Thursday, May 15, 2008


Something we have always wanted to do with the kids is to take them to Florida for a fun, unforgettable family vacation but with having four children you can just imagine how much this will cost. Well we decided the other day that if we don't set a time to go that we will never get there, so last night we told the kids that we will be looking at going in 2 years. Hopefully that will give us enough time to keep our credit clear to finance some of the trip and put money aside for spending. They were so excited and asked if they could open up their own bank accounts to save some spending money. What a great idea and for their birthdays and Christmas we will put $100 each into their accounts to help them out. I will be looking into a part time job in the fall after our summer vacation to put money a side and hopefully I will get back into my wood crafts to sell! This is a dream that we WILL make happen! The extra renovations will just have to wait there are more important things to look after first.

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