Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ultimate Paintball Environment

My son has recently acquired an interest in Paintballing, he went with some friends and has been excited to go again for the last couple of weeks. Rather than continuing to rent gear we have started looking into deals online to get him the gear he needs to be ready to go. He has been looking at differentspyder paintball guns trying to pick out the best one for him. He is also looking into getting a paint ball vest and of course all the ammo he needs. We have looked at many different paint ball sites but one of the best we have found is called Zephyr which stocks all the best brand names in the sport from Maddog, tippman, spyder and many more. Their website is designed to be easy to shop and complete your order, if you would prefer to speak to a live customer service rep you can contact their hotline for more assistance or to place your order at 1-877-814-4297.

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Petula Wright said...

Amber went paintball shooting not too long ago with some friends and she enjoyed herself. She came back with a few bruises, but it sounds like such fun. I would love to go!