Monday, May 19, 2008

What's Your Classic Style

We are all bombarded by celebrity images in our everyday life, whether from tv, print or internet the news is filled with celebrity and models. Sometimes you get to a point where you can begin to get blurred as to what the average person should look like. Everyone has their own personal style and what they feel comfortable in. It takes time to discover your own personal style. One celebrity that I think incorporates a classic comfortable style is Kelly Ripa, she has this image as the all together super Mom. She likes to have fun and enjoy her entire family, usually using them as a butt of her jokes. I'm not sure if Dockers are part of her style wardrobe. Recently there was a contest launched at NBC for a Dockers contest that allows you to be the star and director of your own commercial. If your not comfortable infront of the camera, pur your story together and suck your friends and family into being your actors. Let loose and have some fun, get your creative juices flowing. My personal style would be a classic average mom going through the daily grind of kids to school, setting up the house and do the kids activities while running around in comfortable docker pants.


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