Monday, September 29, 2008


One of the fundraisers that we are working on for the big trip to New York is a bottle drive. Now I didn't realize how big a deal this was going to become, as we walk anywhere with Blake he is pointing out bottles along the sidewalk, it is shocking how many bottles people throw away everyday. The other day on a walk to the school which is about 10 minutes we picked up 80 cents worth of bottles at 5 cents a piece, 20 bottles that were thrown away from morning to afternoon as they were not there in the morning during the walk. It all ads up as the days go by, we could get 20-30 bucks just for walking up to the school.

People Finder Service

If you find yourself reminisiing and looking for an long lost relative, friend from your younger days at school or old neighbors. You can use services like People Finder to locate where they are. Using public information database you can search for anyone you would like using what information you have, search by Name and narrow your results by using old address information to help return searches that meet your criteria. This information can be also used for background checks for potential employers and searching information like old marriage, birth, death certificates also.

I'm so far behind on my cleaning

I don't know what to do my house is a wreck, well actually I do know. Tonight is my first day to work at my new job. When I worked a few years ago I would come home to a clean home, laundry, floors swept, dishes, lunches packed for the kids etc. Hubby would get bored once the kids went to bed and would pick away at stuff around the house. So this works great because my chores get done around the house and I get paid too. It's a great concept and I invite all the girls out there to try this idea too.

You have the right to know

In a scary state of affairs these days with sexual deviants all around us, a recent statistic states that 1 in every 465 citizens in the US are a sexual predator. Even more scary rehabilitation facts show that almost 14% of convicted sex offenders will re-offend during their lifetime. You have the right to know where these predators, live and work use the official List Of Child Molesters for the most up to date information available on convicted offenders. These offenders are obligated to register and update all information as part of their release. It is important to know where these criminals are as so many of them re-offend you never know where they might live and when they might find themselves falling into old habits. Remember it's your right to know, protect yourself and those you love.

School Pictures

My oldest son's school pictures proof's arrived home the other day and what a great picture he took. I'm glad the other kids school hasn't had their picture day because it is going to cost $40 to get Jay's package. Normally I don't get alot of pictures from school because they don't take a good pose and we take them into the photo shop to get a package done for the wall but not for him this year.

Don't let the bed bugs bite

We got a new(used) mattress and bedroom set for my son today, we got in online on a community buy and sell site. It looks to be in great shape and the home it came out of was fantastically clean but you always wonder when getting a used mattress if inside their might be actually be a bed bugs mattress. These little critters are hard to see and hard to get rid of but if you notice little red bites on your body or see little dark spots on your bed there might be bed bugs in your bed. Checkout the online guide to bed bugs by clicking the link above to take you to all the information you will need to diagnos and handle your potential bed bug problem

The Bedroom Swith-ero

We got the bedroom set today, it was a little hairy getting it home as it was very windy from the remnents of Tropical Storm Kyle was flowing through the area. We got this all set up in Jay's room and it looks fantastic, especially for the price what a steal. The benefit of this is that we were able to take the captain's bed out of Jay's room and put it into Kohl's room so he would have some extra drawers. Two new bedrooms for next to nothing, we have a little touch up work to do on the walls where things came down but we'll get that done over the next few days.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meeting Ms. Right

If your tired of searching for the girl of your dreams in all the wrong places maybe it's time to try a different approach. There is a new chat line exclusively set up for people looking to meet elegible and looking Latina Girls . They can have an account set up in just minutes and you can be chatting to live girls that want to talk to you. This site features video chat's so you can see the real person not just an avatar or picture they pick to use. There's nothing fake here you get to see the real person on the other end and see what the relationship develops.

New Bedroom for my son

I have been looking around for a bed(double) for my growing 12 year old boy. I found a really cool bedding set that I wanted to get him and he needed a bigger bed because he is getting so big. I found a double bed, frame, headboard, dresser w/mirror and cabinet for only $200, what a steal, it's only 2 years old and we are going to check it out in the morning. The pictures look fantastic and I am hoping it looks as good in real world. The trick will be to get it all home in the van but we will work that out in due time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Laser Vision

Now that I'm returning to the working world I have decided I need to do something for my sight, knowing I'm going to be sitting infront of a computer for my entire shift. Usually more than an hour or so and I beging to go blurry, I have known for a few years that I needed glasses but the expense of them with everything else we had on the go it always got put off. With the advances in corrective vision surgery I figured I might as well look into that option as well. I discoverd LASIK information, at first I was quite intimadated by this type of surgery, thinking it would turn out badly but once I looked into the proceedure and the new form of it which they refer to as ILasik which is more advanced and uses 2 lasers instead of a laser and a blade. This form is so much safer than the previous versions and provides 20/20 vision in 95% of people that undergo the proceedure. Imagine having excellant vision every moment of every day without having the trouble of wearing glasses or taking contacts in and out. This LASIK technology is so reliable and advanced that it is used by Nasa and the US military personal to correct vision problems that they might have. Knowing that over 12 million other people have gone throught the Lasik proceedure and have had fantastic results is certainly very encouraging to know when thinking about a proceedure like this.


My boy can Dance

Last night was Jay's first Jnr. High Dance, he was excited but hesitant to go, all our kids got to Dance classes and are comfortable dancing in front of others except Jay. I figured he'd go and hang along the wall and talk, but he got home and said he actually danced. He said he had a fantastic time and I think he must have danced quite a bit because he made a comment that his feet were really sore. My boy is growing up :0(

Friday, September 26, 2008

Your tactical gear warehouse

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The First School Dance

Tonight is my son's first school dance, I guess that's part of being in Jr. High. He seems pretty interested in going. My boy is growing up so fast, what a change Jr. High has made for him, he is interested and doing well with his work and seems quite happy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving and Shaking

Having moved so many times over the last few years it is beginning to become very routine for us. Once we get the word that we are moving again we get to the process of getting a moving quote now of course it is very important for us with a big family and lots of belongings to keep our moving cost down as much as possible so we have looked into alternatives for our next move. ABF offers a unique service in which they deliver a trailer or container to your location and you get your friends together to load it up. ABF than picks up the load and either stores or delivers it to your new location depending on your needs. This is cheaper than hiring a full move as you are removing all the labour and simplifies it for you over doing the rental van thing because you don't have to worry about the transporting of your goods. This is a very good alternative for the budget minded/able bodied person that can handle a little extra work to save a lot of money.

The T-Shirt

What a proud moment this morning, the other day while shopping through the kids dept at my hubby's work Blake found, all by himself a Optimus Prime T-shirt and was very excited. We put it away for him in Daddy's office and without him knowing we got it and brought it home. He thought he was going to get it for his birthday but we snuck it in his room and this morning when he woke up to find it there he came down very excited and had to put it on right away. He talked about it all day and even had to wear it to bed, he was a very proud and happy boy.

Name that Number

Looking for information to cover your caller ID list can be very helpful, if your wandering who belongs to those numbers on your phone you can use the National Phone Search service and you can quickly and easily put names to the numbers. You can also use the service to find contacts with old friends, family or anyone you might be looking for.

All kinds of shopping

We made all kinds of Christmas shopping progress today, yes I know it seems so early to talk about this. We picked up a bunch of our lay aways today and now are checking all sorts of items off our list. It will be an exciting couple of months trying to finish up all our shopping in time for the big day.

A Digital Makeover

The digital age is upon us, with so much technology everywhere you look it is all about the digital media, it's amazing what you can do now with digital images and video if you know how to. If you are looking for help on how to handle all your media and some cool ideas you need to check out the "Experts" at the Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. Zoey and Chris take us on journeys with regular everyday people trying to make the most of their digital media. I checked out some of the episodes and I really enjoyed "Wedding Crunch" in which they take us along as a couple are preparing for their upcoming wedding ceremony and want to make a slide show to be shown at their reception. They show up to the makeover with a shoe box full of pictures they have taken over the year. Chris and Zoey walk us through the process of digitizing these memories and creating the slide show. These 2 try to have some fun and keep it light, nice "Tiger" pose there Chris. If you need help to make use of your digital stuff you should check out some of the episodes or better yet sign up for their contest and you might win some cool prizes to enhance your digital existence.


Sleepless Nights

I find myself here again, wide awake in the middle of the night, ah the puppy was up and at em and needed to go out for a pee. Normally once I am up it takes forever to get back to sleep. Eventually I will get there but it seems that once I actually get back to sleep the kids are getting up and it's the end of the night anyway. With the new job starting soon I will have to find a creative way to get some extra sleep somewhere...?


There is nothing worse then the phone ringing and not knowing who is on the other hand or even worse especially with Halloween fast approaching and the prank phone calls. I have learned that here this is a big thing and I would do anything to try to stop these calls. There is a way to find out who is on the other end. Use Call Tracker, a caller identifier to help you bu allowing you to leave a comment about the number you don't know when they call.


Last night we had our first parent meeting with the dance school concerning the dance trip to New York. We just got confirmation of the total cost of this trip for dancers and non dancers and I have to tell you that we have a lot to save by next summer. This is going to be a fantastic trip and the dancers will have the opportunity to learn so much but at the same time have a great time traveling! It is going to be a stressful and busy year with fundraising but will be well worth it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Recruiting Ideas

Building a successfull business hinges directly on having an effective team of assoicates working towards the common goals of the company. Your companies success or failure will be directly linked to the success your Recruting Department has in getting you the best and most reliable associates gathered and trained. How do you get the most for your recruitment dollar the best way is to have the best trained recruitment officer you can possibly have. It is important to open them up to new and exciting ideas to reinvirgorate their motivation to recruit the very best. There are many exciting training videos available to refresh your companies approach to recruitment. The group from Recruitmentjuice specialize in just that recruitment and have developed a very entertaining series of video's to help you work with your recruiter. This line of video's is specially designed to help build confidence and set the attitude of success for your recruiting experts. The "Juice" program is an effective 6 week program that is taught in an eductational yet entertaining format that is set to engage your recruiters and teach them how to take back control of their day to day recruiting activity and make better choices. 192 My husband was watching the videos and was very interested he thought it was great information. Manageing a large company he is constantly on the searcht to find the best people for the various sales and merchandising postions with his store. He thought the videos were very entertaining and is planning on purchasing the 6 week video course for his recruitors to use to help him. He has been with his current job for just over a year and is just now getting his group of associates to be as effective as they need to and be able to count on everyone to do what they need to. He thought it was an interesting and fun way to focus on the recruiting aspect of his company.


We broke down and starting using the heat in the house. The temperatures have been getting really cool here but today I would have to say it has been the coolest day since summer. You can sure tell that fall has arrived but I am almost thinking that we might be skipping past fall right into winter just like I believe we skipped on by the summer. I am in the process of packing away all the kids summer clothes and getting ready to go through their fall and winter clothes to see who needs what but as for right now I am going to get on my warm pj's and fuzzy slippers then crawl into bed.

Weight loss help

With starting a new job I find myself more stressed for time and I'm still trying very hard to fit my exercise/weight loss program into my busy schedule. With a little less time to concentrate my efforts I have begun to look for supplements I can take to maximize my efforts. I came accross fenphedra which is packed with 4 ingredients that are all designed to accelerate my metabolism and also help to send signals to my brain to make it think I'm full. With Fendra there are also concentrated hops extract which is designed to relax the muscles in the digestive tract and allow things to flow along better. It's a little pricey but all reports say this is a product that really works and is worth the investment. If you are looking for a little extra boost in your weight loss program you should check out the benefits and details on this product to see if it will help you in your quest.

Christmas shopping early

We are trying very hard to get our Christmas shopping done early but so many things keep getting in the way. With getting the kids back to school and back into their activities it is a never ending search for money, money, money. At least I am starting back to work next week so that money will help us keep up with things for a while I hope. It will be a big sacrifice but worth it to see the excitement in the kids eyes every week.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

Well today is the official first day of Fall, the leaves are changing and it is becoming a beautiful view. There are so many trees and bodies of water around here that it makes for a beautiful drive pretty well anywhere you choose to go. What are the highlites of your fall where you live. Of course it will be short lived as the days get shorter and it gets colder all the leaves will be falling of and the white stuff will be falling.


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Now that I am officially going back to work after being home with the kids for 4 1/2 years it is time to start making some changes around the house. I am fortunate enough to be working around my husbands work schedule which means one of us will be home with the kids and won't be needing a sitter but this will mean that he will be the one to run the kids back and forth to their dance classes and bowling nights. I had some time to think over this job and what I would wear on the first day then realized that I really don't have any nice casual clothes to wear so I went window shopping today and found to really nice pairs of dark jeans and a couple of dressy/casual tops to wear! Now I just need to find a pair of shoes...not sneakers but yet not to dressy. Once I get in there I will have a better idea to what people are wearing for clothes then I will buy some more outfits!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something a little different

Are you searching for someone a little darker to share your life with. You can turn to a great free site that will show you all kinds of Goth Guys , you can search their profiles and find all sorts of interesting "dark" guys that are actually living in your area. You can chat, message and web-cam with the users you want so you can actually see whom your chating with.

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Tomorrow is the first day of fall and only 3 days after that will officially be 3 months to Christmas. I think the next 3 months will go by extremely fast especially now that I am going back to work in only a week. I think this year will be an exciting Christmas, we are working on a couple of surprises for the kids which I hope we can pull off, if we do they will be extremely surprised.

Searching for that special someone

When looking for a special person to spend you life with you can work the old fashion forms of dating. There are an increasing of online sites that you can use to meet any specific group of people. If you are looking for Jewish Men you can find all sorts of them and even better you can search, reach out and chat to local people that live near you making a connection even easier.

puppy the next level

Well last night was the puppy's next graduation, we decided to give here a chance to sleep in our room on the couch to see if she might sleep better and make less noise. She made less noise but she had to go out 3 times in the night so it was a bit frustrating. We will see what happens tonight when she gets another chance.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What are you thinking

They say any publicity is good publicity, trying to drive traffic to your website can be a challangeing thing, it takes a good social network and exposure from whatever sources you can use. There are sites dedicated to User Website Reviews that allows you to rank and place your opinion on literally any website on the internet. You can review your own or any website that you want to place your opinion stamp on. These sites will rank the reviews and create lists of the Top Websites which of course gains those sites more exposure and of course more traffic. It not ony takes a good website to drive traffic, you have to get your product out to differant avenues of exposure for people to come accross.

Someone had a rough day

Poor Blake, what a rough day he had today, it all started Friday morning when he went outside to play with his older brother on the trampoline, he got pushed off on his face, no damage a few tears were ok... Fast forward to lunch time out playing with soft light sabres with brother again got slapped in the eye and left on the trampoline to fend for himself, brother took off grabbed book bag and left him there.(that's a whole other story). After walking up to get the kids from school we were getting back home an once in the yard we let go of him and he took of for the back yard and triped and fell onto the driveway, ok there was damage here to his nose, lip and chin. Later in the evening he was picking up his toys and heading in the house for the night and triped on the front step and fell on his but. He decided it was time to call it a day and go get some sleep in preperation for dance class this morning...poor little fella

Open forum

The fantastic thing about the Internet is it really is a free forum that allows everyone to express their opinion in their own way and instantly spread all over the worlk. It doesn't cost you millions to publish and ship your opinion just a few clicks on the keyboard and within seconds you are out there for the world to see. Now you have to be prepared to have your work judged by everyone also and there are increasingly more forums to critique just that. You can Write a Website Review on sites like talkreviews and post your opinion on others websites and also see what other people think about yours. Sites like these will rank the top sites by a search criteria for example if you wanted to see the Top South African Websites you can search just those and see what's going on there. Checkout your own site and see if anyone has reviewed you.

My Puppy is tiring me out

I love our puppy dearly but I can't wait for the point where she will sleep all night. It's almost like having another baby in the house she will get up and yelp to go out so you get up and put her out and she will do her "P" and come back in, alright back to kennel and back to sleep I go. Than within minutes she's yelping again and won't stop, sure enough back out she goes and does "#2". By now I'm so frustrated with her I can't get back to sleep, I wish 1 trip could be enough for her or better yet no trips. Everyone else I talk to doesn't have this problem, they put the dog out before bed and not again till morning. They can also leave their dog home all day and not have a mess in the house. I hope it's just a puppy stage because I need some sleep too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Senior Moment

As we age sometimes circumstances change that force us to make new life choices. Perhaps the death of a life long spouse or the breakdown of a marriage can lead you to wonder where to go to make new acquaintances for companionship. There are alternatives now for Senior Dating that can allow you to meet people just like you looking for companionship in your local area. You can browse profiles and make contacts with those that peak your curiosity. This is a great avenue to use to break the ice and get to know someone before you get to involved.

What an exciting day

I got the call today, I was thinking it would be a few more weeks before I got it but I will be starting my new job in a week. I could have started this week coming but sitter wise it is easier the next week because Hubby is off for vacation, Luckily we didn't have any plans to go away so he will get to play Mr. Mom for the week and I will go to work. I am excited to be getting back out to work, (not much choice as Trinity is breaking the bank with dance expenses) it will be different and I am sure very hectic.

Let God Lead You

Those wanting to meet their special someone can expand their search with the help of online Christian Singles website that sole purpose is to bring Christian people together in a safe, fun environment. You can search profiles of other Christians in your area of from abroad. There are so many great search functions that allow you to narrow down your search to meet the criteria that is important for you and your life path. It is so much easier to make a lasting relationship when you and your partner share a love of the lord and are on the same path together. Take the chance if your here and have seen this it might be your sign to move onto finding someone very special to share your path.

Grocery Day is Over

Well we are back home from the regular Monthly Grocery Shopping Trip. The cupboards are full, the bank account is empty and we will hang on until next month when we can do it all over again. I have to say after the last few months is was great to see lot's of great deals and sales in the grocery store this morning. Now we certainly managed to spend our entire budget and we did miss a few things so we might have to make a mini grocery trip next week when hubby gets paid but for the most part we did a pretty good job on keeping with the budget.

Who want's to meet a Millionaire

Here's an interesting new dating and social interaction web-site that allows Millionaire Singles looking to meet other Millioinaire's or wanting to be a "Sugar Daddy" or "Sugar Baby" to that someone special. You can search profiles of thousands of potential mates online and send them a message or if your feeling really confident you can always send them a "flirt".

Thinking Pink

As the end of september is approaching it is almost time for the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a major fundraising and awareness campaign as well as a cellebration of survivors. Many retailer and companies are also working to raise funds through selling product inspired by Pink. Your Local Zellers will be having their annual Think Pink Program in store display that is a presentation of products from Vendors that are donating a portion of sales to research so one day we can say we have beaten Breast Cancer forever.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Collecting made Easy

Shopping for collectibles just got easier, now you can turn to the trusted leader in online collectibles the CSN is your one stop shop for everything collectible. You can quickly review their entire collection of models, stamps, sports memoriabila presidential, state quarters and many more new dollar coins just waiting for you to add them to their collection. With the condition of the stock market recently it is more important than ever to protect your investment so why not turn to a commodity that has historically maintained it's value and ROI very well. They can quickly and securely process your order and quickly have your items shipped to your home.

Halloween Is coming

The family is getting excited for Halloween, I am hoping to get the house decorated a bit more than normal this year. Last year at the end of the season we bought some new decorations for the house and I can't wait to use them. We bought an outdoor inflatable Ghost scene that blows up and has a light inside it, I got it up for 1 day last year and it looked fantastic, I can't wait. The other thing we got from Zellers and it was called a Head's up Harry Jr. and it stands about 2' tall and when you press the button it starts to talk and lifts it's head off it's shoulders. This year they have 2 more different Harry's and they look pretty cool too. I think we will make a dollar store run for some household decor to finish up the look.

Shop till you drop

I received my flyers today and what an exciting bunch of deals there are on it seems like everyone has great deals on. Zellers is featuring 40% off all their clothing if you buy 4 or more items, with 4 kids there's a no brainer so lot's of saving there. The Superstore is featuring their lowest price of the year flyer so again lot's of deals there. Walmart has a flyer out with the slogan "were so excited", with lot's of great deals there too. It certainly is a sign of the times we are in that retailers are concerned about our disposible income level and they are stepping up to the plate with better deals than we have seen in a long time to try and get our business.

Reliable Phone Systems

In today's market of higher expenses and demanding customers it is important to use every available avenue to save money while still providing reliable service to your clientele. Using the latest technology in the communication market you can use VoIP phone systems which has all the features of your regular phone service but works off your broadband Internet collection. This reliable system will keep your client services running under even the most demanding conditions. There service can be installed quickly to your business and offers free calling throughout the US and also World Wide to other Nimbus VoIP customers world wide.

Last weekend of Summer

The last weekend of the summer is offically this weekend and with this news comes the first frost warning of the year for us here in the maritimes. It has become very chilly here in the evenings and we have to close up the windows by mid afternoon or the house starts to freeze. What is the weather like in your area, I'd love to hear?

Caffeine Drinks

In the news lately there is a lot of talk about banning of energy drinks in schools. You've seen these drinks in the stores they go by the names, RockStar, Amp, Monster and many more. These drinks are laced with Caffeine and hold almost as much caffeine as 4 cups of coffee. The issue is that kids are drinking these like water now a days and they come with a terrible crash after the rush. We should support a ban and even try to keep the sale of these products limited to an age limit to help protect kids from the marketing these companies are pushing on them.

Market Investing

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Anti Idle By-Law

I was watching the news tonight and was surprised by a new by-law that was introduced in a nearby community today. An anti idle by-law was introduced that could potentially fine anyone caught idleing their vehical for more than 3 minutes at a time. It is said that this is being introduced more to educate the public than to actually fine anyone but it will be interesting to see, watch out Tim Horton Drive through customers you could get more than you Double Double in the morning.

Voice your Opinion

The beauty of the Internet is everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and share it openly, there are websites that offer Website Reviews that allow you to voice your opinion on websites you have visited or used. Have you enjoyed someones services or products and want to let the Internet world know about it or the opposite maybe your not so excited about what you received, it's your opinion and it's time to let yourself be heard. You can review the Top Websites according to the voters that have left their opinion. Wondering what people think about your site, do a search on your website and see if anyone has left an impression for you.


Ok so I don't actually live ON the water but pretty much on the edge of the water, we can see it from our upstairs windows.
One of the things I love most about where I live is how close to the water we are! Yes this is a picture of a cruise ship and one of the ferries that pass by here on a daily bases. I missed the chance for a great shot of this cruise ship last week but I thought this one was pretty neat with having the ferry passing by. Just a few minutes before this was taken we were driving down our street, almost to our house when there it was, the cruise ship. It looked like it was blocking the end of the street with the size of it. I tell you it would have been an amazing shot. I don't know if I will ever see anything like that again but if I do I will make sure I get a picture.


Have you ever been in a situation where the event you were trying to get tickets for was sold out? I can remember a few years back trying to get tickets for my daughter to the Hilary Duff concert. We had a really hard time getting our hands on the tickets but in the end we were fortunate enough to get some, although they weren't the best seats in the house. Don't let this happen to you, by using you will be able to find the tickets you are looking for from NASCAR tickets, theatre tickets, baseball tickets, even Miami Heat tickets or any other event that you are needing tickets for. Premium Seats USA has the largest inventory of tickets on the web so now you don't have to worry about those sold out events of concerts again.


I have to be honest here about my dear little princess Breigh. When we first got her I was having second thought about 0ur decision but we stuck with it and now I don't know what I would do without her in our family. She has become a great buddy for Jay our oldest son and as the days go by she is getting better and better. She is pretty well house trained with an accident here and there but nothing like before and she is getting a lot more calm around the kids. She is a cuddler! As soon as someone sits on the couch she curls up in your lap. I gave her a bath the other day and expected the worse from her considering she does not like the water at all, but to my surprise she just stood there and let me wash her then when all was done she cuddle up in her towel in my arms. I would have to say that my FIL did a great job picking out this puppy for us. She is a perfect fit for our family and she is loved very much!


There is nothing I hate worse than not knowing who is calling me. When the phone rings and I don't recognize the number I just don't answer it. What do you do? Well now you can use the National No Call Registry to Find Out Who Called You. by providing a Free Reverse Phone Number Look up for any number whether its listed or not.


Yesterday morning when Blake woke up he wasn't feeling good so we just spent the morning home, curled up on the couch and watch some of his favorite tv shows. He seemed to be feeling better so I got him a snack then we curled up in my bed where we both fell asleep and 2 hours later we woke up just in time to get Jay his lunch. I am glad to say that Blake upset stomach didn't lead into anything and he is feeling much better. So today I tried my luck again. We curled up in my bed after his snack and sure enough he fell asleep again so I took advantage of this and soon later I fell asleep. Hopefully a few more days like this and I will finally be able to catch up on some sleep.

A Great Family Vacation

When looking for a great family vacation I can suggest a trip to New Jersey area for a great family beach vacation. We recently had a great trip that we filled with some beautiful sight seeing along with stays in fantastic hotels. We went to Morey's Piers and had a fantastic time. They had all kinds of daily specials and activities to keep our week filled. Daily specials includes events for every day, "Magical Monday" started the week with special draws that allowed guest to get free food, and bracelet upgrades. Also on Monday's they had special performances from Disney artists. Tuesday Time specials allow offered their best deals which allows all you can ride bracelets for only $20. Xtreme Wednesdays was just that, with all the best rides. I thought the best deal was $30 dollar Thursday which gave us all you can ride bracelets and an all you can eat buffet at supper time with all kinds of games their for the kids. By Friday we were getting a bit tired but we wanted to also hit the water park so it was on for the $30 special to get us an all day pass. 3 piers really was the best New Jersey amusement parks that we have seen. It was an incredible week and it was an adventure of a life time. When you are starting to plan your vacation checkout their website for all kinds of useful information that can help you plan from hotel accomadations, dining, pricing information and water parks and amusment rides.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peanut Butter or Jelly

I was deliberating tonight on what kind of sandwich to have, yeah I know the groceries are getting a bit low. So I deliberated on whether to go with the good ol' PB or Strawberry Jelly. In the end I went with the Xtra Creamy PB that I had in the cupboard. What's your favoite choice or do you prefer something else totally different?

The ink spot

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Back to Fall

Tonight another of my favorite shows is back on the air. The fifth season of House begins tonight and I am excited to get back into the Tuesday night routine of Dr. House. I find it quite enjoyable watching a totally disfunctional doctor with a bad attitude and more. While constantly trying to beat down his co-workers and patients while coming up with dramatic solutions to everyone's health problems it makes for some fun moments.

Mr. Fitness

When finding a potential mate it's important to find someone with similar hobbies, and lifestyle. A new chat room is designed specifically for people that want to meet Fitness Guys, guys that are into keeping physically fit. This site allows you to browse by catagory to narrow your search and also allows you to instant message, chat live and even web-cam with the the people you find interesting. This site has guys of all ages, fitness levels and orientations to match whatever you might be looking for.

Getting Groceries

It's almost Grocery day in our household, with my husband only getting paid once a month we get our groceries once a month and make it last all month long. It can certainly be a challange with a family of 6 to budget well enough to be sure we get enough of everything we will need. Of course at this time of the month we have used up almost everything and are scraping up some pretty interesting meals with what's left around the cupboards.

Access to Marriage Records

Access to public information has become easier to look up including Marriage License Records that you can look up in just a few easy steps with just a few details. You can access information from any state, for any person for whatever reason you may find yourself looking for. A record of every marriage is recorded and is part of public record for everyone to access.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take out Success

Well it has been almost a week since our last take out night. We are trying to watch our money a little smarter with so many bills and of course the rising costs attributed to the price of oil. The bonus of this is also that we are able to hopefully see some weight loss from the cutting out of the fat etc involved with the evil take out places.

Data Protection

In business data and information like anything it is important to have an "insurance Policy" so to speak when it comes to your data and programing. It is important to have disaster recovery software set up to ensure you can get up and running again quickly in the case of major problem with your computer system. Syncsort is known as the industry leader in developing recovery programs of high quality and for their excellant customer service support. Their programming is so efficient it can back up your server in 5 minutes and also recover your data in 1 minute so you can quickly get back to business. This type of programing is so important so you can ensure you don't miss a beat with your customers and suppliers.

My boy is growing up

Today is the first day that my youngest son Blake has had a play date with a friend without me being with him. When picking the kids up from school today my friend was going to take Kohl over to her house with her girl Blair and her younger daughter McKenzie was going to come with me to play with Blake. Mckenzie was a little shy and not quite ready to go without Mom, but as you all now Blake he is more than willing and he ended up going over to their house. He had a blast and was well behaved, when I arrived he was wearing a pirate hat and having a great time....My boy is growing up!

Be Aware of your neigbors

Did you know that every year there are literaly thousands of Sex Offenders that are released out into the community and could very well live in your neighborhood, your street or even worse be your neighbor. Under current law you have every right to know if you have a convicted offender living in your area and all Illinois Sex Offenders as well as other states are registered in public databases that you can search to add to your peace of mind and protection


We have started a new routine around the house,with the new school year all of the kids have a chart with things they need to have done around the house in the morning, after school and in the evening . This seems to be working well with the kids having lot's of excitement in the process

Online Community

There are so many different ways to meet people today than years ago, no longer do you have to get set up by your friends or meet someone from work, you can turn to online sites that offer free membership and allow you to IM or webcam with the people you want to meet and get to know better. Some sites even specialize in genders and backgrounds. If you would like to meet Black Women from your area you can sign on and make and account. There are many specific sites you can choose from to help you find that special someone that you are looking for.

Mr. Junior High

What a differance a year can make, my son started Jnr. High this September and he is having a great time. We were concerned because in our old home he would have started Jnr. High last year and we felt he was too immature to handle the work load and different teachers/classrooms etc. We were very happy when we moved and found out that the schools here waited an extra grade before starting Jnr. High. He is being very responsible getting to his different classes and with his homework and you can tell he is enjoying himself, he is like a different person. Happy, much easier to get along with etc. Of course there are still moments but he is almost a teenager so you have to expect some of that.

Asian Chat Room

Online dating and chat room sites are becoming more specialized by focusing on certain groups of people. A new site directed towards Asian Guys and Asian Chicks is ready for you to meet and chat exclusively to other Asians. The best thing is you can meet other people that are local to you in a busy chat room with lot's of participation. There are also live webcam services available so you can see who your talking to and lot's of other services.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


About a month back while my sister and her kids were here camping at a nearby campground (they live 6 hours away) we spent a couple of days visiting with them. Well on the second day I decided to take the water trampoline to the lake with us and while all the excitement was going on I ran to the van to get my camera. Imagine me not taking any pictures lol! Anyway when I went to take the picture my flash button was gone and I wasn't able to take any pictures. I know I lost the button somewhere in the grass between the van and where we were sitting because it was there before we left the house because I was using the camera. Anyway the button is gone and I now have to use a thumb tack in the hole to take pictures. What a pain in the a$$ and considering I just spend just over $400 for this camera only 1 1/2 years ago I am a bit frustrated with the situation and nobody can seem to be able to fix my camera without sending it away so I now have my eye on a new pink Sony cyber shot camera and hopefully I will be able to get it in time for Christmas. We will see what happens! Yes hubby I know you are reading this HINT....HINT!

The Goth Experience

It takes all types to make the world go around and on that note for the Goth community it is important to be able to reach out and communicate on-line with other people who share your love of the Goth Culture. There is a new free online Goth Chat room available that will allow you to meet new people and actually see them on-line via web cam while you are online with them. What are you waiting for take the chance to see what new relationships you can discover

Saturday, September 13, 2008



Last year at school Kohl had become really really good friends with his classmate Blaire! Well this year they didn't end up being in the same class but they find each other at recess and lunch time to hang out together. School has only been in for a week and they have gotten together after school a few time already and have another play date planned for next week. These two kids get along great and are still the bestest friends ever! So the other day when Blaire came over to play I invited her younger sister over to play with Blake. McKenzie and Blake are the same age and will be going to school together next fall. This was Blake's first play date at home and he had a great time having someone his age to play with and the best thing was that McKenzie loved playing with his cars and trucks. I guess we will have to plan another play date someday real soon!

Christmas Surprise

With Christmas only a few months away I am starting to thing of Christmas gifts for everyone in the house. Normally we put the focus on the kids and really spoil them but that normally leaves very little for Hubby and I to spend on each other. With getting out and finding a job this fall I am hoping to have a little extra money around for Christmas this year and would love to surprise him with a Great Home Theatre Package for our new room that we built this year. provides great searches on line to all sorts of links that have taken me all over the internet, basically any site that sells products are linked in this site.
We have been out shopping a few times and he always stops and looks at new tv/hometheatre systems as we are going along. It would be great to surprise him with a full package including a large LCD Television with all the bells and whistles, we have an old TV that really needs to be replaced. Right now we have a DVD player but I thing we would also benefit from an upgrade to a DVD Recorder to replace the old VCR that is lying around and never gets used. I have a few months left so I am optimistic that I will be able to pull it all off in time.


This morning was an exciting morning for the two younger boys in this house. It was the first day of dance classes! Kohl has been dancing now for 3 years and was glad to get back into tap class after taking a year off from it. This was something he really missed. Blake just started his first year but with watching his sister and Kohl dance his whole life dancing is nothing new to him. Both boys had a great morning and can't wait to go back to classes next week. Blake just informed me not to long ago that next week when I take him to dance class I have to leave and pick him up later. I guess he feels it would be even more special to do this on his own. My baby is growing up!

Halloween Time

It's coming up on that time of year when we celebrate all things mysterious, if your are into the Vampire Culture than this is an exciting time for you. If you are looking for new people to share your love of the Vampire Lifestyle you can join a 100% free service for life and enter into Vampire Chat Rooms were you can web-cam with other Vampire enthusiasts and share your love of the mystique. Sgin up is easy and once your account is set up you are set for life.

Getting into routine

Now that the kids are back to school I am working hard at trying to get them into routine and helping out around the house. We have assigned them small chores to do every day and of course they are responsible for cleaning their rooms. I am trying to get them to be reponsible enough to put their shoes away, empty their book bags and their dishes in the sink, little things that help alot and show they have respect for their home and their family. We'll keep trying to get them to see the logic in all of that.

Latin Heat

If you are Latin and looking for a little love and wanting to chat with other Latin Men or Women in a video web cam Latina Chat room designed specifically for you. Join with other Latin's from all over the world and chat with confidence that you are talking to real people on not actors hired to do a job and suck out your money...this service is 100% free and is about building relationships not bank accounts, sign up, create your profile and get out there today.

Gas Again

I have heard on the news that gas will be going up .12 a Litre again tonight, the reason this time is because of the Hurricane Ike heading into Texas and interupting the flow of oil. I think they will find any excuse they can come up with to raise the prices again and again. All we ever here is the record profit, quarter after quarter that the big oil companies are making so why is that and why isn't our government stepping into stop the price gauging?

Christian Chat room

It's a wonderful place to be able to join with other people with Christian beliefs in Christian Chat Rooms. These rooms are developed for you to sign up and use "free" for life. There is nothing to download to your computer you simply use the sign up process and create your "avatar" and profile to get started talking to other Christians on-line. You can see whom your talking to via web-cam and also have others view you while your on-line.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The new TV Season

It's exciting times now that the new TV season is begining, my favorite show Prison Break started last week and it is going to be a great season. The guys are now all out of prison and now working for the government trying to bring down the evil "Company". As an added surprise "Sarah" isn't dead after all, we spent all last season thinking she had been murdered but that wasn't the case, what exactly happened we don't know yet but by her character we can tell it wasn't good.

Searching for a new career

As many of you know I have recently decided it is time for me to head out and re-enter the working world. After having 4 children with my littlest one getting ready to go to school next year it is time for me to find something different to do with my days and to help get some of the bills paid down. Now as many of you also know I am working on fitness with watching my diet and using the treadmill and jogging with the puppy. Trying to find a job with flexible hours that will allow me to still be a mom is challenging and I really would like to work my love of fitness into my job by getting my fitness certification. There are lots of gym's in the area and I have said for the last few years I would love to go regularly if I could find the time so it would make sense for me to look for a career as a fitness trainer. The course is only 3 - 4 months and really only costs about $600 to complete which isn't bad and the great part is I can complete the course through home study and get finished even faster if I want to work hard. It would be such a stress reliever and fun to make money doing what I love to do anyway.
I think by completing the training it will make me realize how to train my body even better than the work-outs I am doing know so we will see how things work out, I am hoping it will also teach me how to keep the kids physically active and help hubby get in better shape too.


I was playing with my puppy today and noticed that she was missing 2 teeth from the front of her mouth. I was paralyzed with shock, what had happened to my puppy, she shouldn't be losing teeth, than I noticed that all her front teeth were loose. I ran to the Internet and began looking for information, I discovered to my relief that she is on schedule to start loosing teeth so I don't need to worry, it makes sense that she is loosing her teeth now.

Medical Resources

As a medical practioner there is so much information to be aware of when making diagnosis and treatment plans for patients. The countless years of education and practice can make you an excellant physician but even the best need to have a resource to turn to for guidance and safety to ensure every patients details are reviewed. It is important to have access to drug interactions, symptoms and other medical data that is now available from Epocrates in an online database of information. You may have a patient present with Acute COPD Exacerbation and you want to know what the best treatment to suggest which depends on the cause whether it is related to lifestyle (smoking) or bacterial, with the use of the software you can find information quickly on both and decide on the best treatment and also if prescribing find information on possible drug interactions.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

So you think you can dance?

Finally tommorrow will be the day I have been waiting months for, the boys are going to start dance again, now this is old had for Kohl, he has been dancing for 2 years already but Blake this is his first year. I am really glad because Kohl is going to take tap/jazz again after taking last year off to do hip-hop(his boy dance). He decided he missed it and would like to go back. Blake has been watching his sister and brother dance since he was a baby and has been eagerly waiting until he was old enough. He danced for over an hour the other day in the dance room and made up a pretty funny dance you can check out on my Rantings site.

Government Registry of Public Records

One great thing about public records is just that, they are available to the public for the asking. As long as you have a little bit of information you can search up just about anything you like, marriage, birth, death and Divorce Records can be found quickly and easily Nationwide searchs of public records can find information with just First & Last name along with middle initial, age, area you can narrow the information and find the exact record you are looking for even faster.

Had to Heat

You know it's getting colder when you find yourself turning on the heat. Tonight was the first night I actually had to turn on my electric fireplace in the bedroom to take the chill off for the evening. It is too early in the fall for that but it was freezing tonight so I had no choice. With the raising costs of electricty and oil this winter it is going to be hard to keep the house as warm as I like it, I guess there might have to be extra cuddling...

Biker Enthusiast On-line Chat

Building a community based on hobbies is becoming a great way to bring people together with similar likes. A new website is now available to bring bikers and bike enthusists together in one Biker Chat room that allows them to go on-line and broadcast with their web-cam so they can actually see everyone they are talking to live on-line.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Hunt is On

After a few years home with the kids I have decided it is time to get back out into the working world. It is a bit difficult because I want to find a job that I can work around hubby's job so we don't need to have a sitter. I am excited and a bit hesitant about getting back into things but I think once I get going I will find it exciting to be out around adults again....wish me luck.

Building a family tree

As a school project one of our children had to build a family tree, now we knew some of our information dating back a couple of generations but with the help of the public records we were able to access more information online to complete the information. We were able to find so much information from birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates so we could be sure to be using exact information on the report. It was fast and really easy to find the information using the details we had.

Puppy Training

What a differance a few weeks make, we were almost ready to get rid of her we were so frustrated. We tried a new idea of chaining her by the front door while we are home and leaving the front door open so she can come and go as she wanted. She has made so much improvement and now she will ask for us to let her out at night when the door is closed up. She hasn't had any accidents in over a week and she has also calmed down a lot more around the kids.

Buying a new home

One very important part of moving around a lot is always finding the new place to call home. There are many legal issues that go along with purchasing a new home and one of them can be solved thanks to a public records search. It is important to make sure that the person you are purchasing from actually holds the deed to the property and the right to sell it before money exchanges hands. A good lawyer will look out for your interest and with the access to public information it is that much easier for them to look after this for you.

The costume is here

"I am Optimus Prime" is all I heard out of my son Blake today in a really cool robot voice, this is what he had to say after trying on the costume he has been wanting for the last couple of weeks. My husband called today and said they finally got one at his work and he had it out back for us. We packed up and walked down to try it on for size and it fit great and what a wonderful robot voice he had. I can't wait for Halloween night now.

Public Access

With the speed of the internet today you can access any variety of information and with public information you have access to county public records from all over the country. With only a few details you can search for a variety of records from birth, marriage, death certificates as well as deeds and property records. It is a fantastic research tool to be able to find all this information quickly from your own home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The pool is gone

After a long summer we decided it was time to pack the pool away, it has been cool for the last 2 weeks and we ran out of chlorine anyway. With school starting we drained the pool last weekend and washed it down and got it dried out. It is now rolled up and stored in the basement until next year. We are hoping it will be the last year for this pool and we will be getting a hard sided pool for the following summer.

Are you married?

You've seen it on the soaps, man "A" is divorced from women "B" and Woman "C" and Man "A" get involved but it turns out that "A" and "B" aren't really divorced it was a sham. This could actually happen in real life so if you are concerned about someone and want to check it out all you need is a few details and you can check out the details to be sure as Divorce Records are part of the public record anyone can access the information quickly and easily.

Look out below

We have in our back yard a giant Apple tree, it is very beautiful, especially in the spring when it is in bloom. The problem the area isn't right for growing apples so they don't get big/ripe enough to eat or use so when they fall to the ground we have to gather them for the compost bin. The tree is huge so there are literly thousands of apples falling from this tree, it's actually dangerous out there because you never know when they are going to fall. We are heading out to rake again as the lawn needs mowed so wish us luck...the hard hat's are on.

Public Information

The great thing about public records like marriage licenses is that they are published public information that is available for the asking. If you are in need of access to marriage records in any state you can use on-line sites to quickly access the information you need. You can research the marriage statistics using any information you have, first, last, address, age etc to get a list of matches. This can be used for any state all you have to do is narrow the search for example you could click on Ohio Marriage Records, to look access the records for that area.

The next dancer


Hey if anyone needs a good laugh or just a smile put on their face today then go check out my 3 1/2 year old son dancing! I think he takes after his sister...what a dancer! Just imagine what he will be able to do after his dance classes LOL...which starts this weekend, they are some glad to have him as it puts 2 boys in the same class.

Searching for Marriage Documents

For whatever reason you might find yourself needing a copy of your California Marriage Records they can be found for you. You may have lost them in a move or possibly a fire which destroyed your belongings, turning to the experts in document retrieval can take a lot of the work and worry off your shoulders.

Christmas Shopping

We made another crack at our christmas shopping list today by getting our daughter a digital camera, the only condition she had on a had to be pink...mission accomplished. We also were able to find an outfit for each of the kids and have them away for Christmas, our goal is to be ready for Christmas by November so we don't have to rush around in December in the busy stores.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

At home Sauna

border="o" alt= portable sauna />

In this day an age of convenience and time starved people everything you can fit into your home to take advantage of the little bit of time you might have is great. For those who enjoy a trip to the sauna but don't have the time there is now a Personal sauna that you can use to give your body a sauna treatment in the comfort of your home. These portable units are made of waterproof cloth which retains heat. They even come with a vent that allows your hands to pop out so you can keep busy while using the sauna, grab a book or read over documents from work. This unit really is portable as it's frame is made from PVC and is made to be durable, when folded down it takes up the space of a book bag or small suitcase.
You will find this wonderful warm vapor will stimulate your blood circulation and will help sooth your sore muscles after a hard day. You can also use this system to help flush toxins out of your body and also to assist with your weight loss programs to help induce a new healthy you. This unit is a great economical solution to people who would love the convenience of a sauna room but don't have the finances or space available to build a unit in their home. These portable saunas are so convenient as they don't require any plumbing, special wiring or and set up with no tools.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shopping Online

When you find yourself needing medical supplies, health supplements, sexual well being products, fitness equipment, maternity and much more turn to the experts in online supply. Allegromedical has been serving customers online for over 12 years and have over 1 million satisfied customers. Allegromedical provides you with the ability to shop in the convience of your own home and find the products that you need to help you with your daily life. Your products will be shipped quickly to your home and you can use their secure checkout for added convience. They are currently having a Labor Day sale in which you can save 10% off your purchase, but hurry the sale ends today.


I have decided that it is now fall, it is freezing at night and I am considering using the heat at night to take the chill off and we are changing the sheets over to the winter sheets and getting rid of the thin summer sheets. I'm sure we will soon start to see the leaves falling from the trees and ick....snow.......brrrrr.....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back 2 School Boot Camp

With the return to school only a few days away it is time to get the kids back on schedule. That means everything has to be scheduled, breakfast, play time, snack, quite time, lunch, etc. The biggest challange is the bed time. When it's summer and it's light until 9-10 o'clock at night it doesn't seem fair to put them to bed at 7-8depending on which one we are talking about so they have been up late. The bad part they don't sleep any later in the morning so they are behind on sleep. I'm sure it will take the week to get them back on track with that but we'll get there.

Monday, September 1, 2008

How to protect

It is so frustrating trying to keep your kids safe these days there are so many dangers all around them you think your on top of everything but how can you be with the busy lifestyles everyone lives these days it's easy to let your guard down. There are now web-sites that can assist you with knowledge at least so you can track Ohio Sex Offenders to know if there are any offenders living in your neigborhood. Wouldn't you like to know if that new neighbor has had issues in the past? You need to take every precaution available and use any source of information to help keep our kids safer.

Bad Puppy

OK, so most of you have heard about my puppy, but the chewing is terrible, today she chewed through 2 leashes. Luckily we just bought a new one but we have started tying her at the front door so she can go in and out as she needs but she chewed her way loose today, luckily she didn't take off and just wandered in the house and up the stairs. We will have to get a chain or cable that will stand up to her razors.


The internet has opened up the way we do everything in our daily lives, we spend so much time now researching and buying items on line now compared to 5 years ago and think 10 years ago the thought of purchasing things on-line was something crazy. The newspaper classifieds was the option of choice for people trying to sell things. You would scan the classifieds daily for everything from tools, to bikes, to automobiles and houses. With online buy and sell sites gaining popularity there are new features available on sites like listasaurus that actually allow you to ad video to your selling ad. Think about it if you are trying to sell a home what better way then to do a virtual tour of the house and post it online. Selling your car, don't need just a picture take a tour through the whole vehical all four sides and even the trunk, if you had time to clean it out. LOL. Although the video auctions are fairly new they can certainly add detail to your ad and help you sell quickly. I'm sure in the near future you will see video classifieds at every avenue possible as the transfer of information becomes easier and easier with the access to internet and digital imaging. As if selling your items wasn't a good enough reason to list them on this video auction web-site you actually get paid to list auction items and classified ads.

The end of summer

Well I decided today that it was the end of summer the kids are going back to school this week and it has been rainy and crappy for days so we emptied the pool today. The kids had one last, although freezing dip in the pool as it emptied, took a few hours. They really enjoyed it the first half of summer but the weather hasn't co-operated over the last month. Hoping for better luck next year.

Public Records

In this day and age, access to information is becoming much easier. In the search for Oklahoma Court Records you can access any number of records, from arrest records, divorce records, criminal background checks and many more. All you have to do to enter a search is to enter a first, middle and last name and approximate age to narrow the search and you will get access to the public records of that individual.

The Closet Door

Finally after being in our new home for 1 year, I finally have a door on my laundry room. It had been covered by a vertical blind since we moved in and it was tacky. We had to get a door and cut it down because the entry way is a little shorter than a normal door would be, Alice in Wonderland....LOL. As it's a holiday here all the stores were closed so we will get a coat of paint on it for tommorrow.