Saturday, August 30, 2008

Underwear Shopping Night


After having 4 children I found myself having image problems with my body, my recovery has taken a few years of work. I started with dieting to lose some weight and after about a year I had lost a far amount of weight and was begining to shop for less cover up (baggy) clothing. We moved to a new town and with the move I lost a little focus with getting the kids settled back into routine but after Christmas this year we bought a treadmill and the results I got from this were great. I began to firm up and feel better about where I was physically, now I still pick on myself, I think it's just a girl thing. The icing I think was this summer when I actually purchased a bikini and hubby was positive when I showed him the suit, and yes I even tried it on in the store and showed him. Now the next stage for me would be to find some Lingerie that I can feel comfortable in, the past few years it has been difficult to feel sexy especially when you are on guard 24/7 with the kids, me especially bad I think I sleep with 1 eye and ear open waiting for something to happen. I went out shopping with my mom the other night for bra's and undies but didn't come home with any new Designer Lingerie or anything to surprise hubby. He told me to get something "sexy" when I was heading out the door but I just didn't see anything that worked for me. I began shopping on-line and found many styles of lingerie I think might work for me the Fayreform Lingerie is very beautiful and I love the colors that are available. There are also styles of Freya Lingerie that I think are very pretty, hopefully I can bring myself to jump over the final hurdle and get over my insecurities to try some of these out.

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