Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Puppy is tiring me out

I love our puppy dearly but I can't wait for the point where she will sleep all night. It's almost like having another baby in the house she will get up and yelp to go out so you get up and put her out and she will do her "P" and come back in, alright back to kennel and back to sleep I go. Than within minutes she's yelping again and won't stop, sure enough back out she goes and does "#2". By now I'm so frustrated with her I can't get back to sleep, I wish 1 trip could be enough for her or better yet no trips. Everyone else I talk to doesn't have this problem, they put the dog out before bed and not again till morning. They can also leave their dog home all day and not have a mess in the house. I hope it's just a puppy stage because I need some sleep too.


jenn said...

I've never really had a dog, and this sounds like a good reason for not getting a puppy!!! I prefer the independence of a cat. BUT, if I saw a puppy as cute as breigh, I'd probably be losing sleep too! lol!

Milly said...

The first year is the rough one. The training pays off after the first year.