Monday, February 11, 2008


I have four young children and they keep me very busy as you can imagine. My younges is now 3 years old and has this enormous love for puppies but because of our busy life I feel it wouldn't be fair to have a real puppy with the lack of time we would have to care for it and we wouldn't be home often enough to give it lots of attention that a puppy would need not to mentioln want. With this being said my little boy has decided that he needs every stuffed puppy going and treasures each and every one of them.

This all got started a couple of years ago when my cousin bought a pug puppy and he was so cute and of course my kids fell deeply in love with this puppy name Hugho, how could they not? Unfortunately after months of seing this puppy my cousin sold him because she didn't have the time to take care of a dog and this not only was hard on my cousin but it was the hardest thing ever for my little boy to understand along with my other children. To this day they still talk about the puppy and I don't think "Hugho" will ever be forgotten. One day while out shopping I walked by some dog collars and immediately thought I should get one with Hughos name on it so Blake could pout it on his stuffed pug puppy to remember him. To see the smile it put on his face was priceless and I am hoping that as the children get older and more responsible we will be able to get them a puppy and Blake can pass the coller on to his real puppy. Until then he will have to stick with the stuff puppy collection!


jenn said...

Your little guy has such a big heart!

Petula Wright said...

How cute!