Sunday, August 31, 2008

A fishy Experience

Being from the East coast where there is a 5 food group, called Seafood, here it seems as though most babies are even weened off the bottle onto seafood, now maybe I'm egsagerating a bit on that but it certainly is a big part of the diets of people here on the east coast, lobster, mussels, salmon you name the shell fish or fish and it's part of someone's wonderful recipe. One of my favorite is a scallop wrapped with bacon and seasoned with my secret recipe of spice, alright it's a bottle of blended spices "Mrs. Dash" that I buy from the store. I usually serve with a bed of rice with a stir fry of veggies, peppers, mushrooms etc. In Louisana there is a celebration of seafood with the great american seafood Cook off, this cook off brings together great chefs with fantastic recipes in a celebration of seafood. To make it interesting the chefs have to add a special ingredient from one of the sponsors to their recipe. I think once I perfect my dish it could certainly compete with the champions at the cook off. The cook off is an exciting event every year now in it's fifth year because it brings so many interesting recipes together with fantastic chef's in a fun environment to promote the sustainability of domestic seafood as there has been much discussion of the viability of sustaining the east coast fisheries. It also give a chance to promote local fish, and chefs in a fun enviromnet close to the participants. Congratulations to Mississippi’s Chef John Currence who was crowned the "King of Seafood" at the 2008 cook off event. Take the time to visit the web-site for more information on the chef's that are competing and their recipe's, there is also a chance for you to vote for your favorite recipe and with your vote you will be entered for a chance to win a trip for two to New Orleans including Airfare, hotel accomadations, of course great dining experiences and more.

Holiday Weekend

Well it's the last long weekend of the summer, what will you be doing? The weather forcast here is fairly bleak with rain the main ingredient, we did some shopping yesterday and hubby worked last night and will be working today too. Monday we are planning to get some construction projects done around the house and hopefully fit some fun in as well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Renovation Project

It is time to get into another renovation project, albeit a smaller one than normal. We are putting a door on the entry way to the laundry room. Since we moved in this entry has been covered by a vertical blind so I am excited to finally get the chance to have a real door which I am hoping will cut some of the noise down. We were going to start last night but due to the flood in the basement we put it off until tommorrow.

Underwear Shopping Night


After having 4 children I found myself having image problems with my body, my recovery has taken a few years of work. I started with dieting to lose some weight and after about a year I had lost a far amount of weight and was begining to shop for less cover up (baggy) clothing. We moved to a new town and with the move I lost a little focus with getting the kids settled back into routine but after Christmas this year we bought a treadmill and the results I got from this were great. I began to firm up and feel better about where I was physically, now I still pick on myself, I think it's just a girl thing. The icing I think was this summer when I actually purchased a bikini and hubby was positive when I showed him the suit, and yes I even tried it on in the store and showed him. Now the next stage for me would be to find some Lingerie that I can feel comfortable in, the past few years it has been difficult to feel sexy especially when you are on guard 24/7 with the kids, me especially bad I think I sleep with 1 eye and ear open waiting for something to happen. I went out shopping with my mom the other night for bra's and undies but didn't come home with any new Designer Lingerie or anything to surprise hubby. He told me to get something "sexy" when I was heading out the door but I just didn't see anything that worked for me. I began shopping on-line and found many styles of lingerie I think might work for me the Fayreform Lingerie is very beautiful and I love the colors that are available. There are also styles of Freya Lingerie that I think are very pretty, hopefully I can bring myself to jump over the final hurdle and get over my insecurities to try some of these out.

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Doggy Troubles

I have been trying hard to give our puppy a little bit more freedom but she just makes bad choice after bad choice. She was having trouble with training so we set up a leash so she would stay around the front entrance of the house and be able to go out and in as she pleased. This worked ok for a few days but the last few days she has been sneaking into my bedroom (only room with carpet in the house) which is beside the front door and doing her business on my carpet. In the morning she likes to come up in the bed and hang out with us but this morning she decided to chew a whole in my comforter....she's pushing her luck....I'm not sure what to do with here.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Contest Giveaway

If you remember I am looking for a new lap top for Christmas, now I'm not wanting to get ahead of myself but I am actively searching for any opportunities that can get me a new laptop so when I found the Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway contest that is now on I had to look into it further. Charter Communication is actively searching for new users so right now for any order of online services you will automatically entered to win one of 30 new HP Compaq Presario C77OUS Laptops, these laptops are valued at over $600 and feature an Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor including a 15.4" WXGA Screen and a 2GB RAM 160GB hard drive with built in DVD Burner and WI-FI connect and as an added bonus a NEOtec Backpack to tote your new LapTop in. You can choose from one of three of Charter services, including High-Speed Internet at 19.99/mo for six months or Digital home and High-speed for $69.98 a month for the first 6 months. or your best value of Digital Home, High-speed and home phone for 99.97 a month for 12 months. Once your order is complete you will also receive a bonus gift of a free gas card from Shell. The contest is open to any one of the age of majority and a legal resident of the continental US. You need internet, cable and phone so you may as well take advantage of a great deal and a chance to win a new lap top.

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The flood waters are coming

What an oopsy I made, last night I was making a shelf for a cabinet in my kitchen and was using hubby's power tools in the basement. The shelf worked out alright but I forgot to plug the pump back in for the drainage pump. It rained hard today and the basement filled with water because the pump wasn't plugged in. The pump is running again now and everything is drying out, I don't think there is too much damage done but I think I'll stay out of the basement until tommorrow.

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Going Away Again

Today my oldest is going away for the weekend again, this will be a 5 day trip for him and I hope he has lots of fun. He will be staying with friends at the beach so Sunny weather will be on order. This is a nice way to end the summer for him and get ready to start the school year at this new Jnr. High School.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When accidents happen

What happens when you have been injured due to someone's negligence can depend very much on getting the proper representation to ensure you have the best people working for you and against the ones that harmed you. It can be a very scarey time after an incident as may have health issues to recover from or property damage to repair, possibly missing time from work or possibly not working at all. The team of OMD aFort Worth Personal Injury Attorney law firm will have your best interest at heart and will do what it takes to get you the support you need. They will take the time to meet with you where it is most convient for you all accross the state of Texas.

Fall is coming

Only 1 week left before the kids go back to school, it has been a fun summer and we have kept very busy. It has been pretty cold the last couple of days so it really is starting to feel like fall is coming. I find myself wanting to wear pants, and curl up with a blanket in the house. It will soon be time to take the pool down for the year, if it doesn't warm up in the next few days it will be down.

Love a good rain

I really love a good rain, of course if it's late in the evening, I love the sound of the rain pounding of the ground it can be very relaxing. I am sitting here right now listening to one heck of a rain storm come down. Now my puppy doesn't like it much as she doesn't like to go outside in the rain and needs to be dragged out and put under the tree so she won't get wet the big baby.

Finding your Beauty Career

In today's world the job market is becoming very competitive both from the perspective of recruiting and retaining good associates and from an employee point of view there are lots of opportunities you just need to know where to look. For qualified people looking for hair salon jobs they can turn to a new online job matching website which has jobs posted for many of the leading companies from all over the country. This site works both ways also as potential employees can post their information and the salons can search applicants to see if they can find someone they would like to have work for their company.

Bedroom makeover continued

As you all know I have been planning on renovating my daughters bedroom for the last little while. She wants a Hanna Montana room so out with Hilary and in with Hannah, this won't be too bad as the colors already match up we will just have to buy some new accessories. I found a pillow and throw at hubby's work and have them put away until we are ready to make the switch. She will be excited when I get into the project and get it done.

Computer Bugs

Trying to keep your computer running well at home can be difficult if you are like me and some what challanged on the technical aspects of the computer. There are alternatives when your computer is acting sluggish, crashing or any other types of issues. There are on-line computer repair specialists that can help you cleaning up your system and getting things running quickly again.

Clean up day

Today was clean up day in the basement, with the various amounts of projects going on around the house it always seems that there are messes left around. The work benches in the basement were covered with tools and debris that was left laying around. It was time to a good clean up and get the tools re-organized.

Who's number is that?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Late Night Treat

I was going to try and get some sleep tonight and went to bed early as hubby was working and the kids went to bed early. I was surprised when Hubby arrived home with a Donair treat, we haven't had them for a while so I was able to drag myself out of bed long enough to eat and now I am going back to bed.

People Finder

Have you ever wondered what happened to an old class mate, co-worker or trying to locate a lost relative, you can now access public information to help you find out where they have gone. Using People Finder is easy you just have to enter the name of the person you are looking for and you will get a list of results matching your search, including address, phone number and other public records.

Rainy Day

What a yucky day I have woken up to, it is raining very hard and no one wants to go outside, not even the dog. She got up wanting to go out and we put here on her chain and opened the door, she ran out, turned around and came right back in. Hubby had to put her on the leash and take her out under the tree to do her business so she wouldn't get wet, he did though LOL.

Predator Database

It is a scarey world we live in today, especially when with small children in the house. In today's society there is so much activity outside the home and even in the home with the internet, our kids are being preyed upon. It's important to do what you can to protect yourself and your children from Sexual Predators. There have been much done to track predators including Megan's Law which is named after Megan Kanka whom was a victim of a convicted sexual predator. Thanks to Megan's Law you can now access information of convicted sexual predators, including picture, address, name and type of crime they have committed. It is important for everyone to have as much information as possible to protect the one's we love

Dancin Day

What an exciting day it is today, the final day of summer dance camp for Trinity and Kohl. They are excited because we are allowed to watch the final bit of class to see what they have accomplished this summer. It will be exciting and is a good lead into dance registration for the fall. An added bonus this fall Blake is now old enough to try dance to, he has his shoes all ready and is excited to get started on class.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saving the Memories

With our family we have 4 young children which means tons of pictures all around. My husband has a bulletin board in his office for pictures the kids make him and a wall with pictures of each of the kids. He enjoys having new pictures and usually keeps a frame on his desk too. It was challanging for him to keep them up to date so we got a digital picture frame which is fantastic because we were able to load it with various pictures of the kids and it just flips through them on a digital screen. It is very easy for him to have all sorts of pictures and we can change them up from time to time to keep it fresh. We just got back from vacation so that was the first item to load on, it's fun because he gets to show all his co-workers all sorts of pictures from vacation. These digital frames come in various sizes and we are thinking about getting them for gifts for our parents for Christmas so they can enjoy all sorts of pictures of the kids too.

Great Storage Idea

Tonight at the local dollar store I found the greatest thing to help save space in my cupboards. They were cereal containers that will fit a whole box of cereal in them, this is great because they keep bugs and things out of my cereal. Mind you it doesn't happen often but once makes it gross enough. What a cheap solution 6 containers for only 6 bucks. I found the same container at the grocery store for 6.97 each talk about a differance.

Tactical Gear and Accessories

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My sister and her family came to Cape Breton to visit last Wednesday so we spent Friday and Saturday at the campground visiting with them. The weather was great and we all had a great time. This ends the camping season for us! When they returned home on Sunday my mom and youngest sister came for a visit and we spent most of the day yesterday shopping!!!!!!!! What a time we had. This morning Trinity had her dance solo so her Nana had the chance to watch her get her choreography finished. Tomorrow is the last day of summer dance camp then my mom and sister will be heading back home.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weight Loss Pills

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New Tires

We got new tires for our van today, which is a good thing as our inspection is running out on our van and they weren't going to pass. It was a big process to get them put on as we were shopping with the kids, my mom and sister and got a good deal on them so we got them right away, or so I thought, they were going to put them right on but then they booked someone else and I would have to wait for an hour first. We decided to take the van home and let hubby go back in for them, all is done and we are good for a couple of years now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Car Care

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Great Weekend

This was a wonderful weekend, the weather was fantastic, hot and sunny. We were able to reclaim our pool and the levels are finally back at the right levels and the pool water isn't cloudy anymore. It was a lot of work, next year for vacation we will have to make sure we have a timer on our filter to ensure the water is getting filtered....ooops. We managed a night of camping at a camp site only about 1/2 hour away from our house, this is a new one for us and I think we have convinced everyone to go here next year for vacation....yippee.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Seafood Cookoff

What a wonderful time of year it is, one of my favorite things about the summer is all the seafood delights that come with the summer months. It makes the summer months that much more fun with all kinds of great meals to have at family gatherings. I recently came across a web site at that hi-lites the best seafood chefs in America as they bring their creations head to head in a cook off to decide who will be the crowned the "King of Seafood". The finals came down to 5 fantastic chefs and what a collection of seafood delights they had to display. Colorado Striped Bass Panzanella, Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots, Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice, Texas Gulf Shrimp and finally Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet. I would have to say by the presentation and ingredient list my favorite would be the Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish from Chef Tafari Campbell of Maryland. You can have your chance to vote and also win a trip for 2 to New Orleans so you can check out all the taste bud treats for yourself. It's great to see chef's using sustainable recipes that taste great and use locally produced products in their creations. Of course to keep it interesting the chefs were thrown a curve ball when getting ready to create their dishes for the judges, they were instructed to use 1 of 2 mystery ingredients that they were not aware of until the competition. Their choices Southwest Airline Peanuts or select brews from Michelob Brewing Company so their original recipe would have to be altered to include one of these items. Also in keeping with the healthy eating and keeping things simple anyone could create the healthy dishes the ingredients had to contain all five of the major food groups.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bedroom Makeover

We have only lived in our new home for a year and already miss Trinity is wanting to make changes to it. I don't think so...... she has recently come across a life size wall sticker of Hannah Montana but the cost is outrageous at $90 and the look of disappointment was something. BUT when I looked at this life size sticker I noticed that the colors all matched her room and would have been perfect but still too much money. So I made her a deal and found a picture on google that I think will look great on her wall and match really nice without making expensive changes to her room...............................................................................................................................................

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Like every year, life around here is as busy as usual if not busier. Now that the kids are ready for back to school in a couple of weeks I can now focus on getting the rest of my Christmas shopping taken care of. I always try to get my shopping done before or right after Thanksgiving so that we can spend time enjoying the holiday season with our family instead of shopping the busy malls. I already have a good start to my shopping with having all the gifts bought for my nieces and nephews and now the focus is on my immediate family. One thing I look forward to is the Black Friday website that helps me save money with holiday shopping promotions! So what is blackfriday you may be wondering? This is the day right after Thanksgiving and buying items during Black Friday will save you money and better yet with buying online you won't have to wait in the long line ups or be bothered with the busy crowds. One place that I will be turning to to finish buying clothes for my children is Walmart. I find the selection here great when buying four different sizes for the kids and the great savings with Walmart deals I am sure to save as always.


With the end of the kids summer vacation fast approaching I think it is time to start getting them into a new routine for back to school. Come this time of year I dread, I would rather my kids be home with me but they need their education. They grow up too fast don't they? Now that they already have their school supplies taken care of and most of their clothes I guess it's time to set the bedtime routines and new bed times. I am hoping that when the kids are back to school we will be able to get better control over Blakes new uncontrollable, whining behaviour! Two weeks until they are back to school!

Planning a trip

We are beginning to plan a couple of trips for next year there are 2 trips that are long overdue and we need to get caught up on. First of all is our honeymoon that we have always been wanting to take but have never been able to. We spent our honeymoon on vacation with our extended family and our children and while it was a fun week it didn't leave much time for us to be alone as a couple, now that all our kids are starting to get a little older it is getting close to the time we are feeling comfortable enough to leave them alone with someone other than us for a week, yes we are a bit over protective but we are working on that. We are hoping to get somewhere warm and tropical to spend a week on the beach. The second trip we are planning is a fun family vacation that we are thinking to take Disney World. Again the kids are growing up so fast and we would like to give them a vacation that they and we can remember for the rest of our lives. It would be so exciting for us to get to spend this time together on this trip, we are debating on whether we would drive or fly and of course how long to stay, we want to take advantage of every moment and are thinking of staying for 2 weeks if we can work it out. There are so many details to work out from tickets, flights, to a car when we get there, through italy car hire we are able to search over 40 car suppliers in just seconds to find the best deals available for when we are travelling and book directly. This is such a time saver, all we have to do is enter the dates we need to have a vehicle for, where we need it, the class of vehicle and our age and we can get a list of deals from all the providers available. This will allow us to save more money on our trip and have one less thing to worry about.

Getting Caught up

After 2 weeks away on vacation there is so much to get done around the house. We decided to spend last night around the yard as it was so nice out. We had to cut the lawn(hayfield) and we trimmed up all the bushes that had grown up around the fence. We had a thorny bush infront of the oil tank and we had to cut that all down. Oh yeah and the giant apple tree in the back yard was dropping apples, there were literaly thousands to pick up, not edible too bad.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Find That Number

How many times have you missed a call or see a phone # on your phone but aren't sure whom the number belongs too. Sometimes you get harrasing calls from telemarketer which can be very frustrating. There is a free option now available to you that can allow you to search for the name, address , phone carrier and more information to match up to that phone number on your caller id. Using the reverse phone directory system you can quickly and easily look up a phone number from millions of numbers all over the United States and Canada. The best feature of this is that the numbers you are searching will not be reported back to the numbers owner so you can search the number descreatly.

Puppy Progress

All of a sudden there is hope for our puppy, we were struggling with the training part but all of a sudden she is now able to go up and down the stairs so she is now going to the front door and scratching/whining to get outside. It is very exciting to finally see some progress with her, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Family Game Time

There is so many wonderful memories I have of game time at my home growing up, being the oldest in a family of 5 girls I got all kinds of opportunity to play games with my sisters. We had a huge collection of board games, a closet full that we could spend hours playing all different kinds of games. One of our favorites was bingo, I liked this one because being the oldest I got to be the caller and lead my siblings through the game. We expanded the tradition in my household where Hubby and I have a game night with our kids once a week. We play all the traditional games, and the kids take turns picking the games each one has a week to pick their choice. We always sit down with our game and break out the treats to make it a bit more special for the kids. The kids are starting to get more into the dvd style games now and they are making their lists of games they would like for Christmas. One of the most requested titles on the kids lists this year is the new Disney Bingo DVD game. It looks like a lot of fun and will help the kids learn their numbers and colors. I can't wait to add this game to our game closet. I found it available at and

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Renovation Work

My Hubby has been working with a friend of his on a major renovation project. His friend bought an old home, giant home actually that has fallen into major dis-repair. The process began a few months ago when a couple of people were hired to start the demolition project of stripping the home back to the frame. It became difficult to get the job done so after a bit they parted ways and Hubby stepped up to help with the project. It is finally starting to see some progress with the strip down almost complete. This home has a beautiful view of the ocean and I can't wait to see the re-construct begin to take shape.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Always when it comes time for the kids to go back to school for us we also need to take the time and start thinking ahead to our Christmas shopping. We already have gifts bought for our nieces and nephews and now the focus is on our children and shopping for four children can be costly so we spend a lot of time looking for great deals and online promo codes to help us save a few dollars. For the past few years we have done a good majority of our Christmas shopping online and it has made things so much easier and this is something we will continue throughout the years.

Are you a coupon shopper? Someone who is always looking for a great deal, then is the spot for you to find those great savings with valuable discount coupons posted daily! What can be better than that? Here I can choose from some of the many online stores from,,, American Eagle and with the kids going back to school this time of year my all time favorite is the Payless Shoes coupons. With having 3 children heading off to school in just a few short weeks they will each need 2 pairs of sneakers, so any deals I can find is a huge help. This is just the beginning of the savings and I am looking forward to the many more coupons and deals for future use to get the Christmas shopping behind us.
This is such an easier way to get the shopping done over pushing through the crowded malls and long line ups. We are all so busy with our families and jobs and nobody really has the time anymore to spend in the malls. If things keep going as good as they have been I will be able to escape the crowded malls altogether this year and I am so looking forward to that! We all need to save a dollar here and there so check out for your great deals and savings.


Attending Daily Vacation Bible School is one of the many things my children look forward to during the summer months. They really enjoy making new friends, story time, snacks, crafts, games and so much more. This week the kids are attending their 2nd Bible school of the summer with another on the end of August. Lots to do to keep them busy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Since I started blogging a year ago I have come across many different types of forums and there are many more to come across yet I'm sure but Minds Unite is a forum where you can Post without Joining. It is a world discussion in progress with many types of topics for example, politics, philosophy, religion and more.


I can't believe how quick the summer has gone and here we are already getting the kids ready for school but for us this summer our main focus has been on the kids dance classes. They had a month off and both Kohl and Trinity have been having a blast with summer dance classes. When I dropped them off today I was amazed to see that Trinity dance teacher already has costume for some of the classes. Trinity's ballet costume is a black and white stripped body suit with a bit of blue in the upper body with the matching blue too too (spelling ?) and they will be dancing to circus theme music. I don't think she is overly impressed but I think it will be adorable. Anyway only 2 weeks left of camp and then the regular classes will start! I have a feeling this is going to be a great dance year!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

As we begin to age the signs begin to show up from our life, for approximately 10% of people this turns up in the form of debilitation carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive use of the wrist from many of our daily jobs like typing for example can lead to this syndrome. CTS begins with signs of numbness and tingling in the fingers and in it's worst form it is very difficult to do the things that we need to do, basic grabing and lifting becomes difficult due to terrible pain and working at our jobs could be put at risk. The typical solution for CTS is to splint the wrist at night to keep the fingers in a neutral positin and limit movement to allow the body to do it's job and repair the area, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs is also common practice. For real carpal tunnel relief there are new products that are guaranteed to improve the quality of your life and provide real relief. These products were designed by a leading orthopedic surgeon. The Smartglove features a flexible support slint and massaging ergoBeads and is designed with breathable cotton for all day use and is fully washable. Together this product will improve your circulation and decrease or prevent CTS.


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September will be fantastic

I have a weather prediction, as our August has been so terrible, that September will see almost all sun with higher than normal temperatures. I'm hoping this is the case anyway we've only had 2 days of sun so far this month, every other day has been overcast and most with rain. It makes for a long summer when the kids have to be caged in the house everyday. The temperatures are on average about 5 degrees less than normal, brrr.

Monday, August 11, 2008

On the road to good health

Once you have made the decision that you want to change your lifestyle and get on track to a better diet and work out system it can become quite confusing on what direction to take. It is a good idea to consult with your physician before embarking on any program but you also need to reserch different supplements etc to assist you in obtaining your goals. There are many products available on the market today and it is useful to turn to the internet to find comparisons of products before making the decision on what to buy. Many products like slimquick can give you a quick jumpstart in your program but be wary because it is really intended for a quick start as these pills are filled with 50% caffeine and will speed up you metabolism but can lead you to crash and it's effects will decrease over time. Caffeine is also a drug and overtime it will develop an addiction that can be hard to overcome. The key is to do your reserch to ensure you are getting the right support for your desired results.

Back to Dance

The kids are extra excited after 2 weeks away for vacation the kids are getting back to dance camp this Wednesday. Trin and Kohl love their dance and as much as they wanted to go on vacation they were very disapointed to have to miss 2 weeks of classes to do it. That's dedication for you.

Building a connection

With the use of new technology keeping in touch with buisness associates has never been easier. Now with the use of new technology, Telepresence can assist you in having quality meetings with life size like conferancing with high quality video and audio that will allow you meet in many locations all at one time. The cost of this technology has dropped significantly and is now more user friendly than ever so you can meet accross the country in a matter of minutes

Time to organize

Vacation being over and Back to School is coming up fast around the corner, I felt it was time to start getting organized and finishing up some projects around the house before it hits. I started by going through the drawers and cleaning out all the kids clothes that were too small, ratty and re-organizing their drawers. Than we cleaned up the closets and actually got the drill and saw out and built Blake his own little closet all my self. He thought it was very exciting to help me get this done, day over it is time to go to sleep. What projects will I get into tommorrow.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Working towards healthy lifestyle

A few years back my husband and I decided we needed to work on our weight, after having 4 kids I just wasn't happy with my body and hubby had supported me through all the pregnancy cravings but he didn't lose any weight afterwards either. We worked hard and lost about 60 pounds combined. We managed to keep most of it off over a couple of years. There was a lot of options when we started looking at diet options and it was very confusing to figure out what the best diet pills would be. There were so many products available and not a lot of information on what each product really did. By going on-line we were able to find a website that reviewed the top diet products for quality, results, safety and testimonials from customers. It can be very confusing to sort through all the information available out there today and it is important to be able to have someone you can trust to help you find the best solution for you. You can lose the weight you just have to really want to have success and listen to all the information you can.

Time to head home

This morning we are starting to pack up all our stuff to jam in the van and head home after 2 weeks I thing everyone is ready to get back to our home. We sure had a lot of fun but I think we are all worn out and I know the bank account took a big beating over the vacation. It will be nice to get back to routine and start getting the kids ready to go back to school. I know my bed is calling my name, it will be great to get back to the memory foam mattress. ZZZZZZZ.......

Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Shopping Products Online

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Back to school supplies

We are trying to get a head start on back to school supplies this year, we were able to get supply lists this year so we bought the kids supplies in July. The other thing we hate is the sneaker shopping, as each kid needs 2 pairs and we have 3 in school so 6 pairs =$$$. We shopped for some deals while on vacation and thankfully Grandma bought a pair for our oldest Jay so we have all the sneakers covered for BTS. It feels good to have these things looked after now so we don't have to worry about them next month. BTS fees and registration fees for all their dance and sports, yuck.

Tenting Nightmare

After a week of camping and 4 days of straight rain our tent had an unfortunate accident. It was raining extremly hard on the last night we had left to camp and around 2am we heard a loud noise and saw one of our corner posts had snapped. We quickly got outside and jimmied it up for the night, hoping to get through to morning. Once we got up in the morning we noticed a path had been tramped where the tent was broken, we were tied back into the corner of bushes. Someone must have stumbled through and fallen on the tent, we are hoping to be able to by replacement for the braces that were damaged. We are some glad that it happened on our last night of camping at least.

City of Denver

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I found it intersting today that the olympic games started today at 8:08:08 PM on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year. This is considered in China to be the luckiest moment of this millenium. Do you believe in ideas of luck, it certainly created a lot of hype for the opening ceremonies. I hope the games live up to the show put on for the opening cermonies.

Russia/Georgia Conflict

I heard a dissapointing report today on the news that a war has been declared between Russia and Georgia. With all the conflict already going on all over the world and people starving, gas and energy prices sky rocketing faster than anyone can keep up with it is frustrating to see these countries so willing to throw away the lives of their soldiers over a piece of land.


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Olympic Games

Did you happen to check out the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games this morning from China. I was able to watch some of the event and it was spectacular, I heard the cost of staging the opening event was 100 million, wow that's quite a big number for 1 show and of course tickets were selling for 700 a piece to get to see it. It's quite a staggering price to put on this show do you think it's worth it?

Where's the chicken

Did you see the story on the news today where a truck load of chickens in New York tipped over and spilt chickens out all over the road. They tried to call in the experts for the spca to help apprehend the escaped convicts. What a hilarious sight watching people chasing chickens around.

Radiator Experts

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Tired Kiddies

Well I would say the vacation has taken the toll on the kids, after spending the day at the water park we got them home and gave them a quick supper and got them off to bed. I didn't hear 1 word out of them after they went to bed, complete silence and sure enough they were a sleep within minutes of hitting the pillows. I am sure they will sleep in the morning which is a good thing because I think I need to catch up a little too.LOL

Vacation almost over

Well after 2 weeks away from home it is almost time for us to head back home. I think we are all tired enough that we are ready to get back to our daily routine possibly relax more at home than we have on vacation. LOL. We all had a great time and look forward to going back on our summer vacation next year. I would say the kids did great overall and should be going to bed early for a week to catch up on some lost sleep from the late nights.


I have heard that my sister is planning a wedding for next summer and after planning one for me and hubby 7 years back I thought I could offer her some help and ideas on how she can make this time a lot less stressful. With some tips and help along the way from she can get great Wedding Ideas, expert advice, interactive planning tools, online registry and so much more to make her wedding the wedding she is looking for and she can get all this help for free! Looking back at my wedding there is so much I would have done different but on a budget and no help with planning made things really stressful and so much that I wanted in my wedding didn't happen now with the help from this will help couples get that perfect wedding.


The kids were spending some time one of the days while camping, trying to do head stands. They were having some troubles understanding how do do them so I stepped in to assist them in any way I could. I got down, put my head down and I went my legs. How impressive their mom could actually stand on her head. It was fun and they did get better as time went on.

Kohl on his head

and this is me on my head ( impressive isn't it?! lol)


It is so cute to look over and see how much fun Blake is having with his new puppy. Ok it's not just his puppy but he is the only reason we got one! I tries to do everything with the puppy and that even includes driving his little bike.
I think that the puppy is going to be a great little buddy for Blake especially when the kids go back to school the first of September.


With just celebrating out 7th wedding anniversary we realized that since we had never gone on our honeymoon that it was time to make some plans and get away for some time alone to relax. The hardest thing I am finding is deciding on a destination. We do know that we want to go somewhere warm with lots of sandy beaches so we will be looking into some cancun hotels to see what kinds of great deals we can get. In Cancun we can enjoy our time on the secluded white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya and can take advantage of the resorts Karisma Hotels with inclusive concepts and services that will make this trip a relaxing experience. This honeymoon getaway has been a long time coming but I think it will be well worth the wait!


Will we FINALLY get the kids to Magic Mountain water amusement park? Well that is what we have been waiting for but the weather hasn't been cooperating. Today is suppose to be cloudy with sunny periods with a high of 22 degrees Celsius so we will have to decide in the next few hours as to what we will do. If not we will be taking them to the movie theatre before we head towards home tomorrow evening. I just wish the sun would come out!!!!!


Spending a week camping at a beach sounds great now doesn't it but how do you get through a week when most of your children are scared of the ocean water (jelly fish, crabs, sea weed etc...) Well my little Blake loves the water and all the critters (except jelly fish) that comes with the ocean. He had a blast in and out of the water collecting hermit crabs and everyday we were there he had collected a bucket full. Now I do have to say that I am very proud of my other kids this year as they are over coming there fear of the big ocean LOL they actually went in the water this summer and had FUN! I'm the buying them a water trampoline had helped a lot and for me to because I actually got wet this year and had a great time. I would have to say that year summer was a year to conquer our fears!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disney World

Now that the kids are older we think it is time to start planning a family trip to Disney World. This will more than likely be a one time trip because a trip like this for a family of six isn't cheap but we are determined more than ever to do what we can to get the best deals available and get the kids there in the next couple of years. I will be watching for discount tickets for all Orlando theme parks, dinner shows, attractions and Disney tickets. Any little bit we can save will help us get the family vacation we have been waiting for a bit faster.

What a day!

After a long crazy day at the Crystal Palace Amusement Park we went to my aunts house for supper. It was great with BBQ chicken and steak with potatoes and Caesar salad. We sat around for a bit and talked then we headed back to my parents house to get the younger kids ready for bed in case we have a busy day at Magic Mountain tomorrow. Jay stayed behind for a sleep over at my aunts, I am just hoping he doesn't stay up tooooo late considering he is already tired and cranky.

What is up with the weather????

We aren't having very good weather which sucks because we have been on vacation. Usually we have really good weather the entire time but this year we are finding it hard to get to the water amusement parks in our area. Today we ended up spending a good part of the day at Crystal palace indoor amusement park and if the weather cooperates for tomorrow we will head to Magic Mountain and take on the new water slides. So we will see what morning brings and if it isn't warm enough we will take the kids to the movie theatre tomorrow night. Then I will be ready to head back home!