Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting ready for the Beach

After many years of hiding myself behind clothes, and full bathing suits it is exciting to be thinking of wearing a bikini again. I have had lot's of support from my on-line friends along with my Mom who spent many a night talking to me on the phone while we both ran on the treadmill and also hubby who is supporting me on our diet and also working on the treadmill. I recently went out to the stores and actually tried on and even came out of the changing room to model the bikini's. It was a lot of work and we uses the Internet to research different diet pills that we could use to help up in our weight loss goals. It was intimidating looking at supplements and diet pills because how do you know what is the best stuff to use. It was good to see the information that was available that actually ranked the best of the best and helped to decide what might be the best for us and what we were looking for. Next step, watch out beach here I come.

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