Friday, September 12, 2008

Searching for a new career

As many of you know I have recently decided it is time for me to head out and re-enter the working world. After having 4 children with my littlest one getting ready to go to school next year it is time for me to find something different to do with my days and to help get some of the bills paid down. Now as many of you also know I am working on fitness with watching my diet and using the treadmill and jogging with the puppy. Trying to find a job with flexible hours that will allow me to still be a mom is challenging and I really would like to work my love of fitness into my job by getting my fitness certification. There are lots of gym's in the area and I have said for the last few years I would love to go regularly if I could find the time so it would make sense for me to look for a career as a fitness trainer. The course is only 3 - 4 months and really only costs about $600 to complete which isn't bad and the great part is I can complete the course through home study and get finished even faster if I want to work hard. It would be such a stress reliever and fun to make money doing what I love to do anyway.
I think by completing the training it will make me realize how to train my body even better than the work-outs I am doing know so we will see how things work out, I am hoping it will also teach me how to keep the kids physically active and help hubby get in better shape too.

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