Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Relief

As we begin to age the signs begin to show up from our life, for approximately 10% of people this turns up in the form of debilitation carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive use of the wrist from many of our daily jobs like typing for example can lead to this syndrome. CTS begins with signs of numbness and tingling in the fingers and in it's worst form it is very difficult to do the things that we need to do, basic grabing and lifting becomes difficult due to terrible pain and working at our jobs could be put at risk. The typical solution for CTS is to splint the wrist at night to keep the fingers in a neutral positin and limit movement to allow the body to do it's job and repair the area, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs is also common practice. For real carpal tunnel relief there are new products that are guaranteed to improve the quality of your life and provide real relief. These products were designed by a leading orthopedic surgeon. The Smartglove features a flexible support slint and massaging ergoBeads and is designed with breathable cotton for all day use and is fully washable. Together this product will improve your circulation and decrease or prevent CTS.


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Cathymarie1 said...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrom and other signs have reached others in early stages, likewise myself and what I have been doing as a young child and now in my mids. I am sure quite a few bloggers already are experiencing this frustration and the pain that we cannot endure by trying to do the most simplest things. I love to spend time outdoors in my yard and pull weads, as well as like to landscape and plant. My other hobbies are making beaded jewelry, writing, washing, and painting. Spent the many years as a arts and crafts enthusiast until this problem started to happend. Every bottle or can I try to open, I call for help, even when buttoning my clothes sometimes, I call for help. Thanks to my adorable children who around to rescue although they think it's annoying sometime. But it happends. I see that the glove in the photo is a familiar item but personally do not own one. One of my co-workers ended up with this and was wearing a similiar glove. She did say precisely as you commented and that's what we need to take care of. Without the use of our hard working hands and creativity, It would be as helpless like a baby. Where can this item be found at an affordable cost?