Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Like every year, life around here is as busy as usual if not busier. Now that the kids are ready for back to school in a couple of weeks I can now focus on getting the rest of my Christmas shopping taken care of. I always try to get my shopping done before or right after Thanksgiving so that we can spend time enjoying the holiday season with our family instead of shopping the busy malls. I already have a good start to my shopping with having all the gifts bought for my nieces and nephews and now the focus is on my immediate family. One thing I look forward to is the Black Friday website that helps me save money with holiday shopping promotions! So what is blackfriday you may be wondering? This is the day right after Thanksgiving and buying items during Black Friday will save you money and better yet with buying online you won't have to wait in the long line ups or be bothered with the busy crowds. One place that I will be turning to to finish buying clothes for my children is Walmart. I find the selection here great when buying four different sizes for the kids and the great savings with Walmart deals I am sure to save as always.


Milly said...

Wish I was as organized as you are

Hapi said...

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