Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Surprise Gift

I have been looking at a beautiful electric fireplace for my living room at hubby's work for about 3 months now, it was too expensive and with Christmas gifts and visiting to do we didn't have money to even think about it. Hubby surprised me a couple of days ago when he arrived home with the fireplace. It went on clearance and he thought he better make sure I had it so now it is here. We are planning on setting it up in our living room and bringing our flat screen tv down from the bedroom to put on top of it, the living room tv will go with the old entertainment centre to the new family play room, the tv from there will go up to Jay's room and the tv from Jay's room will head up to our room. It's going to be musical tv's but it will work out for the best for everyone. Warm cozy nights watching my favorite shows in the living room with Hubby will be great.


jenn said...

I would love to get one of those fireplaces. And a flat screen tv. Can I just come live at your house????

Carrie Smith said...

Sure you can! There is plenty of space and we can still renovate the attic LOL

CC said...

We got one of these a few years ago on clearance at Home Depot. We'd never even heard of it but saw it and were like "Whoa!" perfect way to replace our unusable "real" fireplace.