Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shop till you drop

I received my flyers today and what an exciting bunch of deals there are on it seems like everyone has great deals on. Zellers is featuring 40% off all their clothing if you buy 4 or more items, with 4 kids there's a no brainer so lot's of saving there. The Superstore is featuring their lowest price of the year flyer so again lot's of deals there. Walmart has a flyer out with the slogan "were so excited", with lot's of great deals there too. It certainly is a sign of the times we are in that retailers are concerned about our disposible income level and they are stepping up to the plate with better deals than we have seen in a long time to try and get our business.

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jenn said...

I just got back from wal-mart, and I got a hannah montana canvas poster,mounted, for $3...regularly $14.88. I'm giving it to boo for christmas. I am hoping to not pay full price for anything this year. (I know, I'm dreaming! But I'm going to try!)