Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saving the Memories

With our family we have 4 young children which means tons of pictures all around. My husband has a bulletin board in his office for pictures the kids make him and a wall with pictures of each of the kids. He enjoys having new pictures and usually keeps a frame on his desk too. It was challanging for him to keep them up to date so we got a digital picture frame which is fantastic because we were able to load it with various pictures of the kids and it just flips through them on a digital screen. It is very easy for him to have all sorts of pictures and we can change them up from time to time to keep it fresh. We just got back from vacation so that was the first item to load on, it's fun because he gets to show all his co-workers all sorts of pictures from vacation. These digital frames come in various sizes and we are thinking about getting them for gifts for our parents for Christmas so they can enjoy all sorts of pictures of the kids too.

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