Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Blakie got his HA back

What a funny one this is, as you all know it's been cool and rainy here lately, well last evening while hubby was scrapping the paint off the front door, it was open so he could get at the whole surface. Blakie and I went to the step to watch hubby work and it was a bit chilly. While we were sitting there all of a sudden Blake got right excited and started yelling look Mommy I got my "HA" back. Confused I had to ask what is his "HA". His reply he said "You know my HA" and blew out a breath with a HA and the steam came out. It had been a while since he has seen his breath, it was that cold last night. What a hilarious moment, my Hubby and I will remember this moment for years to come.

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