Thursday, October 28, 2010

Important coverage

In our world today it is so important to be sure that there is coverage for your family in case something was to happen to you or to one of your loved ones. How would you cope with the expenses and the loss. It is so important to have your Term Life Insurance from a reputable company that you can respect and know they will work towards helping you should the need arise.
Think about it if someone in your life depends on you for financial support today what situation would you be putting them in if something unexpected was to happen to you. You might be surprised how affordable term life insurance can really be. If it is something you might consider you should consult the experts to see what plan is best for you and and the needs of your loved ones.

A skiiing we will go

It's official now we finally have the last of our skiing gear for the family. We started skiing as a family last year and everyone took to it and we had a great time together. We have spent the last year buying gear for everyone. We went out yesterday morning and got the last helmet/google set put away so now we are ready to go we only need a little snow to get things going.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Buy gold bars

Deciding on how to invest your savings can be a tricky balancing act, after the real estate fiasco of the last few years and the stock markets up's and down's how do you feel safe investing your money to build for your future. One sure investment that has proven itself over time is investing in gold and silver, it comes in various forms from bullion, ingot bars and coins. Can't you just imagine if you were to buy gold bars and store them away just like at Fort Knox. You would be able to admire your collection, now possibly if this was really what you wanted you might be better off getting your gold stored for you until you were ready for it. Consulting experts like the team at the US Gold Bureau is a good idea whatever your investment decisions might be.

Halloween Excitement

It is coming down to the end of October, really October already, 2010 is almost behind us. Next weekend we will be celebrating Halloween, we will be having a birthday party for Blake and his friends on Friday night and then trick or treating on Sunday. Then it is time to hit full blown Christmas mode, my favorite 2 months of the year with decorations, fun times and celebrations. I can't wait to get decorating the house.

Hereafter Afterthought

We went to see Hereafter last night and while the premice of the movie was good and the previews made it look interesting, the moving never got off the ground. I'm sorry to the creators but really 1/3rd of the movie had subtitles which was distracting. Too many of the story lines in the movie never went anywhere and there wasn't enough history given as to why the main character stopped doing readings. All the important things were explained away in 5 second snipps. I kept waiting for the interesting thing to happen and then all of a sudden after over 2 hours of waiting for the movie to get going it was over with nothing finished. My advice save your time and money do not invest 2 hours of your life in this store that never gets going.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding the right Career Option

My cousin is quickly approaching the end of her High School career and she has been contemplating on what the next step will be for her. She certainly loves to work with hair and make up and has been considering going to one of the great cosmetology school in Phoenix. She really would like to attend a modern school so she has looked at regency beauty schools, which began in 2002 with just 2 campuses and currently has over 80 with much more expansion to come. It really is a great school and offers lots of experience to its students through discounted services provided by students with great guidance from the supervisors.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Gold Bureau

When looking for investment grade metals you need to turn to the experts like United States Gold Bureau have many years of expertise in helping bring sellers and investors together. As old as time itself the trade of bullion has always been a steady investment choice. They have the contacts to get the highest quality coin even rare coins can be located by using their service. You can decide to have your investment shipped directly to you or they can make arrangements to help you store your investments until you are ready to take possession for it. This industry of investment can be a risky business with lots of small dealers your best option is to use the industry leader to protect your investment's quality and value.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat

One of the exciting parts about being a parent sometimes is being able to re-live your childhood through the excitement of your children. For us Halloween was always pretty creative as my Mom would have a big box of assorted parts and pieces of costumes that we got to sort through and try to piece a costume together. This year the kids have a couple of requests, my oldest son isn't quite sure what he's up to, but our daughter will be a witch, Kohl is going to be a pirate or a "cat in the hat", that one seems to be harder to find but we did find one online at, they have every costume you could imagine, and our baby wants to be one thing and one thing only an Optimus Prime (Transformer). We have been doing a lot of searching online at the great Halloween Costume Stores that specialize in costumes for all occasions. Hubby usually has a costume day at work and I will be going back to work next week so we will see if I need a costume for this year. Halloween being on Friday night this year we will hopefully get to start our trick or treating early and get in before it gets too dark as there will probably be a bit more mischief going on around the neighborhood this year. The kids are all bigger this year so I am sure everyone will have a great time treating in their new costumes.

Spooky time

Halloween is coming and the kids have already planned their costumes out for the big night. I figure I will be working but I am going to try and get the weekend off if I can. Our oldest son thinks he is going to be going out with his friends, and will probably be an "army dude" again. Kohl had decided he wants to be "Bumble Bee" from the Transformers, Blake wants to be "Optimus Prime" also a Transformer and Trinity has been planning on being a "witch" since last Halloween so we will see if everything turns out and they get to be what they would like for the big night.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Golden Bullion Opportunities

With the busy lifestyle we all live it can be tough to find time to watch our investments as much as we should. To help build and protect your coin or bullion investment portfoli, it can be very helpful to have a trained gold coins expert to help you with your investment choices. The experts at US Gold Bureau are available to help you with your investment choices. There has never been a smarter time to make your golden investments as available reserves are continueing to be depleated it will drive the demand and value of your investment up as time goes by. The US Gold Bureau can arrange delivery for you or can also arrange for storage until you are ready.

Fall Colors

We went for a drive this weekend and we were amazed by the quick transformation to the fall colors. There is a beautiful arrangement of red, yellow, orange leaves accross the country side. The down side of this of course is the cooler temperatures have come along with the beautiful view. Soon the leaves will be gone and we can move onto waiting for ski season to start, now that I can't wait for.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Perfect Student

How great it is to get a phone call from school with good news. Jay's English teacher called and left us a message telling us how great Jay was doing. Jay's average after 2 assignments and tests is over 100%. He went on to tell us that Jay is almost the perfect student that works hard and has the perfect attitude towards school. It was so good to here, he is off to a great start on all his grade 9 work with lot's of fantastic tests coming home so far.