Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flash Me

It's coming up to that time of year, summer is coming June is upon us and soon it will be Father's Day and of course all those Graduates are going to be recieving diploma's soon. Of course these can be hard to buy for people so this year why not try something different that, no not another mug or tie how about something they can actually use. Personalized flash drives from Pexagon have the capacity they need and come in a great variety of colors with free laser engraving on both sides of the flash drive you can truly customize them. You can choose from any of their theme messages or personalize the message you send to them. If you order a drive with your father's name on the front and the Father's day message on the front you will pay no engraving fee or set up charges and they completely guarantee shipping within 3 business days so you still have time to get your order in before Father's Day. If your not sure what the message should be order them the 1GB gift card and they can personalize their own flash drive. Check out the website now for a cool contest right now where you can enter to win flash drives for your entire school, how cool would that be.

Sponsored by Pexagon Technology


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