Sunday, February 24, 2008


It wasn't looking good last night for Kohl. He was invited to a birthday party which was today and but last night was sick. I had already posted that he was feeling much better and he showed no signs of being sick. He was full of energy and spent the day playing nintendo Wii with his older brother so I thought he would be fine to attend the birthday party. I put in down for a sleep this afternoon and he slept until 3:00pm then we got ready and headed to the party for 4:00pm. The party was at McDonalds and he had a great time with his friends from school...I think there were 18 kids in total and what a mess and noise but that is to be expected :0) After sitting there for over 2 hours I am happy to be home and the kids are getting ready for bed. Kohl is looking a little pale so hopefully some more sleep will help him so that he can go to school tomorrow.


Mattyboy said...

I'm some glad that Kohl made it to the party what a great trooper. Come by my blog I have a new blog for you to check out and would love your opinion on it.

Misty Dawn said...

I'm glad he was able to go have fun! I would have been sad if he would have had to miss it.

By the way - I hope you plan on attending Maggie's Doggy-Bloggy-Birthday-Party on Wednesday! It's guaranteed to be lots of fun!

jenn said...

I bet he was so happy to be able to go. 18 kids at mcdonalds? You know they had a good time!