Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Game Time

There is so many wonderful memories I have of game time at my home growing up, being the oldest in a family of 5 girls I got all kinds of opportunity to play games with my sisters. We had a huge collection of board games, a closet full that we could spend hours playing all different kinds of games. One of our favorites was bingo, I liked this one because being the oldest I got to be the caller and lead my siblings through the game. We expanded the tradition in my household where Hubby and I have a game night with our kids once a week. We play all the traditional games, and the kids take turns picking the games each one has a week to pick their choice. We always sit down with our game and break out the treats to make it a bit more special for the kids. The kids are starting to get more into the dvd style games now and they are making their lists of games they would like for Christmas. One of the most requested titles on the kids lists this year is the new Disney Bingo DVD game. It looks like a lot of fun and will help the kids learn their numbers and colors. I can't wait to add this game to our game closet. I found it available at and

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