Sunday, May 18, 2008

Your the star

Have you ever wanted to be a star, well if so now is your chance to get yourself in the spotlight. If your more of the behind the scenes kind of person that's alright, that's what you have friends and family for. Get your story together on what Dockers mean to you and get out the video camera and start shooting. When your done all you have to do is visit and submit your
submission to the Dockers contest
Make your best effort as there are already some great entries so you really need to work hard to make your video stand out amongst the rest. I would have to say my favorite is "Do it in dockers" in which we see our star doing various...umm questionable activities in his dockers, grand theft auto and adultery just to name a few. I won't mention the "Crack" image, you'll have to check that out for yourself, see the link below to the entries. I'm not sure that this is the image that Dockers will want to present to the public, low life criminals enjoying their dockers but hey it was good for a laugh. So what do you do in your Dockers get up and get recording. You might just make a piece of cinematic gold that will be shown on NBC's The tonight show and become a famous commercial director/star. Good Luck and most of all be sure to have fun.


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