Thursday, May 8, 2008

A whole new attitude

I won't have a picture until sometime next week but I wanted to tell you that I had the most amazing morning. We started off at the car dealership to get my keyless remote replaced for our van (and looked at new cars) then we were off to Walmart to get the oil changed in the van. I was getting jealous at all the attention our dear van was getting so I headed off to look at clothes for myself. Now of course I ended up looking at yoga carpis, tops and jackets because that is what I have been living in since getting the treadmill and I found a great set (capris, tank top and matching jacket) that I absolutely fell in love with. It is brown and pink! Loved it.... we didn't have extra money in the budget but I tried it on anyway! Big mistake, I loved it even more and get this 6 weeks ago when I started on the treadmill I bought large yoga pants then a couple of weeks later had to buy a medium pair and I was happy with that. Well I became really good friends with the fitting room mirrors today and I needed to try on size S and they fit great and I could really see it and was extremely happy! This is a huge step for me to be able to admit how I feel. I still have some more weight to lose and then to maintain and tone my muscles but the results are paying off. Oh and BTW hubby ended up buying me the entire outfit for Mother's Day because it looked so good! I guess I will be getting back on the treadmill tonight after all. My journey continues and I have a bad day of eating to make up for ! Don't worry it won't happen for a couple of weeks we ran out of spending money. Only enough for gas and a few groceries....
OK that's all the time I have I am now off to Trinity's dance class.

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Petula Wright said...

A SMALL! You rock! I am so proud of you -- that is awesome. I don't know if I'll see a small, but I am happy that I'm into the mediums. Keep up the good work and happy mother's day!