrets of old magic. Some of his illusions include making a lamborgine disappear and cutting himself in half while in full view of the audience, illusions like these really set Criss apart from any other illusionist. If you're interested in seeing the new show "Believe" you can enter for your chance to win by texting 'Believe' to 22122 for your chance to win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe').

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

trade show secrets

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was tagged by Tammy to do this meme and I think it's time I got back on track and started doing these again. Anything for a friend right! Thanks Tammy :0)

Here is the purpose of it:With this tag, this will help us get that PR and Authorities back! And for those who already have their PR, and Authorities, doing this tag will help you out more!

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I am going to tag....Jenn, Petula, Jocelyn, Matt and Anna

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mike Myers has nothing on My Halloween Kids

Halloween is a favorite time of year for so many people all around the world, it's an opportunity for everyone, kids can go to fun party's with all their friends, trick or treat around the neighborhood or at selected community events. They can dress up in all kinds of cute little monster, comic character or ghosts and goblins. Halloween isn't just for kids though, adults can get in on the fun and decorate their homes, front yards and just about anywhere their imaginations will take them. That's really the great thing about Halloween there's no limits, a chance to shed inhabit ions and just worry about having fun. It's all about the show for Halloween, no pressure of gifts like with Christmas, and there isn't as much of a hectic feel. It it becoming more and more popular to have adult parties, a chance to meet with your friends, co-workers whatever and just let loose for a night of fun, there are generally contest for costumes, maybe you want to jaw drop everyone and hit them up with a sexy Halloween costume, show everyone a different side of your personality that they might not know exists. It is becoming more and more popular to shop on-line for everything these days and that is no different when it comes to Halloween time, you can shop for costumes on-line and have them shipped direct to your home. Costume Cauldron has the best selection of costumes on-line with over 8,000 to choose from available in every size for every budget. They have Adult, Sexy, Toddler, Kids, and many more styles to choose from and they don't just have costumes they have make-up, accessories, decorations and more all ready to ship fast to your home. Shipping is only 6.99 and they ship all over the world, you can use their fast and easy payment methods from visa, MasterCard or your Pay Pal account. Of course they also offer a full money back guarantee to give you complete confidence in your selection. My little fellas are loving going through all the costumes on line, it's so much easier because trying to shop with 4 young children is pretty hard sometimes especially for Halloween costumes because it takes time and there is so much excitement involved. My youngest little fellow fell in love with the Curious George Costume and my other son is a huge Cat in the Hat fan and thinks he really needs on of these suits he has outgrown his last cat in the hat suit he has used the last couple of years so maybe this year he will get his new one. If you use Costume Cauldron I discovered a hidden discount centre you can use to get a discount on your online order follow these directions and you will find the Backdoor Discount too : Go to the homepage halfway down on the right and click on the brown comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 8,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!” That's it you will find a great discount there to save you even more on your order, don't tell them I told you I'd hate for them to send their henchmen or goblins after me for giving away their secret.

Hot is Back

Today is another hot day here, the pool is filling and the kids got sent home at lunch time from school because there wasn't enough kids there to do anything I guess. We'll start summer vacation early and get some cleaning and outside play in while the weather is here to enjoy, I probably won't blog much today as I want to work on my tan and the pool so I'll chat at everyone later

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Planned community Living

A planned community is build in mind of the residents. Carolina Colours has been build around the premice of simple natural beauty with all the things that the community would be looking for, from outdoor activities, with a beautiful golf course, bike paths, and well designed infrastructure to support the residental traffic. Fitness centers are available with swim, tennis and fitness centres. If your searching for New Bern NC real estate take a look at all the great aspects to community living with Carolina Colours. There are homes of every size and every budget so you can find what you are looking for in your dream home. There are areas set up to meet your lifestyle needs as well whether you are a first time buyer or a retiree, you can get set up in a community which you can fit in and meet great new neighbors.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mommy Time

I have been searching for years for a way to make money and still be there for my kids when they need me. You mom's out there know what I mean, it's hard to find a job that will understand things like in service days, March Break, Easter Break, Summer Break, Sick Times, Christmas Break , storm days and a few I probably forgot. I recently discovered through a friend of mine a whole new world where I can bring in a little extra money for the house without having to work a schedule, use gas, or even need a vehicle. With this new work I am home when I need to be for the kids, I can take them to and pick them up from school and if I'm going away or want to go out for a day I don't have to ask for time off, I simply get to choose when I do my work. SocialSpark is a new environment where I can meet other bloggers and build relationships with them while also working on opportunities that I get selected for. It's very flexible work because you have 12 hours to do your assignments and get them submitted so you have time to research the topic and still do the other things you need to do. If your out there struggling the same way I was try this type of program and you might like it, I have friends that have actually quit their jobs to stay at home with the kids and make money on line you can to. My kids love having me available to them and Hubby loves that I'm able to make a little money to help the house run at the same time. It works for everyone in my house.

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Friday, June 20, 2008


We will be venturing out on our summer vacation in about 4 weeks and we have lots of things to start getting ready. A few weeks back when my parents were here visiting we my mom helped me set up the tent to air it out and to make sure that everything was there....there is nothing worse then setting up the tent and having a piece or two missing, right????? Well the instructions weren't there and we had only set this huge tent up one other time before, Great. Not to worry with the help from my mom we got the job done. This was a great learning session for her as they just purchased the same tent for themselves. I have to tell you this thing is huge and is called a "vacation home" not a tent LOL. It sleeps over 10 people and even has a closet in the back bedroom. The size of this made things so much easier last summer and nobody was sleeping on any one! I am so looking forward to camping on the beach again this year. What to do about the new puppy????we will figure that one out.


It is officially the first day of Summer, how's the wheather where you are? Here it is the apparent usual overcast and grey. There is however some hope that the Sun will break for Saturday and Sunday, Sunday being the best day of the two. It would be fantastic because our renovation project in the bedroom may actually be at an almost completion by then and we might be able to enjoy some of the day outside, we will see.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Computer Security

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They have been in business for over 20 years and have developed a reputatin of a trusted provider of security administration solutions so you know you can trust them to provide excellant service.

Miss my exercise

With our bedroom in chaos it will be great to finish up the renovation projects this week. I had to fold and cover my treadmill with all the drywalling so as soon as the carpet gets down I am getting it unfolded and getting back on a couple of times a day, I felt so full of energy when I worked on the treadmill and am excited to get back on the belt.

Puppy Dreams

The house is becoming so excited for our upcoming arrival of the new puppy, Bree. We are very hopeful that we might be able to bring her home in a couple of weeks. We have been waiting for a while and the kids are all getting really pumped for her arrival. We have been asking for a picture of this wonderful little puppy but we haven't been able to get one yet. Next weekend we are going to visit the puppy so we will definatley get to see here than.

Investing Options

Looking to invest can be a confusing option for many people to get into, if you are intereested you need to do reserch to ensure you are making the correct investment decisions for your particular lifestyle and needs. PowerOptions will provide you access to their online educational materials and a 14 day trial to their service that is designed to assist you in becoming a smart investor. Their Power options screener will find, compare, analyze and most importantly make money on your stocks. Their software will automatically sort, filter and analyze 2900+ optionable stocks and over 190,000 options online to help you make the best choices with your money.

Schools Out for Summer

There's only a couple of days left in the school year, what a fast year it was. The kids are getting ready for an exciting summer and we are happy to have them home. They all had a good year and learned lot's and met a bunch of new friends at their new school. They all made a real amazing transition from their old school and I am so proud of them.

New Carpet

I am so excited, our new bedroom is almost finished we got 1 coat of paint on the walls tonight and will put the last coat on tommorrow night. After that is dried we are going to be getting the carpet done. It's here in the house now so I am hoping to get it down sometime this weekend. It's becoming so cozy down there, soon I will be able to put pictures on to show everyone.

Your Radiator Source

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Cold Weather

What a frustrating time it is here it's almost summer officially and it is completely freezing here in Nova Scotia. It poured rain all day and was really cold, it's hard to get excited when you can't even make it outside for part of the day. Will the sun ever come out? I'd love to get the pool set up for the kids but it just feels like it's never going to happen. July 1st is coming hoping for a better July.


I am not going to suffer from having blisters anymore! I recently started running on the treadmill and the worst part of it all in the beginning was dealing with blistered feet. I treated them time and time again as I broke in my new sneakers and suffered through the pain. Well not anymore, I am going to use Engo, blister prevention patches that are easy to use and are guaranteed for immediate Blister Relief that is long lasting. These prevention patches goes on your footwear, not on your skin. Don't suffer from painful blisters, prevent them! Now I have no worries about getting back on the treadmill, I can stay focused on my exercise and not the pain from blistering feet.


This was the kids last full week of school. They are finished next Tuesday then they go back on Friday to get their report cards. This week has gone by so fast that I didn't even get (help) Kohl's homework done or his reading. Can you believe his teacher was still sending homework home this week. Crazy!!!! Today I knew for sure that it was the end of the school year when the kids started coming out with bags full of their books from the year. Great now what do I do with it all LOL! I can't wait to have the kids home to enjoy over the summer. Now that the count down for school to finish is almost over it will be soon time to count the days until we go on our family vacation at the beach!


This morning we went out and picked out the color paint that we will be putting on our new bedroom walls. It is a warm shade of light brown that is actually the same color that we used in our computer room and living room. It gives such a warm feeling to the rooms and looks great with the white trim. We should have the color on the walls by this weekend then we will be able to lay the new carpet down. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God!


Having children brings us lots of questions and concerns on different baby products and other different topics from finding the right pediatrician to where to get your baby's haircut, from the biggest things to the little things. has just launched a website that offers you real parent reviews on different baby products, local baby stores and many other services. Shop the baby store to find the answers you need and get the best reviews using this massive search engine. Having four children of my own I know that I could have used a great helpful website like this to help me along the way. So whether you are expecting a child or your baby is already born take advantage of these reviews to help make the right choices for your child/chilren.


I was having a great sleep last night until I woke up to the sound of the hard pounding rain hitting up against the windows. I quickly got up and closed the windows and made sure that the kids were ok. When I looked out the window I couldn't believe how hard it was coming down. This morning the weather isn't any nicer out and as I sit here I here the thunder rumbling. Even though the rain makes for a miserable day my newly planted flower garden sure could use the water and a break from the sun. Tomorrow we should have the sun back and a fairly warm temperature to go along with it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Auto Accident Fix Up

If you have ever been involved in an auto accident you know the frustrations that are associated with it, the repairs, the reports the back and forth with your insurance, police, repair shop it can all ad up to one big headache. If your looking for an alternative look for the auto body montclair sign, anywhere you see this you are assured of quality work and the FixAuto guarntee. They know the stress involved and have a simplified claims process to get you back on the road fast.

renovation bliss

Our new bedroom is finally coming together, hubby is finishing up the drywall/primer coats tonight and we are planning on getting the paint for the weekend so we can get that done. Our carpet is already sitting here but we are waiting to put it down once the paint is done. It is so cozy looking and I can't wait to post before/after shots for you all to see.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Medical Assistance software

With the medical field stretched so thin these days anything that can assist physicians in saving time and making decisions faster and more acurately. With advances in computer and hand held devices, medical PDA software
from Epocrates is the next step in medical treatment and diagnosie. Their software allows physicians to diagnos, plan prescriptions and even identify potential side effects and conflicts with other drugs. Their software is available on pocket pc, palm software, windows mobile and they are working on compatibility with Iphone. Physicians can now make prescriptions decisions without leaving the exam room and have information at their finger tips without having to refer to volumes of medical books.
This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Mr. Clean

In my home it can get pretty hectic, or better to say it is almost like a circus at times. With 4 young children in the house they can tornado through the house like a pack of elephants leaving a path of destruction, cookie crumbs and dirty laundry in their wake. Now when it comes to cleaning I'm very lucky because when my husband is home from work he does his share of the housework. One of my biggest dis-likes in cleaning is to vacuum up the floor, it's like a never ending job, as soon as it's done the kiddies rampage through and make a mess again. Hubby doesn't mind one bit and as you can see in this picture he has a pretty unique vacuum pose, he goes with his Dirt Devil all the time and gets things cleaned up, now he says he'll vacuum this way to keep from running over the cord of the vacuum but I think deep down he wants to be a fashion model and is striking the pose, LOL. Our poor dirt devil is almost ready to retire so we are looking for a new one and recently dirt devil has launched a new line of vacuums the ACCU CHARGE which are actually the first cordless vacuum to be accredited with the Energy Star approval. I guess hubby won't have an excuse for his posing anymore now will he with a new cordless vacuum.


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Saturday, June 7, 2008


I got this xxtraordinary blogger award from Tammy! She is always so thoughtful and a great blogging friends and I guess that is one of the reasons she was given this award as well. She is one xxtraordinary woman! Thanks Tammy!
This is just one of the awards I received from her. I posted the other one on my Rantings of a Woman blog!
If you are reading this then consider this award for you and pass it along!

Web site Creation

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Plumbing time

The plumber is supposed to be arriving this morning to remove the radiator from our former garage, now bedroom. It has a leak in it and we will convert over to electric for this room. Once this is all done we will be free to finish the walls and get the carpeting down. We have the carpet but wanted to wait until after all the plumbing was done and the mess taken out. Another step closer to getting the job done.

Where would you hide?

A summer time is here, bbq's, swimming, hot days, and boring re-runs on tv, oh not neccessarily. This summer we are in for a treat with a new show launching on USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. The show follows the story of Mary and Marshall, federal marshals for the witness protection program. Mary is the lead character and we follow her story as she tries to balance a home life with her work life. The biggest challenge is keeping her true work a secret from those around her for their protection. They know she's a marshal but they think she does the easy stuff and is never in any real danger. The show will prove to unfold interestingly enough as we watch Mary and Marshal protect all kinds of people from hardened criminals that have turned evidence to get off and innocent witness to crimes that have forced them into hiding. Where would you hide? Can you find Mary? She's been hiding right here on my blog all along. Checkout "In Plain Site" Sunday nights starting June 1st or watch full episodes on at

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The Puppy is Coming!

The deliberations are over, we started shopping for Puppy stuff yesterday, the Beagle puppy from Grandpa is coming to our house. Now she is only a couple of weeks old but when she is ready we will be getting her. We are going in a couple of weeks to see her but Grandpa says she is his favorite puppy and he was considering keeping her for himself but will give her to us. It is an exciting time in our house hold.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


With summer get closer I can't help think about our family summer vacation on the beach. One of the things I enjoy is laying back looking through my Binoculars. Whether it is looking into the sky or out into the water at the birds and sail boats it keeps me intertained for a long time. Now that the kids are getting older they are enjoying laying back and watching through my binoculars so this summer we are planning on getting them each mini binoculars so that they will have their own to enjoy. This is really a great time to sit back and talk about what they are seeing and when the kids wonder up the beach it is easier for me to keep an eye on them. This is something my father had started when I was younger and to this day it is something I remember. He has since upgraded to a telescope and I can't wait to sit out some night when I am home visiting to just sit back and look into the night sky.


We were thinking about getting things ready to put up our pool for the summer then remembered that we didn't have and outlet to plug in the pump. Last summer we ran an extension cord through the garage door but now that the door has been replaced with a window we are left without outside electricity, so that leaves hubby with more work to add to his list of things to do and this needs to be done before the walls in our bedroom get finished. What next?

Plain Sight

Are you in a TV Slump with all the summer re-runs now on everynight. It seems like we just got our favorite shows back on the air and their gone again. If you like the Crime Drama Genre that you should check out the USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. It`s premier episode aired June 1st and it runs Sunday nights at 10/9C. If you missed the premier don't worry, check out the full show on the USA Networks website. The show follows Mary a US Marshall as she works to protect people in the Witness Protection Program. You can't choose who you protect, the innocent or the hardened criminal if they are in the program and you are assigned you protect. The challange of keeping her job secret from her family and friends to protect them also makes for many challanging moments for Mary. I find Mary an intersting character because she reminds me of myself, working hard to protect everyone around me I forget to look after myself sometimes. If the premier episode is a sign of what we have to come this will be a great show

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We have been thinking about getting the kids a puppy. This has been a really hard decision for us but as of tonight we are leaning towards getting one. The puppies are only about a week old so we will decide at the end of the month when we go home to visit. My FIL is holding on to a puppy until we decide. Now how can we say no to a cute face like this one?

Have you heard Nas?

He hit the hard seen hard in 1994 with what many consider to be one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. Nas has quickly established himself as a power to be reckoned with in the music worldNas Biography Success didn't come easy for Nas and he had to face many rejections before being signed. He is preparing to be release his latest album "nigger" this year. Known for some controversial lyrics, and a prolific lyricist checkout Nas Lyrics to get in touch with one of the most respected writers in the rap/hip hop genre today.


We are making progress with our new bedroom and today we finished painting the new bedroom door and the 2 closet doors. Tomorrow hubby has the day off so we will be going shopping to pick up a few things to get the heaters hooked up and pricing the drop ceiling. Once we get the radiator taken out of our room on the weekend we will be free to get the walls and carpet finished. I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I hope it get done soon because we still have our pool to get set up for the summer!


Now that my son has turned 12 years old he has found an interest in many different types of music and I am not yet sure of the music. Today he started talking about Eminem. I have heard of them but couldn't remember if it was something he should be listening to at his age so I use to read the Eminem Lyrics and Eminem Profile. I have been using this sight ever since I heard about it. Don't say what again? Check the lyrics!


Today Kohl primary class went to the fire station for one of their end of the school year field trips. I couldn't get over how well organized things were at the station and they put on a great station with all kinds of information. The kids had lots of questions and were quite fascinated when the fireman started putting on his gear. The point to this was so that the kids would not be afraid if they were in a situation that they needed help from a fireman. They were all given high fives then it was time to check out the firetrucks which was a great hit. I took Blake along with the class today and he fit in with the rest of the class. I was so proud at how well he listened and he had a great time. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera :0( When it was time to leave the kids were all giving a back with their very own fireman hat, chips, juice box, tattoos, stickers, crayons, coloring books and lots of other goodies. What a great day it was! Next week they are going to the wildlife park and since Blake was so well behaved I think I will take him along with Kohl's class once again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Wow it is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. In a few weeks we will be celebrating the kids grading into the next grade level and the beginning of the kids summer vacation! This will bring new beginnings for my oldest son Jay who will be going into Junior High in September which leaves me thinking that the next few years or so will go by just as fast and it will then be time to look into colleges or universities. With having four children I think it is long overdue but I need to put money aside for them. I just hope that they will have the chance to get College Scholarships to help them along the way. Are you ready?

I think summer is here....

.....well at least for now!
Yesterday and today have both been the most beautiful days since winter. I don't think you could ask for better weather. Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day outside with the kids and today so far I have spent it outside. I just got back from the wooden play park down by the water beside the ferry terminal. Blake had a great time and I am planning on taking the kids back after summer while Jay is at guitar lessons right across the street. Tomorrow is suppose to rain but for today we will just continue to enjoy the sun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Upcoming Movie Event

On the evenings of June 11th and 12th in selected theatres nationwide is the North American Debut of the Animated Feature from renowned Japanese animator Tite Kubo. Bleach the Movie is based on the best selling Manga series from Japan. What would your Manga Character name be, I would create the super Mom " DOS EVEING" Does Everything as I am constantly running to take care of my 4 little ones. You can find out where the closest theatre to you is and purchase advance tickets by entering your zip code by following the link above. Bleach follows the story of Ichigo and Rukia and a Soul Reaper named Senna, whom get caught up in evil plots to destroy the world.

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Looking forward to some sun

It's supposed to be sunny for the next couple of days so I will be able to get some outdoor walking in. I have been using the Treadmill for so long it will be nice to get out and see some scenery. I usually walk down to Hubby's work at lunch time, it takes around an hour and a half to get there so it's a nice stroll. Especially with Blake jabbering at me the whole time.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Advertisers Wanted

Have you heard about the new social environment at it is a fantastic space that brings advertisers and bloggers together in a forum. You get to build relationships and sell goods and services over the Internet. I personally purchased an alarm clock from one of the websites I came across in an opportunity so the process does work. Being a busy mother of 4 I would like to see more products available to make my life easier. I know a lot of Bloggers are mommy's that are staying home and trying to make a little extra money to get them through. Items from producers of children's products that are innovative and useful to assisting me in raising these little rug rats. There are so many products that I could think of from learning aids like Sylvan Learning Centers to companies that make products for kids, like Little Tykes or Step 2 the makers of all kinds of outdoor and ride on toys for kids. Possibly companies like evenflo or Graco makers of children's products that are in use all over my house, car seats, highchairs and many more. Any company that had a product to market to mommy's like me out here in the blogeshere would be smart to put some of their advertising budget to work with Social Spark.

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Let there be light

I must have the most amazing hubby, after a long weekend of dance shows and running around we got home tonight around 8 and by the time the kids got showered and off to bed it was around 9. As you know we are working hard finishing our new bedroom, well he's working hard and I'm supervising, he looks that good. Anyway he was game enough to get the electrical run for my light in the closet/make up room. I had to reach way up and hit a little light he rigged up before. No longer, I walk into my little room and the switch is right there and the light is incredible, what a fantastic hubby I have.

The new Social Environment

It's time to enter a new phase of interaction, and social networking. Recently there was a new site brought to use from the group at Izea, SocialSpark was created to bring bloggers together with other bloggers and together with advertisers in a completely transparent environment. There is complete visibility to every advertiser and every blogger. You can view profiles and their prospective sites to get to know them and build relationships to increase the traffic to your blogs. SocialSpark is really easy to use with a great site. You can browse users and send them comments, props or add them as friends. You can browse opportunities, and select the ones that are open and that you qualify based on your real rank. If you see a opportunity that is especially interesting to you, you are allowed to plead your case to the advertiser to see if they will allow you to blog about their opportunity. You are allowed to do this once per week so it adds to you potential opps. Social Spark operates on a post by post disclosure in which you add a bar to your post stating whom sponsored the post. They also add no follow tags to every link so you won't be negatively impacted by search engines. The best part about all of this is that you actually get paid by the advertisers for doing what you love to do anyway which is blogging. If you are interested in turning your blog into a money making process or just interested in another avenue for building readership for your blog you should check out the Spark.

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Dance is Over

The final dance shows of the year are over, excited yes but sad too, it was such a busy year and the kids had a lot of fun. Matt and I got to do our Spy Dance to open the show tonight so that was pretty exciting. The kids were fantastic and did a great job in their shows last night, this afternoon and finally tonight with the parents number. The kids will be doing summer camp starting in July so I'll take the month break and go from their.