Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Manta Coaster

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Coming soon is the latest attraction from SeaWorld "The Manta", Be one of the first to ride the new attraction. Interested in finding out more about the Manta check out the website at to get your own "Front-of-the-line pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting some ZZZ's

With working late into the nights I have found it difficult to get a good nights sleep. Getting home after 1am everynight and still needing to get up in the mornings for my youngest son, that doesn't go to school is difficult. Luckily my husbands gets the kids up in the morning and gets them off to school in the morning. I find it hard to get wound down in the evening after work so I am looking for something to relax me but I don't want to get into any sort of strong sleep aid because I don't want to be groogy in the mornings and I don't want to build a dependancy. With a little reserch I found the natural supplement called Kava, Kava. It is made from the kava root and is known for it's relaxation qualities and is used now as a sleep aid throughout North America. Thankfully a restful night sleep isn't far away.

I think it will be a boys night

The boys have been waiting for months for the release of the new Xmen: Wolverine movie. I think we will let the boys go to this one on their own, it's a bit too much action for us girls, perhaps we will go to Hannah or 17 Again instead while the boys do their movie. We will be sure to make a good night of it either way.

Moon sand

Have you ever bought moon sand for your kids, now let me say first it can be a bit messy if you don't keep an eye on them. It does clean up pretty good so that is a good thing. Now the best quality this has over the old fashion play doh is that it doesn't dry out, no matter how long it stays out. The kids have a great time molding and playing with the different colors that are available. They kids are looking for the ice cream factory, we saw it once and I should have got it but I didn't and we haven't seen it since, I know I'm a bad Mom.

Searching for Education

I have been considering upgrading my education for the last few years but it always seemed impossible to balance, work, the kids and school so I always put off school. There are now options for me with online college courses that allow me to get the education that I want while still making the commitments I have to the kids. Capella University is a fully accredited university currently serving over 24,000 students, many of which are pursuing masters or PhD degreees. Curently offering more than 100 graduate and under graduate courses and is serving people from all 50 states and over 45 countries. When you are looking for options to get the education you are looking for while still maintaining your current life Capella gives an option.

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She's at it again

I woke up this morning and was expecting a quite day, unfortunetly the dog managed to sneek into the living room over night and chew the covering of the kids "Cars" chairs. This was a great little folding table and chair set that they used for snacks and crafts. It was the perfect size for the kids and now I will have to get the material to recover the chairs.Grrr dog you are pushing my last nerve.


Does anyone have any tips on how to get kids to stop bickering, our kids seem to bicker from morning to night. I would even guess they probably bicker with each other in their dreams. It's difficult because the kids are all different ages and are all very strong willed. It would be great to be able to go through just one day without the arguing, name calling and fighting.

Making smart choices

My husband is planning on the freedom 50 plan, he wants to be able to retire when he gets to 50 years old. We are both working now which makes it a little easier to find money for investing with. The stock market has been very challanging lately with things going up and down like a yo-yo. We needed to look for options that will get us a decent return on our investment. We recently discovered an internet-based provider of tools that will help give us the information we need to make smart investments. The patented option screener technology will help you find, compare and analyze stock options, to come up with the best investment options for your needs.

The dog is on a quest

Our dog has gone on a quest this week, she is desperatly trying to find out how many things she can destroy this week. She has been chewing everything she can find, the remote for the TV found and untimely death early in the week. By mid week she had managed to eat my youngest son's green airplane, Diego's Helicoptor and a couple of socks. Now by the weekend she has demolished one of my slippers, the kids plastic fruit and a stuffed football. Outside she managed to dig up a bone from I don't know where and some branches from trees that we cut down... Err, My little princess.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The new open window

After the trees were cut down today I found a disturbing image, the window behind the dining room is completely rotton and falling apart. We will have to replace this window for sure this summer and will start shopping around for a new one after we get the front door fiasco fixed. I really love the open look of this corner now though, I have always hated that tree/bush as it was full of thorns and we were always getting caught on them.

Planning the big day.

It's funny how the marriage process works for most couples, us girls wait around for our man to make the romantic proposal. Then the work turns to us for the planning of the big event. Luckily now a days it is becoming more politically correct for men to help with the wedding planning too. It's an exciting time in any women's life to work with her friends and family to plan the perfect wedding. It can take a lot of work to get everything just right, if you don't want to hire a wedding planner to do all the work for you it's important to find locations that can do as many parts as possible to save time working with different companies. A website I found while helping a friend plan her wedding was a magnificant help. They were able to connect us with a lot of the things we needed for her nuptuals. They had tools that allowed her to plan things out from her budget planning. They had a gorgouse selection of wedding gowns that were absolutely spectacular. We were able to get all the accessories that were needed for the ring bearer, bridesmaids and groomsment. When it came to the reception there was a fantastic assortment of unique wedding favors, personalized items like napkins and Hershey kisses and even the topper for the cake. This type of one stop shop was a huge time saver when it came to planning her big day.

New Balls

The boys each got a new basketball to celebrate Spring with, I totally love each one of them. Jay got a Nite Brite Ball which glows in the dark, it is really cool and the neighborhood guys love to come over at dusk and play some hoops. Kohl's ball is so colorfull, with Blue, Red, Black and Grey. It has very unique coloring and lines and he really loves it. Kohl's ball is also Junior sized so he is able to get a hold of it easier and make his shot's.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Working it out

Now that I am working night shifts and my husband working days we are finding it harder to find time to get out and do the shopping we normally would do. We have turned to online shopping to try and save ourselves time and still be able to work together on what we buy. By shopping online either one of us can save items into our shopping cart and leave word for the other to look at the items. It can be a huge time saver to have a one stop shop site. For all our medical supply needs like daily living needs, exercise equipment, diabetic supplies for my FIL and some stop snoring aids for hubby who has been driving me crazy lately with the snoring. That has to stop one way or you dear.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Living well with RA

Being diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis can certainly be a very scary experience, you find yourself with all sorts of questions. How will this effect me, what are the long term reprecussions of this diseasce etc. The best tool on combating and making a plan to make the most of this is through gathering as much knowledge as you can on the subject. Rheumatoid Arthritis basically is a disease that causes chronic inflamation of the joints and can certainly be very debilitating. When the disease is active it can cause me to be very tired and fatigued. Another symptom I suffer from is a lack of appetite at times (consider a good thing on the weight loss end), but it is usually accompanied with stiffness and significant joint pain. When suffering through this it can be very taxing emotionally as it basically takes the wind out of your sail and makes you feel very much trapped in a broken body. There is a lot of literature around these days, focusing on trying to live well with RA and tips on how to make the most of your treatment and your life while battling RA. The most common treatment I know of for RA is the drug called Celebrex, it has some benefits as it can be taken with low dose aspirin to help in the anti-inflamatory where other treatments can not. Celebrex can be dosed in different amounts depending on the severity and is determined by your doctor. For me when I am hearing or watching for different advertising I like to hear the positive that can be had out of treatments. I also appreciate seeing the advertisements being as informative as possible giving the side effects etc. Now if it was me that was creating an advertisement for living well with RA, my commercial would be about just that people with RA living their life as normal as possible everyday.

Bedtime Stories

We are planning on keeping Easter pretty simple for the kids this year, one of the things we are doing is getting them a new movie to watch. The kids love movie night, curling up at the end of a long day and getting out the popcorn and dill salt. For Easter we picked up a copy of the movie Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. We went to see this at the theatre as a family and all the kids enjoyed the show. It will be nice to sit back and get all the laughs again one more time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home Depot Sucks

We have been trying to get a new front door on our house for almost a month. We went to our local Home Depot becuase we had a gift card to use and asked about the door and how we could get it installed by them. This was our first mistake they gave us a phone number and told us we had to make all the arrangements ourselves. We made the call and the guy came out to the house to give us the estimate to have the install done. When it came back a week later they said they couldn't make the arrangements and we would have to go back to the store to discuss it with them. We went back to the store, it's a half hour away by the way and they said they entered it wrong and would have to re-enter our information. Another week went by and we get a call and than an email from the installer, guess what the quote was, keep in mind the door is only $3oo, you'll never believe this one, $1600 to simply come to the house, remove the door and insert the new one. A job that would take a few hours is going to cost $1300. This forced another trip back into the Depot where we ended up talking to another rep. He couldn't believe the quote either and was sending it off to be reviewed. Here we go again, after waiting for 3 weeks, we are waiting again, I guess if we wait long enough we should be able to get it installed by Next Winter.

The tooth fiasco

The other day my young guy, Kohl came with an issue, he had a wiggly tooth that was bothering him. We had been waiting for this one to fall out for a while. The new tooth decided to grow up behind it so it wasn't really loosening up the old one. I left this with Hubby to deal with, he can be the expert in grouse stuff. My daughter and I went out to dance class and the boys went at it. It wasn't too long and I got the call that the tooth was out. Kohl was excited that he helped pull it out by pulling on dad's arm while he pulled. He said he was laughing and crying at the same time and he was very proud of himself. The tooth fairy arrived and left him $2 under his pillow which he snuck off to school with and bought some treats for recess.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jewelery You'll Love

When looking to go shopping online for Jewelery I decided to do some research to find the best online retailer. What I found was the holsted jewelery company. They have been serving customers for over 35 years and pride themselves on offering unique products to their customers. They really want their customers to have true "wow" moments when they open up their new jewelery and want you to love your product. If you are not truly excited and love your new product you can return your purchase for a full refund with no questions asked. There offerings are unique and sold exclusively through holsted, you won't find their products at any store at any time. Take a look for yourself, you'll find something you will fall in love with.

The Easter Bunny

Only a week to go before the Easter Bunny arrives, what will he bring to drop off at your house? I think he is planning on keeping it light here at our house. There will be the traditional Easter egg hunt in the morning. That will be followed by a couple of small things, like some chocolate treats and some small toys to play with. It's always a fun day and this year we will take the kids to a movie to start a new tradition.

Girls Night

Tommorrow night I will be having a girls night for my daughter, we were away for her birthday so she needed to have some friends over for a get together. We are expecting a dozen little girls ready to have some fun. What would you do if you had a dozen 8-10 year old ladies to entertain. We have some crafts lined up as well as some wii and lot's of music and munchie foods. It should be a great time that were all looking forward to it.