Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Digital Makeover

The digital age is upon us, with so much technology everywhere you look it is all about the digital media, it's amazing what you can do now with digital images and video if you know how to. If you are looking for help on how to handle all your media and some cool ideas you need to check out the "Experts" at the Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. Zoey and Chris take us on journeys with regular everyday people trying to make the most of their digital media. I checked out some of the episodes and I really enjoyed "Wedding Crunch" in which they take us along as a couple are preparing for their upcoming wedding ceremony and want to make a slide show to be shown at their reception. They show up to the makeover with a shoe box full of pictures they have taken over the year. Chris and Zoey walk us through the process of digitizing these memories and creating the slide show. These 2 try to have some fun and keep it light, nice "Tiger" pose there Chris. If you need help to make use of your digital stuff you should check out some of the episodes or better yet sign up for their contest and you might win some cool prizes to enhance your digital existence.


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