Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Great Family Vacation

When looking for a great family vacation I can suggest a trip to New Jersey area for a great family beach vacation. We recently had a great trip that we filled with some beautiful sight seeing along with stays in fantastic hotels. We went to Morey's Piers and had a fantastic time. They had all kinds of daily specials and activities to keep our week filled. Daily specials includes events for every day, "Magical Monday" started the week with special draws that allowed guest to get free food, and bracelet upgrades. Also on Monday's they had special performances from Disney artists. Tuesday Time specials allow offered their best deals which allows all you can ride bracelets for only $20. Xtreme Wednesdays was just that, with all the best rides. I thought the best deal was $30 dollar Thursday which gave us all you can ride bracelets and an all you can eat buffet at supper time with all kinds of games their for the kids. By Friday we were getting a bit tired but we wanted to also hit the water park so it was on for the $30 special to get us an all day pass. 3 piers really was the best New Jersey amusement parks that we have seen. It was an incredible week and it was an adventure of a life time. When you are starting to plan your vacation checkout their website for all kinds of useful information that can help you plan from hotel accomadations, dining, pricing information and water parks and amusment rides.

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