Monday, September 29, 2008


One of the fundraisers that we are working on for the big trip to New York is a bottle drive. Now I didn't realize how big a deal this was going to become, as we walk anywhere with Blake he is pointing out bottles along the sidewalk, it is shocking how many bottles people throw away everyday. The other day on a walk to the school which is about 10 minutes we picked up 80 cents worth of bottles at 5 cents a piece, 20 bottles that were thrown away from morning to afternoon as they were not there in the morning during the walk. It all ads up as the days go by, we could get 20-30 bucks just for walking up to the school.


jenn said...

Very cool! How was your first day of work????

Petula said...

It's such a shame how people throw stuff in the street without thinking, but it's good that you're putting it to good use. Good luck.

BTW: I am not going to miss weigh in tomorrow! :D ... Thanks for the birthday wishes.