Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

The one product that I have never been able to find that I'm satisfied with is a vacuum cleaner. I have tried vacuum cleaners with bags, bag less vacuums, vacuums with filters, you name it but they just don't do the job right. The suction just isn't there and I have heard that there is a vacuum that will get the job done. This new vacuum cleaner "Dyson" is the first vacuum cleaner with constant suction! Sounds like what I am looking for.

Dyson offers different styles of vacuum cleaners from the upright range, cylinder range, handheld range and other parts and accessories. These are all available through Dyson's online store along with help on how to choose the right Dyson with special features for all floor suitability, allergy sufferers, pet owners, easy to store and light weight.

This is without a doubt one vacuum cleaner that I can't live without and will be looking into getting one and what better time then now since my vacuum cleaner doesn't have any suction left in it and with my sons allergies this is sure to help. Dyson was built and designed not just to get the job done but to get the job done right!


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ConsumerReporter said...

Through a particulate analysis on YouTube, I show how the Dyson does not work. The one vacuum that does work is the Miele vacuum and it truly traps the dust. My findings prove that the Miele Vacuum is completely sealed and really is HEPA.

Miele Vacuum Video As Featured on ABC 7 News

You can see from this video that the Miele will trap all of the particles in a cloth like bag that self-seals on its way out and you are actually purifying the air in your house by vacuuming! The filtration is 99.95% effective at 0.3 microns which is amazing. Thanks to its HEPA filter and super intensive clean bags the vacuum is able to achieve this kind of filtration.

Also check-out my blog called Consumer Reporter - a vehicle to educate consumers about the vacuum and air purification market.

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