Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shaking up some fun!

With working every night until 1am I have been finding it a bit more challenging to keep things running around the house. Hubby has done a great job with picking up the slack but he has to work on developing his cooking options for the kids. We have been looking for products to save us time, money and effort. We recently found a new type of product from Dr. Oetker. They have created a line of "Shaker" products that the kids love. The Shaker product is basically a mix that comes in a container, you just have to add milk or water depending on what type you have and shake it up in the container it comes in. Once you have shaken it up you pour it into your pan and bake it up. There are great flavors of muffins that everyone in the family loves, our favorites are the blueberry and chocolate chip. They are easy to make and hubby can make them in just a few minutes in the morning and have hot, delicious muffins ready for the kids to eat. For another breakfast alternative there is the pancake shaker mix, just turn on the griddle and shake up the mix, what a great time saver in the morning. The kids love fresh hot pancakes in the morning, normally they would have to wait until the weekend for one of us to have the time to make them but with the "shaker" it's easy to have these in just a couple of minutes. Now by far I would have to say the favorite "shaker" product is the cupcake mixes, there is chocolate and vanilla flavors and just to go "crazy" once in a while we will mix two containers together for super marble cupcakes. A container of frosting is always ready to go in the fridge for those special treat times we decide to shake up some cupcakes. Right now there is a contest you can enter everyday for a $1200 Visa for your next family fun trip or you could win a secondary prize of 1 of 10 Dr. Oetker Shaker fun packs.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My boy the teenager

It is an event 13 years in the making, my oldest boy has turned 13 today and boy is he excited to be called a teenager. There is still some little boy left in him though, I recently took up crochet and made a blanket for my daughter, he thought it was cool and asked for an blankie of his own. With only a week to go before his birthday I busted my but and got it finished last night at midnight. He was pretty excited to see it this morning because he didn't even know that I started it. We took him out to lunch this afternoon and we will be off to the movies later tonight.