Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Recruiting Ideas

Building a successfull business hinges directly on having an effective team of assoicates working towards the common goals of the company. Your companies success or failure will be directly linked to the success your Recruting Department has in getting you the best and most reliable associates gathered and trained. How do you get the most for your recruitment dollar the best way is to have the best trained recruitment officer you can possibly have. It is important to open them up to new and exciting ideas to reinvirgorate their motivation to recruit the very best. There are many exciting training videos available to refresh your companies approach to recruitment. The group from Recruitmentjuice specialize in just that recruitment and have developed a very entertaining series of video's to help you work with your recruiter. This line of video's is specially designed to help build confidence and set the attitude of success for your recruiting experts. The "Juice" program is an effective 6 week program that is taught in an eductational yet entertaining format that is set to engage your recruiters and teach them how to take back control of their day to day recruiting activity and make better choices. 192 My husband was watching the videos and was very interested he thought it was great information. Manageing a large company he is constantly on the searcht to find the best people for the various sales and merchandising postions with his store. He thought the videos were very entertaining and is planning on purchasing the 6 week video course for his recruitors to use to help him. He has been with his current job for just over a year and is just now getting his group of associates to be as effective as they need to and be able to count on everyone to do what they need to. He thought it was an interesting and fun way to focus on the recruiting aspect of his company.

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