Sunday, August 31, 2008

A fishy Experience

Being from the East coast where there is a 5 food group, called Seafood, here it seems as though most babies are even weened off the bottle onto seafood, now maybe I'm egsagerating a bit on that but it certainly is a big part of the diets of people here on the east coast, lobster, mussels, salmon you name the shell fish or fish and it's part of someone's wonderful recipe. One of my favorite is a scallop wrapped with bacon and seasoned with my secret recipe of spice, alright it's a bottle of blended spices "Mrs. Dash" that I buy from the store. I usually serve with a bed of rice with a stir fry of veggies, peppers, mushrooms etc. In Louisana there is a celebration of seafood with the great american seafood Cook off, this cook off brings together great chefs with fantastic recipes in a celebration of seafood. To make it interesting the chefs have to add a special ingredient from one of the sponsors to their recipe. I think once I perfect my dish it could certainly compete with the champions at the cook off. The cook off is an exciting event every year now in it's fifth year because it brings so many interesting recipes together with fantastic chef's in a fun environment to promote the sustainability of domestic seafood as there has been much discussion of the viability of sustaining the east coast fisheries. It also give a chance to promote local fish, and chefs in a fun enviromnet close to the participants. Congratulations to Mississippi’s Chef John Currence who was crowned the "King of Seafood" at the 2008 cook off event. Take the time to visit the web-site for more information on the chef's that are competing and their recipe's, there is also a chance for you to vote for your favorite recipe and with your vote you will be entered for a chance to win a trip for two to New Orleans including Airfare, hotel accomadations, of course great dining experiences and more.

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