Saturday, September 27, 2008

Laser Vision

Now that I'm returning to the working world I have decided I need to do something for my sight, knowing I'm going to be sitting infront of a computer for my entire shift. Usually more than an hour or so and I beging to go blurry, I have known for a few years that I needed glasses but the expense of them with everything else we had on the go it always got put off. With the advances in corrective vision surgery I figured I might as well look into that option as well. I discoverd LASIK information, at first I was quite intimadated by this type of surgery, thinking it would turn out badly but once I looked into the proceedure and the new form of it which they refer to as ILasik which is more advanced and uses 2 lasers instead of a laser and a blade. This form is so much safer than the previous versions and provides 20/20 vision in 95% of people that undergo the proceedure. Imagine having excellant vision every moment of every day without having the trouble of wearing glasses or taking contacts in and out. This LASIK technology is so reliable and advanced that it is used by Nasa and the US military personal to correct vision problems that they might have. Knowing that over 12 million other people have gone throught the Lasik proceedure and have had fantastic results is certainly very encouraging to know when thinking about a proceedure like this.


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Faye Pekas said...

Hi Carrie, I have heard good things about this surgery. I've considered it but I don't know if I'm brave enough.

Good luck with your new job. 4 kids, 4 blogs and a job. I don't envy you for sure :)I have 2 dogs, 2 blogs and a job and I can barely keep up with it. heh