Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Me Time

Well I did it. While we were out today I took some time and got my hair cut. Hubby thought I was just getting a trim but like I said I got my hair CUT! Yep it is even shorter than before and it feels great! So before I left the salon I was talking to my hair dresser about getting some highlights done to really show the cut and she suggested I go with blond and red chunks but I would come back another time. Just minutes from home after having lunch, hubby suggested that I just go get it done and not to put it off, so I headed back to the salon (25 minutes away) and got it done. I now have blond with 2 shades of red in my hair and I love it! So that is how I spent my me time today and now I am watching American Idol then heading off to bed to get some much needed rest.
I can't wait until the mom, dad, youngest sister (16) and my aunt are coming to visit (5 hours away). They haven't been here since November and the kids are so excited. While they are here we will celebrate Jay's birthday with them and my dad is suppose to help with some electrical work in our new room. I promised him that that would be the only project for him to help with, the rest of the time will be for visiting! I promise dad LOL. Hubby has been on vacation this week and although it has been raining most of the time it is going by so fast and we didn't get any outdoor painting done. See what tomorrow will bring. It is finally suppose to be sunny and warm! Ok I have a show to watch here. Who is going to be the next American Idol?
Nighty night :0)

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