Thursday, May 15, 2008

Frontier(s) Controversy

If you are the ultimate fan of horror films it is time to get ready for the newest and very controversial gore fest movie to hit theatres in recent memory. This film arrives with such controversy that is is actually being classified as an un-rated film and is actually only going to be released in 10 cities accross the US for less than a week checkout the select theater listings. It is amazing that this movie is going to be released to theaters as it is as normally when a movie is so harshly classed it is forced to dvd release only or to festivals. Frontier(s) is a cinmatic feast for the eyes that will terrorize the boundries more than you have ever seen. The store begins easily enough with our main characters pulling off a heist and on the run from the authorities. They flee the scene and attempt to hide out in a little inn but they quickly find out things aren't as they seem in the peaceful countryside. The inn keeper has a very different take on the idea of making his visitors at home at the in. As the story progress these folks are in for an unparraled ride of scare and terror as the inn keeper plays his games with their lives. If you want to be on the edge of your seat and pushed to the end of what your visual scenses can handle be prepared as you may actually find yourself pushed even beyond that.

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