Saturday, September 20, 2008

Someone had a rough day

Poor Blake, what a rough day he had today, it all started Friday morning when he went outside to play with his older brother on the trampoline, he got pushed off on his face, no damage a few tears were ok... Fast forward to lunch time out playing with soft light sabres with brother again got slapped in the eye and left on the trampoline to fend for himself, brother took off grabbed book bag and left him there.(that's a whole other story). After walking up to get the kids from school we were getting back home an once in the yard we let go of him and he took of for the back yard and triped and fell onto the driveway, ok there was damage here to his nose, lip and chin. Later in the evening he was picking up his toys and heading in the house for the night and triped on the front step and fell on his but. He decided it was time to call it a day and go get some sleep in preperation for dance class this morning...poor little fella

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jenn said...

Poor little man!!!! I hope he has a better day today!