Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A day in the life of my pants

A day in the life of my pants is a lesson in organized chaos, as a Mom to 4 wonderful little kiddies my days are filled with lot's of running(literely). I'll slide one of my favorite pair of Dockers
on and get rolling. With 3 of the kids in school the day starts with getting them up, dressed, fed and than walk them up to school, all the while they argue and bicker like brothers and sisters do. After the kids get set to school my pants and I come home and start the day with my little buddy. We work hard cleaning up the house and learning our letters, numbers, colors and stuff getting him ready for when he goes off to school. In my spare time I find time to run on my treadmill and work thinking up projects for my husband to do around the house. Oh and if it happens to be a nice day Blake and I will walk down to hubby's work to meet him for lunch. After the kids get home from school we'll get homework and supper done and on most evenings start running off to activities, dance, basketball, music lessons etc.
I recently discovered a cool Dockers contest that you can enter, you make a video of a day in the life of your pants and submit it to the contest to be used as part of an upcoming commercial to be aired during the Tonight show with Jay Leno. If you have an interesting story to tell about your pants get our your video camera and get your chance to be a star.


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