Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finding the right education

My cousin is quickly approaching the end of her High School career and she has been contemplating on what the next step will be for her. She certainly loves to work with hair and make up and has been considering going to one of the great cosmetology colleges. She really would like to attend a modern school so she has looked at regency beauty schools, which began in 2002 with just 2 campuses and currently has over 30 with much more expansion to come. It really is a great school and offers lots of experience to its students through discounted services provided by students with great guidance from the supervisors.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Debate Roars on

Well it is official that I am offered a full time permanent position at work so the next big thing for me will be to get a second family vehicle so I can get back and forth a little easier. Originally I was planning on getting a small car (Vibe or Caliber) to save on gas but the more I thought about it I have begun to think that perhaps I should get a van so if anything happens to ours we will have a back up. We have a Montana right now so I would consider getting another one the same. I am waiting until the Spring (too cold to shop) so I have a few months to think about it before getting into it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas comes but once a year

Christmas is coming early for us this year because we just found a great deal on 5.11 tactical gear from They offer a wide range of tactical gear, from pants, boots, tops to accessories from backpacks, holsters, sunglasses and more. Right now they are featuring a special where you buy 2 pairs of tactical pants and you will get free shipping, a free hat and a free schick razor. Whether you are shopping for just yourself or outfitting a group they can satisfy your needs. Their gear is top quality and can be used for casual wear or combat. I know there will be a couple of happy guys in my house come Christmas morning thanks to the great assortment for lapolicegear.

Santa came early

The kids had their annual skating party with hubby's work last night and although I couldn't go he blogged lot's of pictures for me to check out at work when he got home. The kids had a great time and even got a visit from Santa who had special bags made up for all the kids in attendance. Of course the bag had a stuffed animal for each of the kids(annual tradition). Everyone made it home in one piece and everyone slept in a bit this morning.